How am I going to manage?

I’m newly single and have not long moved into a flat with my daughter (age 2). I’m trying to get my level 3 apprenticeship in child care which I will get £6.56 an hour for. My question is how do single mams go to work full time hours and manage with a toddler at the same time on such little money and absolutely no family support? I don’t know how I’m going to do this on my own, I’m scared.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How am I going to manage?

Are you in receipt of universal credit?

Thats what ww do as moms. We manage. Once you get a routine down you will be okay. Just save as much as you can and try not to show your struggles our babies can sense that.


In US you can get financial support for day care.

Im not sure about where you live
But in the states they have programs in each town that offers assistance for child care
Each state here offers foodstamps based on the households income and family size
In many cases once the family is approved for food assistance the children will also receive medical assistance as well
Many local churches also have food ministries that give free food to those in need (usually on need to have an ID)


Routines will be your best friend ! It’s not easy but we as mothers always find a way!! :heart::heart:


Oh mama u will get it! I promise

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You will be entitled to universal credit, and housing and council tax benefits

Go to have a nosy you may qualify for income support?

Alternatively contact your local citizen advice bureau (can send messages online now) they will guide you through the process or even do it for you good luck

If in the UK and getting benefits you’ll get 85% of childcare paid for but you have to pay it upfront and claim it back

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One day at a time and breathe.

Don’t stress it… I have done it with 2 small children. You have to put yourself and your child on a daily schedule to help you day by day… It may seem hard, but it gets manageable after some time


It’s called subsidized daycare you can do it many of us have. I went to school full-time and I work full time and raised both my kids by myself. They are now 22 and 20. You got this girl

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Everyday will get easier. Take one day at time. There isn’t a manual. Do what works for you. Pray. Cry if you need to and then wipe those tears and make what you think will be impossible happen. You got this. Your not the first and you won’t be the last but you will survive it. Blessings to you and your baby.

I was working 2 jobs and going to school living in my own with my 3 yo it’s hard AF and you’re gonna cry a lot and you’re gonna feel like you can’t do it but I promise you you can. Just hang in there and keep your head up.

Been there, I had 3 small children and came out of a very abusive relationship and I was scared to death. I’m in the US we have program’s and assistance here that help but it was still hard & still scarey. Once you get into a routine things will start to fall in place. When you feel like you’re at the end of your rope,tie a knot and hang on. You’ll hit some ruff patches along your way I’m sure but just stay strong and positive you’ll get through this honey. I always told myself in times which I felt defeated, " I can do this, I know someone out there has a worse story than mine". You can do this just for you and your little one :+1::heart::pray:t3:

Can you not ask for different hours at work and have your child in nursery
See if local church can help with child care also make sure you are claiming child benefits for your child

Good luck you will be fine just have to find your resources and go from there

Even ask the council what can be done to help you for assistance

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You can do it, I believe in you. I did it with three girls. At the time they were 3,5,9. At first I was scared too. I went to school three different times to try and get my medical assistant diploma and failed . But I never gave up. I struggled. My van was towed numerous of times. I can keep listing everything that went wrong. But one thing I can tell you I never gave up. I always looked to God to give me the strength I needed to keep moving forward. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

Back in the 90’s I did it in NY with two children while living in a room I rented for $400/mth and paying an old lady to take care of my children whileI went to work full time. I used to live a VERY simple life and managed to supply my children just the basics but with lots and lots of love :heart: I would recommend you to move closer to your family in case of emergency you have someone to count on

It’s difficult I have 3 kids myself. Just try to budget with the money and get as much help from government as much as you can… there is some things I don’t like but have to live with it until things gets better for me and my babies

As horrid as it sounds some times you have to put some things on hold. Maybe get a full paid just until your daughter starts school then go back to your apprenticeship? It might not be ideal but you will have a better budget to work from and save. Its what I did anyway and it was the best thing for us as I was only 20 when I had my first child. Fast forward 10 years and I’m a chef with a loving family and my 3rd baby one the way. Things will get better and you will get there. :blush:

Its by far not easy. I’m a single mom of 4, work, school daily. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!! Its what moms do.


Oh sweetie… I know this fear and stress all too well. Do whatever it takes to keep a roof over your head. Personally roommates always helped for me but it’s still stressful when you don’t know how long you can rely on them for. Take things week by week and prioritize everything to make ends meet. Praying for you… you’ve got this! Xoxo

It’s our superpower no matter how impossible it seems we make it work and then after the stress leaves we look at what we just accomplished like it wasn’t really that bad because everything in our minds are always exaggerated. Just live on what you NEED not what you WANT eventually you’ll be able to do both. :heart:

I did it with 4 kids, no family, couldn’t afford babysitter and frequently couldn’t pay her, no child support or father involvement. It was insanely stressful trying to keep us out of a homeless shelter. I mostly worked 2 jobs but at one point had 3. Still struggled bad fighting to keep bills paid. Had to use my breaks to run kids from school to babysitter’s and I hardly ever saw them. It was horrible. Struggled for 8yrs, finally secure now with a great husband and I’m a stay at home mom now. It hurts to look back at the time lost of their childhoods and me constantly missing things with them… But we were never homeless, they had food electricity and water, clothes and a bed, and they now understand everything and why it was. You ither give up or you fight, there is no in between. Many young mom’s today don’t get that. Yes of course I just wanted to be home with my kids, take them places. I’d cry frequently on my way to work because the babysitter was getting my children’s childhoods. But I still have my baby’s and I kept them taken care of and I’m with them everyday now all day. You do what you have to for them.

Don’t listen to people saying daycare, daycare, daycare. That’s not going to help you when you are home with your babies. I have twins whom are now 20 years old. I had three kids under 17 months old. My oldest and my twins. A routine became my best friend. Do what best works for you and your lifestyle. You will cope trust me. I have 6 kids. Get that routine in place and it will be easier for you.

There’s no easy way. Honestly, you just do it