How bad is donating plasma?

Any moms donate plasma? How bad is it? I get anxiety about giving blood ever since one girl couldn’t find my vein and kept going in and out. But I want to try it for the extra money.


It isn’t bad. Bring a blanket cause during the returns you will get cold. Eat something before hand. If anything is too much inform someone. You should feel slight discomfort but nothing unbearable. Hydration the day before and after.

They use huge needles I know that like I think 12 gage needles for it maybe 14 but pretty sure 12 and that’s a big needle if you don’t like them just saying

literally the scars it leaves is crazy but it doesn’t hurt any less than a regular needle in my opinion-they do a quick health check before you can give any-i didnt learn abt the fact that it takes your body forever to remake plasma where as to it doesn’t long for blood and you kinda need your plasma(hence why they offer to pay)but i understand the struggle(obviously lol)

It’s not bad but to avoid that drink lot’s of water the day before and the day of the donations… STAY AWAY FROM SUGARY DRINKS THE DAY BEFORE YOUR DONATION!!!