How can I calm my nerves about surgery?

Hey mamas. I’m having extreme surgery anxiety. I have surgery in a few weeks and I’m having major anxiety over being put under and possible major complications during or after. Being in the medical field I know all risks and potential hazards involved and I’m over thinking it. Anyone have shoulder surgery in here and can help me calm my nerves!!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I calm my nerves about surgery?

I’ve had both shoulders done - I have anxiety bad over being put to sleep . Explain this to your anesthesia team when they first come in to talk to you . They can give you something ahead to help you relax - it’s really helpful .

I have had surgery about 2 years ago I was nervous but they gave me something before I even went into the main room I must say that work wonders cause I don’t even really remember being pushed to the room next thing I remember is waking up

Oh man, I know so many people that flew through their shoulder surgeries. It’s ok to be scared though. You just gotta tell yourself the odds are in your favor, and they do this all the time. It’s routine nothing super complicated (for a surgeon at least). They don’t have to go near any major organs. You’re good, you’ll be ok. It sounds like they haven’t told you to be worried, so that must mean you’re in pretty good health surgery wise. Lots of good signs around you!

It’s important to consider all risks but do not allow your nerves to debilitate your immune system with worry.

I also was so nervous :sweat: :grimacing: but all went well with my parathyroid I just kept saying to my self that I leave it in God’s hands :pray: you’ll be ok trust :pray: in Jesus


:wave::wave: multiple shoulder surgeries :raised_hands:t3: what do you need to know ?

I had a major surgery about 2 months ago. I was flipping out in the pre op room. I’ve worked in the medical field and I always worry about all the possible risks. Before they even moved me from pre op they gave me some meds to calm my nerves and I don’t remember a single thing from that day

Of all the surgeries I’ve had. Shoulder was the easiest. They give you something to calm.down before going to surgery.

I have had shoulder surgery what do you need to know

Pray and trust God!:pray::latin_cross:

My 74 year old auntie had surgery 5 weeks later she could drive the car again…

In 12 months my auntie had hip replacement 3 months later she had other hip replaced 16 weeks later she had the shoulder replacement…

She’s a champion :heart:

If you’re worrying yourself sick, maybe ask for anti-anxiety meds to take you up to surgery. Does worry help anything? No. So you might as well distract yourself with other stuff. Read, meditate, watch TV, go for walks outside, hit the roller coasters at an amusement park, play video games—anything immersive that keeps your mind occupied.

Gotta say when I had hip surgery the drugs I got before and during left me chatty and euphoric. And you’ll be off in la la land during. Anesthesia is pretty well calibrated to your weight and size, so you get enough to carry you through but not too much, and sounds like your surgery is routine enough that no problems are expected. How many of these has your surgeon done? Relax as best you can. Maybe a massage would help, reiki or reflexology even. Visualize positive outcomes.

Sending good vibes, calm & comfort to you. :purple_heart::sleeping::hugs::+1:t3::ok_hand::four_leaf_clover::rainbow::man_in_lotus_position:

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I have 2 surgeries coming up my 3rd and 4th for stones removal and jj stent placement this time I am getting nephrolithotomy last time I had lithotripsy! And I just survived severe sepsis months ago after a 4 days stay and passing out due to my bp dropping so low!!! I am terrified for then I thought I would be! The drs and nurses have been so over worked the past couple years! I already have history of sepsis and the hospital stay with sepsis was a nightmare! I was alone and will be alone again! I don’t have a great history with in and out surgeries I either wake up during surgery wake up really late after or my bp drops I am terrified

  • I think your surgery is worse as I have only had the stone removals stent placement tonsel and adenoids removed and gallbladder praying for you!

They give you something to calm your nerves before surgery. I am diagnosed with High-Functioning Anxiety. And I can tell you, before a surgery, I start shaking really badly, so they always put something into my IV to help me relax, and then I’m alot better after that.

Not shoulder surgery but I had knee surgery right after my daughter turned 1. I was a bit nervous a few weeks before but I actually got calmer the closer it got. I started to get really scared right as they gave me the meds and then I woke up in recovery. All will be well and you will be just fine, try to keep calm and think about how much better it will be when you’re healed

Girlll i had a baby and 2 weeks later had to get spine surgery :weary: i was freaking out but they gave me stuff to calm my nerves :upside_down_face: deep breaths! You got this!

Worrying is like praying for something bad to happen.

If your experience is making you worry, think of all the safe checks that are in place. All of the checks and double checks. Focus on that.

i am taking alprazolam 1mg at night for sleep surgery finally 1 month after diagnosis of kidney cancer

Contact a close friend or family member and just talk to them about how you feel it’ll most likely help you calm down try taking a hot shower or soaking in a bath