How big are your kids?

How tall are your babies and how much do they weigh? My daughter turns 3 on may 4th and is 3’3 and 31lbs. So many pediatricians and parents think my kid is 4 or 5 but shes tall for her age. Dr said today she’s growing at a great rate and is just perfect for her height and weight.

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My daughter is 15months and is 29.6lbs which is the 99%

I think you’re fine…listen to your doctor

If the doctor says she doing great why try and compare her to others?

My son is a year & a half. He is 35” & 24.6 pounds.

His sister is 7. She is 44” & 42 pounds. So he’s not much smaller than her.

My daughter is 35lbs and 3ft tall. She just turned 2 on Jan 24th. My son is 42lbs and 3ft 6in. He will be 5 on May 24th.