How can I boost my sons immunity?

My almost 3 year old son goes to daycare on a Monday, just 1 day a week just for the socialisation side of it. Every week he is catching a cold/snotty nose. Then I have to keep him home the next week until his colds resolved. The following Monday I send him and he wakes up on the Tuesday or Wednesday snotty again! It’s a draining cycle. I’m wondering what I can do to boost his immunity? He is a fussy eater and doesn’t eat many vegetables. He does eat fruit. I’ve started him on an immunity booster powder that the pharmacist recommended. Is there anything else you Mumma’s swear by to avoid your child getting sick every week at daycare?? Help


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Could it be allergies??

I do multi vitamin for kids

Elderberry syrup, our entire family drinks some every day. We swear by it!


Sounds more allergy related than being sick… Asthma and allergies often appear to be colds to those that don’t know what they are.

Vitamins with prebiotics and hand sanitizer

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Elderberry and huckleberry home made tincture don’t bother but store bought it does not work it’s not real you want the natural real alkalizes !! My three kids like it snd it works !!!

Could be maybe pet dander from other kids clothes hes around. A plant allergy that he’s not normal around ect

Elderberry gummies! My kid has to be sick in her sick infested school knockonwood

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Send him everyday for 2wks.
His immune system needs to get comfortable with all the germs from other kids at daycare.
He’s getting sick like any kid who just started being in a community type environment. Those germs are different from the ones at home.
Don’t go pumping nothing into that baby!


They have vitamin C gummy’s for children. I have some for my grandson.

Your sweet boy is gonna get sick every time until he goes more consistently. It’s his body trying to get used to all the germs. Daycare has way more germs than a lot of places. I’d suggest maybe sending him a few more days a week.


Maybe he has creche syndrome

As far as the veggies thing goes, I give me son the baby food puree pouch things and he LOVES them. Won’t start his day without it. Unknowingly eating Kale, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Chia whatever else they put in them. I like to choose a variety but he really digs them

That’s part of building his immune system. Kids stay sick from 2-7 then they start to get better. Simply saline, Vick’s vapor rub, Kleenex Ultra Soft, and Vitamin C lozenges will be your best friends. Hang in there momma!

Vitamin C ,plus getting sick actually helps build your immune system.

I don’t think he “needs” anything… other than good ol fashioned fruits and veggies…… he’s around others only once a week… he’s gonna get germs and that’s not a bad thing let his body build his immune system like it’s supposed to if you start now his body will be used to receiving the boosts and then possibly need it later on to feel normal … it could be an allergic reaction to at the daycare perhaps?

My grandchild ( one year old ) started daycare 3 days a week about 6 months ago . I keep her the other two days . She is sick also ALL the time now and then shared it with me ! I look forward to hearing answers too !

Send him there more than one day to boost his immune system


Healthy eating is the answer. Until he does he will continue to have his immunity issues.
Sounds like you’re trying. Make healthy food fun.
MKe faces on his plate
And add banana slices for eyes on pancakes and faces with fruit, veggies etc.
the yakult are good probiotics my kids will drink them all day if I let them and yes more than 1 day is beneficial to him coping health wize and socially.

You cant
Immunity is acquired
There is no such thing as boosting immunity, that’s why we have vaccines
Any one or product that says you can bOoSt iMmUnItY is profiting from fear mongering

He’s actually building his immunity by attending day care. You can’t build immunity to something you’ve never been exposed to via natural virus/bacteria or via vaccines. This should settle down by the time they’re in grade 1/2.

I can so relate. When my son started preschool, he had 13 viral illnesses requiring us to keep him home, in 6 months. It was annoying and draining. Everyone kept telling me that he would have less illnesses by the time he got to kindergarten, which was true.

As weird as this sounds it’s actually better that he’s catching these things earlier on. It’s helping to build his immune system at a younger age. This will benefit him as he ages.


This is boosting it . The getting sick. Keep trying veggies . Mix them with fruit

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Boosting immunity takes time. And you’re already doing it. You’re boosting his immunity by exposing him to the bacteria and viruses in your local community and creating an immune response ever time he catches one.

Unless he is vitamin deficient, vitamins will not work. In most cases he will just urinate the excess straight out.

Healthy food, fresh air, quality sleep and a balanced diet is all he needs, along with seeking medical care when it’s needed.

