How can I bathe my toddler when I only have a shower?

I am moving soon and I will have a large shower…any ideas on bathing toddler who does not like water running on his head or face…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I bathe my toddler when I only have a shower?

I bought one of those inflatable duck bath tubs found in the baby section at Walmart and filled it in the shower, or sometimes I just gave a shower, my son youngest didn’t like water sprayed on him though

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A tote or they also make these like shower hat umbrella things, you can get them on Amazon. The tote option is kinda a pain just because of the having to dump it after but it definitely works. Good luck mama!


 But I have a new garbage can that fits the kid


Baby tub you can fill with warm water, use a washcloth on their belly to keep them warm. Kitchen sink with a baby bath mat inside.

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Can you fit a storage tote in there? Like a make shift tub.

Try a detachable shower head so he can hold it & navigate where the water runs


We were in the same situation with 3 littles, we had a tote, but we also did a shower extension, they could move it to where they wanted, or out of their face at least!

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When my son was a toddler when lived in an apartment that only had a shower and I bought a small blow up tub. I would lay it down in the bottom of the shower, and my son would have a bathtub.

Get a small tote from Walmarts that goes under a bed or bigger put it in your shower fill it with water then bath the child then pour it out

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Tote tote tote!!! My baby girl is now 5, but for aged 2.5 to 4.4 she bathed in a tote in the shower!! I put a shower head with the hose so I could wash her properly & file & rinse her tote/tub easily! She LIVED IT!! Like personal swimming pool lol!! We only had large shower too!!!

We only have a shower and I have a 4 yr old. So we use a detachable shower head as mentioned before. She says it’s like getting sprayed with a water gun or running thru the splash pad at the local park.

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I put a Flexi tub in the bottom of the shower for my kids when we had no bath tub.

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I’d purchase a small inflatable and a removable shower head

Get a big tote or small blow up swimming pool that will fit inside the showe.

Hiw old is child I brought a un leaklable basket fill up with water we had a shower

A kids pool it’s what we’ve done

Get a tote fill a little bit and bathe

They make small tubs to fit on shower or get a little pool


Actually a tote in a shower

Get a house with a waterfall sprayer, it helped our 4yr.

Use a small bath you can buy them on Amazon x

Baby pool (we have a blow up pool that comes with balls) that we are taking away with us when we go on holiday.

And when bubs gets bigger and likes the shower, you can use it outside as a pool (if it doesn’t get dirty/limescaley)

Small blow up swimming pool on the floor of the shower.

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Flexi tub, those plastic storage containers, you can even use little inflatable pools depending on how big it is

A big tote at the bottom of the shower

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I always had my littles shower from the time they were 6 months and up. At first we did it with us until they were old enough to stand. Now my 3 year old showers with assistance and it’s so nice. It really helps so that they aren’t scared of getting water in their faces. I would try showering with them first for awhile and then eventually have them try it on the child’s own. It’s also great for when they go swimming. Then they aren’t so scared of the water in their face. Good luck!

Former swim teacher here: Ideally, you’d get your tot used to having water run over their face. Kids who take baths often refuse to put their faces in the water in swim class. Kids who take showers don’t. If you can make it fun and bribe them, er, uh, promise a reward for “trying” it, that’ll help with the adjustment. Other parents fill the tub and put coins on the bottom. The child must put their face in the water and open their eyes to find the coins. Hint: have them hum while they’re searching to prevent water from getting up their nose.

Once my tub broke in one bathroom and the apts took like almost 2 months to fix it so I only could use the shower in the other bathroom. I used to use a Tupperware storage bin. Depending on the size of your toddler you could get one giant one from home depot or Costco or just a normal size one from like Walmart. I’d just dump it out when done and store the toys in it lol.

A cool bath visor so it doesn’t hit his face. Let him pick it out. If they even make something like that. That’s what I’d do.

I think they make inflatable tub things to fit in a shower for small kids. Check Amazon?

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Walmart actually had an inflatable tub. I used one for both of twins!

A tote or they have portable bath tubs that blow up for toddlers like a Lil pool type thing but smaller at Walmart an or Amazon

I would sit my son on the bottoms on the shower and point the shower head away or I got one of those ones that you can take off the hook and move around. So you can move the water out of his face.

My 4 year old sometimes bathes in the sink still because she enjoys it lol

Huh! No brainer! Fill some kind of a baby tub with water and place on shower floor!

Get an inflatable book or tub to put in the bottom and a detachable shower head.

I used a storage bucket from Walmart!

I used to use a tote when my kids were toddlers and had to bathe them and only had a shower

Buy a portable bathtub :smiley:

My daughter got a small inflatable square pool that fit in the bottom of her shower for her boys.

Get a small kiddy pool to put inside the shower stall

Wash clothes are you kidding me

Use a cup. Inflatable tub

Get one of the double head shower things where you can low wall mount it. And use a gentle setting. That’s how we got my daughter adapted to showers. Hits with less pressure is more gentle. And you can take the handle down with and spray their body without getting their face.

A tote, or there are baby tubs

Use a large plastic tub inside the shower, buy swimming goggles and a hair washing visor.