How are custody issues being handled right now?

Hey mamas. I am curious to know how you mothers/fathers are handling custodial matters between separated/divorced parents. My state is currently on a Stay-At-Home order reported by the governor, yet once an exception is “Traveling required by court order or to facilitate child custody, visitation, or child care;” BUT, we do not have a “court order” that states scheduled times, just what is agreed upon between parents. My child’s other parent is currently working with the public, and I am not aware of who the babysitter is and what precautions are being taken to keep our child from being exposed. The endless “what-ifs” could result in exposure to my child or other children/family in my home. I am aware though the courts may be limited at the moment, it does not mean that parties will not be held accountable for their actions and decisions pertaining to custody in the near future. I have given the option of calling/facetiming for the time being, any other suggestions? What would you do/What are you doing?


If there is a court order you still have to follow it


If you have a parenting plan that was signed by a judge… even if it was mutually agreed on…even if it was all done by affidavit…
You have a court order.

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U still have to go by court order not unless you two can agree upon something or u just get lucky like me and her dad just quit coming to get her

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My ex and I don’t have a court order but we both agreed it was safer for our son to stay with me because he has room mates and I don’t know what they do. And my child usually stays at his grandparents with his dad and they are older and we didn’t want to risk their health as well.

My court order is “what is agreed to by the two parties”. Basically their father asks me when he wants to see them. Is that what yours is? I’m working from home and their father is a CO. So he is around numerous people and the virus is running through the prisons. I told him he is allowed to come take them for a walk around the neighborhood if he wants but I don’t want him close to them. I don’t want them in his car or them going anywhere. I have my 70 year old mother who has emphysema and is on oxygen 24/7 living with us. I’m not taking any chances of them bringing this virus into my house. He understands and has come and walked with them a couple times.

My daughter talks to her dad daily and she wants to stay with me. We are all nervous so I am letting her stay here we will make time up after this is over

I would continue as you two have been if you have a pattern in parenting time. Unfortunately we can’t control the other parents home. They have the right to be with their children too during this trying times. If you don’t have answers to these questions, ask. You both are equally important to the child.

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We have a split 50/50 court order but he was smart enough to agree it was best for her to remain with me. Follow your gut feeling. Keep your child with you

If it’s not court ordered than it isn’t mandatory. You answered your own question.

Daughter (6) went to stay with her dad for spring break then corona hit. I’m in TN and he’s in KY. He’s claiming the governor closed state lines except for essential travel (true, and court orders are considered essential) but also claiming he can’t leave his county and won’t bring my daughter back.

It’s supposed to be my Easter with her this year but there are more cases in my area than his. I want her home but she’s safer there. It’s so hard

The whole country is on a stay at home order :woman_facepalming: keep the kid. Worry about repercussions later. If that was my kid and the kid was staying with me that’s where the kid will till this blows over. See ya in 4 weeks pal. :raising_hand_woman:

Mine if a cop stops me I have the calendar show when is my days and when is there’s and have the Court order with me at all times

You need to ask the other parent if they are able to cater for the needs during this time.

I have a question my stepson has been going to his bio mom and we have stressed numerous times to keep him inside as we have done at our home she refuses to listen and let’s him outside we have a court order but it’s only day visits from like 5-8 but not sure what to do bc we don’t want him getting sick or being around many people during this time…he is 10 any advice would be appreciated