How are your carseats placed in your Honda Odyssey?

Can anyone post pictures of a car seat layout for a honda odyssey 2020? Looking for a layout depicting the best method for holding three car seats - (ages four down to newborn). Thanks!


Talk to a car seat technician. Go to the Car Seats for the Littles

Go to the fire station on state police most have employees certified on installment of car seats

ya the chp. office. can really. help you. they how to install. them

I have a 2011 and have 2 carseats. We took the middle seat out of the 2nd row and have a carseat in each bucket seat and our oldest sits in the way back.

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I have 3 dionos in my rear row

Or 2 FF in the back and the RF in the middle of middle row

I have a 2021 and my baby is behind me and my 4 year old is in the third row on the passenger side so I can see him ans my other child is behind the passenger seat

I had the straps under the seats when you pull the van seats up it made it so the carseats wont move around but was a pain taking the car seats out tho

Mine are now 2, 4, 6 but we have always done the 3 across. (Too many requests for can I have this or that) we have had many arrangements, but I typically placed newborn behind us, rear facing toddler on the other side and forward facing in the middle (crawl in before newborn carrier clicked in).

Go to Car Seats for the Littles and ask them. Do not go by what people post on here. Can be very dangerous if your information isnt coming from an actual car seat tech.


Check out the FB group called “Carseats for the Littles” there are certified carseat folks who can answer this question for you.

You guys. I don’t think she is asking how to INSTALL car seats. She is looking for ideas on where to put each of the different kids seats in her van to make it easiest to get them all in and out. Personally, I would do the oldest two in the far back (third row) one on each side, and then the baby in the middle row or bucket seat behind the drivers seat (our Honda had bucket seats in the middle row). It made it easiest for loading and unloading especially if it was raining because then I could get the older two into the car and climb in with baby on the passenger side and sit in the seat while I buckled everyone in and we wouldn’t get soaked in the process either. Then I could climb thru to the front seat after everyone was buckled in and start driving. It made it super quick and easy for me and the kids and kept the older ones far enough apart that they couldn’t fight, but could still see each other. If the older two are still rear facing you can get the seat mirrors too and then they can still see the front and you can still see what they’re doing.


In my van, my 4 and 5 year old are in the back row. I put one middle seat down in the stow and go area and the other middle seat has my 1 year old.

I’d join Car seats for Littles. They can give options based on make/model of vehicle and exactly which car seats would fit best in your particular car based on measurements, experience, reviews and safety. You can even send them pics of your layout and they’ll offer help and make sure it’s all properly installed. You can post your exact question on there and get a fast response.

Oh, geez…trying to remember. The baby is 16 now, lol. I will look for photos.