How can I calm my 3-year-old?

I’m a mum with a 3yr old monster lol and 2nd child on the way. Well, my question is, how do u calm down a 3yr? He’s hyperactive all the time, don’t listen and thinks he’s the boss. We do grow but still nothing. Help!!!


This may be outdated, but ask him to help you do X. That x can be moving laundry from the washer to the dryer. Setting the table (maybe with plastic or paper plates). Or race to pick up toys. If there’s pent-up energy, try to target it TO something. Sometimes they just want to be a mini-adult or a helper… or just be busy…


Cut down on sugar, no soda,fresh fruits and vegetables!!!

Take him out, running around a park, riding a bike, a scooter.
Get some energy out.
Cut out sweets and make sure hes only having sugar free pop.

As for he thinks hes boss.
Good ol discipline can fix that. Xx

I put mine to work helping me around the house… good use of energy for them and I have help.

Give him allot of toys to play with and allot of options for playtime and let him stay busy,out of 5 children I’ve learned all 3 yr olds are full of energy.They don’t relax when you want them to but when and only when they are ready to which is usually right before nap time or bedtime.

Could he maybe be ADHD ??? You can try half a can of mt dew or root beer and see if that helps settle him down. I’m the boss thing is normal for a threeyr old. He could also just not be getting enough outside time to run and play

Limits table and cell phone.cut back on sugar.

Benadryl lol. Jk I know nothing about kids

Try lavender in his room. Down time for hour before bed time
No tv, phones. Read instead, or soft music…

Give time out then ask for a hug. Say I love you

What’s his food diet like?