How can a mother lose custody of her child?

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Are you looking for pointers or what?


Plenty of situations can cause that to happen but also gotta give credit to the ones working to do the right thing for they kids to get them back. Sorry sounds judgemental

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What’s with all the shit questions lately??


Of course. Anyone can if there’s reason.

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Abuse. Drugs. Neglect .


Please follow these resources if you are in need of help.


If she’s in a big violent relationship and if other children are in foster care themselves and can’t see them and father can’t see them and is a danger and they think the mother won’t keep there child safe. And if they think the mother is a danger to the child.

There would have to be significant evidence that she is an unfit mother.

It depends on the state and the legal statues in which they consider the welfare and well being of the child or children

I assume neglect. Drink or alcohol addictions. Being in an abusive relationship. Being abusive themselves towards the child. Having them In an unsafe environment

There not a mother… question answered

Mine dumped me on my dad whom she considered no good which he was no good as a parent. He introduced me to drugs, drinking, bought me cartons of cigarettes, unhealthy amounts of pop, took me adult parties and drove home plastered with us in the car, used me as a weed connection and so on. All stuff I have seen others have their kids taken from them because those around them stood up for the kid. Nobody did a thing about how my dad was raising me because they knew my mother didn’t want me and I would end up in a foster home. I realize now I would have been better off in a foster home. After the way he rose me when I graduated high school and his legal obligation was done he told me it was time to go and if I ever get in any trouble to never come to him and that was pretty much the end of any family life I ever had. They can lose their kid when there are enough good people around to care what is happening with the kid.

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Question is too ambiguous. Is the custody fight against the state or the other parent?

Illness even…poverty… anything which means despite interventions, she is unable to meet the child’s needs. Can be unable to keep kids safe due to an abusive relationship, addiction, physical and / or mental health problem. Xx

By not being able to provide, protect, nourish the child.
In most cases, the mothers are doing the best they can but once the states got you in the system, your stuffed