How can break the news of my pregnancy to my husbands ex?

It’s not your place to tell his children’s babymomma. That’s his place. If he chooses to do so. If u wanna tell your ex, that is your decision. Again if u choose to do so. It also really isn’t any business of any ex to know or not know either. Children don’t get asked to be born. They are all a blessing to any family. It’s when ppl get “in their feelings”, is when issues or problems arise. As long as your still showing your stepchildren love, respect & nurture on a daily basis. That is all that matters. It’s about the children. Period

Only reason to inform at all is it affects the kids emotions and they may have rhise questions themselves…for the other parent ro reassure them too. Really depends on ages and temperament of the children. If theyre school age just let them tell u less they didnt react well when you told them, then its courtesy so other parent has a heads up about childs headspace.

My boyfriend’s son’s mother found out on facebook and immediately texted me excited as can be. Excited for us, excited for their son to have a new sibling. :woman_shrugging: And came to our baby shower and in to see the baby once she was born. Friendly coparenting is the absolute best. Makes life so much easier when you can root for each other.

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My ex boyfriend never told me his having a baby. My son just came home one day and said he is going to be a brother. Because our relationship is over and we are not friends I didn’t expect him to tell me but it would have been courtesy. There should not be an issue and I don’t understand why there would in your case if everyone has moved on.


First - what makes u think she wants him back? Lose the attitude and negativity towards her because you are there to make their relationship as coparents better not more complicated. Second, not your place to tell her. Let him speak to his child’s mother.

Maybe tell the child(ren) while theyre visiting with you, and then call the ex with the child(ren) present to announce your pregnancy. Make sure to tell the ex that the phone is on speaker and that youre all present. That way the child(ren) feel supported when they announce it and you all can deal openly with any misunderstandings or conflict. Make the chil(ren) aware, not only with words but actions that they are all loved equally and always will be.

My daughter invited me to have breakfast with her and her dad, and her and I decided that’s when we were gonna tell him. She was beyond excited to tell her dad. And he didn’t really care (which is fine cos not his problem) but he showed excitement for Veronica.


Wow you all sound way more considerate than you need to be. How about its really not her business so she can find out like everyone else that isn’t important, word if mouth :woman_shrugging:t4:


My kids (13 and 10 at the time) told my ex we were having a baby, he called me a congratulated me. My step kids (9 and 6 at the time) told their mom, she lost her shit and tried to keep his kids from him saying he wouldn’t have time for them with a new baby and he should just sign over his rights since he has a new family🙄 she was pretty pissed when we had our son 3 years later too lol oh well.


I have a very amicable relationship with my boys father and his girlfriend, so out of respect I told them a week after I found out. We just sat down and spoke like adults and they were understanding and always have been. My youngest is now two.

His Ex found out through my posts on social media bc she was being mosey after she got blocked for calling me and my kids names without having ever met us… she too is bitter and resentful and I couldn’t care less about her feelings on the matter. She does try to keep their son away from him. We are on the middle of making financial moves. Once we are settled we will be in custody court.


Set an good example. Be an adult and send a note saying i wanted to tell you personally not have you hear from the kids. We expecting a baby at %%^ date. We are telling the kids this weekend.


I didn’t tell my ex that we were pregnant or that I gave birth (5 days ago) its literally not his business and it’s not your husband’s ex’s business either.


Have an adult conversation and tell her Clearly he moved on with you so really what’s the point in dragging it out, if she’s adult she will accept it.

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Let them find out on their own. It’s none of their business.

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Tell your kids, then give his kids & your kids a “big brother/big sister” t-shirt to send em home to mom/dad in.

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We just told my stepson and he relayed the news lol But he was 15. Truthfully you tell the ex for the kids. Just in case they have questions or concerns when you aren’t there to address it.

