How can I completely dry up my milk?

I stopped breastfeeding entirely about four months ago, and I’m still producing milk. Obviously not like I was, but if my daughter leans in my chest wrong or something, milk still comes out. Is there a way to completely dry up my milk??


BIRTH CONTROL. It’s the only sure way.

Cabbage leaves in your bra :slight_smile:


A Dr can give you something…


There is a type of tea you can drink. I think it’s peppermint! But look it up to be sure. Also, cabbage leaves in your bra!

Sudafed D. The D part will dry you up.

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Purple cabbage in your bra. Replace when it’s no longer cold. Worked for me

Sudafed or benedryl has helped.

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My youngest is 8 years old and still have milk sometimes dripping… good luck :joy:


Cabbage for sure! Put in bra and then wrap like an Ace wrap around to make it snug and it will work. Replace when it’s not cold anymore. Works!

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What I did was nipple pads and didn’t touch those suckers .

Some women just take longer than others. Expressing milk to check can slow down the process too. I agree on sage and mint tea.

I had milk after my first for 7 years until I was pregnant with my second :joy:
For my mom it took like 13 years for her milk to finally completely stop
So good luck!


Sage tea… tastes terrible but within 24 hours after a couple cups you’ll dry up quickly and painfree

My son is 18 months. I never breast fed, I drank the teas, wrapped in cabbage, I’ve been on birth control, etc. I still produce a little bit of milk :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’ve heard Benadryl helps

Cabbage worked for me

Yea it’ll be years before you quit dripping

Wrap fresh cabbage leaves around em.

My daughter is 9 1/2 and I’m still producing :expressionless:


It took a while for me to stop.

I’ve been done for 8 months and I still produce it squeeze at em. I’ve read about women with kids 30 years old and still producing


Cabbage is what they told me at the hospital

I put cabbage leaves in my bra… it really actually worked

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I’m 7 years post nursing and still produce on one side when I hear a baby cry.


Freeze cabbage leaves and put em in your bra

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My ob said it takes at least a year after you stop feeding to completely dry up

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My doctor told me to take Sudafed and it worked! Tried cabbage and it never stopped the milk after nursing.

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Benadryl will dry it up

Cabbage leafs in your bra

Your Dr. Can give you an rx for medication to help with that.

My doctor told me to take Benadryl

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My son is 2 1/2 n I’m still leaking!!! I never nursed him either :woman_shrugging:

Ugh. I wasn’t allowed to breast feed :sob::sob: due to my heart medications, and let me tell you, my boobies wanted to feed an army! And I couldn’t do anything about it. My doctor said to just ignore it no touching, nothing. They swelled up so big, it HURT! I couldn’t pump to relieve it because then I’d just keep producing. It eventually went away, but my boobies have never been the same :joy::joy:

My son is three I stopped when he was 4 months old and still leak and have good supply

I’ve tried cabbage
Milk stop
Tablet prescribed from my doctor

Some woman 30/40years I still produce it’s what woman’s Antony are made to do have kids and feed from our bodies

Cabbage leaves work. Took a few days for mine to stop leaking.

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I have tried everything and I do mean everything to stop producing milk. My son is 5 1/2 and I stopped nursing him just before he turned 3 and I can’t be around a newborn baby or I leak. Some woman never stop producing it just becomes unnoticeable

You can go to the doctors and they can give you meds to dry up your milk otherwise cabbage leaves and tight bras should work

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Cabbage leaves and binding

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Spirits of camphor and binder

Cabbage worked for me

Cabbage leaves in your bra. Change when the feel wet. It will dry up within a day or 2

Took me over a year to dry up completely

I used a scarf 4 binding. Uncomfy but it worked after a week.

Cold and flu medicine dries up milk.

When my son was born I breastfeed him for a few weeks and it dried up on its own .

I wore a firmer bra, used cabbage leaves , an cold packs for pain, and still had to see my doctor, but I can’t remember what he gave me, that was my #6 child, fourty yrs ago good luck…GOD BLESS

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Benadryl causes milk to dry up, just like it does to your nose.

Smaller bra and ice packs in the arm pits. Do not drink any alcohol.

Mint! Mint candy! Cabbage leaves in a snug sports bra.

cabbage leaves, and wrap tightly with an ace bandage

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Where a smaller size bra and bind yourself
Or get dr yo call in dry up pills

Seriously people? You can still produce milk up to a year after the fact.

Camphopheniq on the brown ariola for a week. Dries you right up

Ask ur OB for some meds.