Things improve after the first year at daycare/kinder


My kids take vitamins every day and knock on wood they seem to avoid most things aside from seasonal allergies. I get the good kind of multi vitamins for immunity support.

These are great to boost the whole family’s immunity! Good bacteria in colon will overtake the bad! A good children’s whole food vitamin will also help along with the probiotic!

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Elderberry gummies have vitamin c in them and can be given at that age. Also a multi vitamin for kids could help

He should probably keep going even if it’s just a cold. His body doesn’t know how to fight things.

It just takes time… All my kids got sick like that when starting school. If its just a snotty nose he should be able to keep going.

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Sounds like some kind of allergy.

This is part of daycare. My son just had a good run of 5 weeks with no cold lol. Getting sick is boosting his immune system. It sucks, but it’s part of it.

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I give my son a daily Childerns vitamin, He is 4. But I believe they make ones for younger children as well. Just gotta read the facts before hand. :smiling_face:

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This is boosting it and unless he’s running a temp you don’t have to keep him out. The more he goes the more he’ll be exposed to. By time he starts school he would have already been through the cycle.


When my kiddo went to daycare she went 5 days a week. If she had a cold I sent her. Even now I send her with a cold. She mostly eats fruits and vegggies - a I want 2 apple slices not fried in my happy meal kinda girl. We do elderberry in the fall.

Immunity starts in gut health

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Maybe he’s allergic to something at the school. Sometimes it may seem like a cold but is usually allergies

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This is what’s boosting his immune system. Mine were sick less when they were around other kids more often. They also played outside a lot getting dirty and playing with bugs and stuff.


Make him smoothies and sneak things like spinach or carrots in them!

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Wait till he goes to real school that’s when the fun begins - they bring home colds virus - that’s how they build up their immunities


Lots of vitamin c,a and d Also zinc. Unfortunately him getting sick and being exposed to germs is a good thing and will help his immune system in the long run.


It’s never ending. Elderberry helps. My sister swore by it and my nephew never got sick. They make it for toddlers. It’s expensive but it does work for immunity boost


Nurse here… There is no boosting of immunity. You have to build immunity first. You have to expose your body to the virus first, so that your body will learn how to fight it. That’s why we get vaccines as children to introduce it to our body so we won’t catch it later. The more he goes to daycare now, the less he will be out sick when he does start going to school full time starting in kindergarten.


I’d send him maybe 2-3 days, best immunity is to be exposed to germs. Cant build an immunity against something he isnt exposed to.


Believe it or not Sunnyd works great my son when he started kindergarten used to drink it all the time and did not get even a cold the whole winter I swear by it

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Outside is in my experience the best way to build him immunity have him around other people that helps believe it or not getting a snotty nose after being with other kids is building his immunity maybe try a Friday as well best of luck :kissing_heart:

It’s just the way it is Hun. All you can do is make sure they have good healthy food plus vitamins in their bodies and hope for the best. Kids get sick when they are around other kids and there isn’t much you can do to prevent it. Funny thing though, it is actually helping him to get these little colds to help build his immunity.

Buy V8 fusion it has fruit and vegetables in it . Taste great my granddaughter loves it .

Stop sending him. That’s not a realistic idea of socialization anyway.


How often does he play out side and actually gets dirt on his hands. Do you take him to the park where he plays around other kids as well? Do you have him wash or sanitize his hands when he gets back in the car? Those germs are more than likely fine until he gets homes. Being born just before covid with everyone sanitizing everything ruined immune systems, especially for the lil ones.

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Elderberry is AMAZING. My kids use to get sick all the time from kids at school passing it along. A family member makes elderberry so I finally decided to give it a try and see what all the hype was for so I started giving it to them everyday. They didn’t get sick not one time last winter. I swear by it now. It has so many great benefits to it other then boosting your immune system. It also helps if you are sick, helps with pain, whole bunch of stuff. Def highly recommend!

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I feel like this is just what happens when little kids are around each other in this kind of setting.

We started giving our grandkids a multi vitamin

Is it colds or just a runny nose? If it’s just runny nose it may be his adenoids. My 4 year old has runny noses and congestion all the time and an ENT is gonna remove his adenoids.

That happened when my son went to Sunday school, by Tuesday he’d be sick. After a few times of exposure he stopped getting sick.

Send him more. He needs to build his immunity.