Its none of her business

Its none of their damn business


I’d definetly be having a convo with the kids but wouldnt be having a discussion with the exs…why, its none of their business any more, your EXS


None of the ex’s business, but be prepared for backlash about lowered child support payments for existing children. Usually when more children are added, whoever pays child support end up paying less. Find a way to tell the ex together (with the child) and keep the child heavily involved with their new siblings. From the minute I got pregnant, we told my husband’s ex and my stepson at the same time and both were so excited. We don’t do “half” or “step” in our house…its his siblings regardless of which mother it came from.

Umm no my husband and I didn’t not tell his ex at because it ain’t her business we told our son but that was it we have two kids together no need to tell her again not her business

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My kids told me their dads gf was pregnant 🤷


Why are you addressing it at all. He should be the one to tell her, and express to her it will not affect the relationship with his other children.

Just tell them it’s going to be known at some point the ex’s will need to get over them selves

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Come right out and tell her that’s how I did it

My question is does she know you are together? If she has hope of getting back with him then surely this could cause resentment no matter how you address it

I had 3 more kids with my husband and I share a older daughter with an ex never did I give a shit about what he thought about me having more kids with my husband at all…thats personal


I didn’t tell my ex. My child did :joy: but either way it wasn’t his business.

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There is no easy way. Your husband needs to call his ex and you need to call yours. Don’t send a text. Don’t let the kids tell them. Be understanding and as kind as possible and tell them you hope they will be happy for you and your spouse. Don’t take any b.s., make it matter of fact and let them know that it is a happy time for you and your husband. Assure them that you will absolutely appreciate their support for your other children’s sakes. You don’t need to tell them the other children will still be priorities because you are a good parents if you care enough to be worried about their feelings. Just bite the bullet and do it before they figure it out on their own.

I wouldn’t make it a priority to throw it up in her face or announce to her right away. If she feels threatened she is more likely to hold it against you and try to sabotage the relationship between dad and the kids. Give it time, announce it to the kids and then let the kids tell her.

I would say it would depend on your guy’s relationship

Tell em right away. I waited to tell my other baby daddy after I was like 6 months pregnant and he freaked. They’ll freak either way give em less to freak about

Are you married? Why are you nervous? None of her business!

In my opinion it’s between you and your partner, not her. Having a new baby will never change the way you love your other children.

Tell the kids they will have a new sibling. His baby momma will find out that way

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None of their business

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Our situation is different so we just told her. She was very excited for us and also prayed and hoped it would be a girl. She adores our daughter! But like I said our situation is different, we get along great, spend holidays together and such.

It doesn’t matter they aren’t together why are you bothering the ex with it she has no responsibility or commitment to the baby

She can’t keep his child away just because your pregnant. :woman_facepalming: You sound a bit dramatic.

We didn’t tell our exs. Our kids did, My exs gf was also pregnant she was 3 or so months ahead of me and my husband’s ex found out through the kids. If it was a problem I probably would have addressed it myself just so nothing malicious could come from it in any sort of way. If be nice about it tho.

I’d day nothing to the other parent its not their concern, the kids will eventually notice and then you explain to then what a half sibling is(if theyre old enough) and explain it as having someone new to play with

R u married. If so none of their business. If u live together it is still none of their business. Your children will except a new brother or sister if you are up front and show love for them.

My son who is 11 was so excited when he found out i was pregnant he wanted to tell his dad so we let him tell his dad and step mom, then i mentioned it again at pickup. No issues yet. I informed all my family first before letting him tell his dad. I won’t lie I was a little hesitant to let him but I felt like if my son being excited to tell his dad then his dad would have to be excited for him too.


My ex texted me amd kindly told me.
Then when they found out the gender they texted and told me.
But there was reasons they were so kind about it.

Needless to say their baby, I love like my niece or something lol just text her and be as polite and nice as you can. However she replies is on her.

Donf see why an ex needs a red carpet in your all’s personal life. Talking to kids yes. But ex is an ex. Kids will relay anyways.

When you co parent, I think it’s best that the ex’s hear big news right from the horses mouth. Just more considerate, and just my 2 cents. No judgement here.

I would have him bring it up to his ex.