How can I ask my son if he still believes in the tooth fairy without ruining it?

Can anyone please tell me how I can ask or a way for me to find out if my son still believes in the tooth fairy without giving anything away?? He is ten years old. I know i will probably get hate for it because some people might think that’s too old, but I just don’t want him to lose the kind of joy that goes along with all of that and i don’t want to ruin it for him if he still believes. I know the last time he lost a tooth he believed but that was probably almost 1-2 years ago. He is going to the dentist to have some teeth pulled and I don’t know if I should do anything for it or not. That’s why I’m asking. Any advice will be appreciated!

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Hello mom, approach him by asking him after extraction that if he wants to gv it to tooth fairy

Check under his pillow that night to see if he put them there. If they are he still believes, if not…or you could ask him what he plans on doing with his tooth fairy money to gauge his reaction.