Sambucol pills are great there elderberry pills

Lol my kids go everyday . This is boosting their immunity


Daily vitamins, elderberry, vit C

My daughter started kindergarten last year and because of covid she didn’t go to preschool. Well she spent a lot of time out of school…she was sick at least once a month…and because at the time they made you keep your kid home if they had runny noses or coughing…regardless of covid status. She is in her 2nd full week of school right now…she is getting over a cold and I am on the downside of it…cuz you know caring is sharing :roll_eyes: It’s just something you have to get used to for a few years…this is what is building your child’s immune system…and yours :woman_shrugging:t2:. My daughter has allergies so it’s sometimes hard to say when she is beginning to get sick…but I will take a covid test when I start to get sick just to be sure. Cuz when we did have covid she had a runny nose…that was it…while her father and I had no energy, fevers and aches. After a few years of exposure it should settle down a lil bit…I’m basically in year 2 and I expect this for another couple of years.

When my kids were small they played outside every day regardless of weather. They played in the mud, they ate sandwiches in the garden with dirty hands…shame on me I know…hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes etc just didn’t exist. They were rarely sick and my grandchildren are the same.
Dirty children are happy children who develope strong immune systems.
Any bacteriologist will tell you that plain old soap and water is all thats required . We’re bringing up a generation who catch everything because we are so obsessed with killing bacteria.


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Vitamin-C, more fruits and juice. Annd time to get the immunity system used to the viruses in the social life… that’s normal for many of us and sucks, but takes the time it takes and it’ll get easier… Do you have a possibility to put him in a smaller group at another daycare?

Being outdoors and not being a little sissy will help you and them. You’re welcome.


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That’s what happened when my daughters were in daycare, it was frustrating. There wasn’t really much I could do but I know they were building immunity while being there.

Possible he could have an allergy to a perfume or something or whatever they clean with

Give him Elderberry either chews or liquid. It builds the immune system

It sounds like allergies. Maybe the cleaning products they use, or like someone else said animal hair from other kids clothes. Try taking him once a week to a children’s play type of place and see if he gets sick. It might be the daycare.

Literally don’t you are boosting his immunity by letting him get sick. It’s how immunity is built. He might also be allergic to something in the environment. Try childrens zyrtec and let that immunity build up.


Also don’t boost immunity even if it is just allergies boosting immunity will make it worse.

Get allergy testing done . Allergies act like a cold. My daughter can’t be around cigarette smoke she goes into an asthma attack even if it’s just on someone clothes, my boys have allergies to dust mites,grass,trees,cats,dogs etc but you can’t stop a child from living .if it’s just allergies you shouldn’t have to keep him home his body will adjust. Try giving him Zyrtec or Claritin. If it is allergies you can do shots but most kids hate them.

Mine have been eating off the floor since they started solids… per them dropping it and coming back to eat it later

My kids are going on a month of being sick :sweat_smile: A month straight of boogers and coughs. I walk up to her school and all I hear are coughs. She takes vitamins too! It’ll eventually calm down the more his immunity adjusts.

Elderberry gummies and let him run outside barefoot

Sounds like his body is doing just that, it’s just he’s doing it now at 3. Where the children at the center he goes to went through it at a younger age already. Your son will adjust in time.

That’s daycare for ya

The more they are exposed the more they build their immunity. Fruits and veggies and fresh air

His getting sick will build his immunity.

Does he take a daily vitamin and some extra vitamin C should be good.

He might be allergic to something at daycare.

Unfortunately only sending him 1 day a week is the problem! His Immune system is trying to get used to all of the germs and things and since he only goes once a week it will take a lot longer for his immune system to get stronger because the one day he goes he is getting all the germs at once and then away from it for a week or two and then it’s just repeating the process!

Elderberry & echinacea

Let him play outside as much as you can.

He needs to be around germs, viruses, etc daily. Otherwise, his immune system will remain low. It’s very simple.

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Daily vitamin, probiotics, diet, and practicing proper hygiene, most importantly hand washing. Also people do realize that by getting little colds and such for most it builds up the immune system so secluding a child entirely from common colds ect keeps their body from building antibodies

Vitamins C, flue shot, drinking peppermint tea daily, washing their hands more consistent, rinse their nose, b pollen,honey , lots of stuff but keep exposing them to outside and other kids it will settle.

Take him outside every day and feed him local honey

Try vitamins, talk to your Doctor about it