How can I control my child who learned to walk?

How do you control your crazy just learned to walk fresh clumsy 1 year old from eating the sand at the beach? Any tips you guys have? He doesn’t stop moving I have a feeling I’m going to be chasing him the whole time. Maybe there’s a float or something he can be with me or something


You WILL be chasing him the whole time. That’s what parents do with toddlers.


Simple, keep an eye on him at all times. Don’t let him out of your site for a moment and be prepared. Thank God it’s only sand now it’s about to get worse and if not watched possibly dangerous


Let them eat sand. It’s your best vaccine. They learn fast it doesn’t taste good! Let them explore! It’s the best you can do there are no rules to parenting but pick your battles and relax your ideas. Just my opinion.


Welp have fun chasing. Just make sure you’re faster than the baby! If you’re scared of the baby running into the ocean maybe a toddler backpack/leash might be your best bet. Otherwise just enjoy the time.

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Their isn’t any relaxing on a beach when you have kids. Sorry but that won’t happen again until they are at least teenagers. I would be more worried about the water than them eating sand.

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You will absolutely 100% be chasing him the entire time. Lol


Fellow mama of a toddler. Mine is 13 months and has been walking since 10. Don’t even think you will have down time. Look at this as an opportunity to lose weight or else you are going to be frustrated. Playpens are your new best friend. Get a watch that tracks your steps and use this new exercise time to get those in!


I thought this was my bad advice group and almost answered, “push him over!”


Ypu don’t lol you just hover and shake it out his hand and chase down I’m a mama of 5 with youngest being 15 months walking since 10 months he climbs he chases he is into everything turn your back he on the table somehow or pulling is 5 year old sis hair it’s toddlers just got to say no redirect if they have sand they trying to eat shake it out make them drop wash hands it’s alot of work today I had to stop youngest from trying to eat chalk lmao and grabbing the kitten constantly and jumping on the dog also stop him from getting kitchen buddy it’s a thing to help kids climb to help in kitchen 5 year old helped cook today my 15 month old is strong enough to pull it throu the house today while I was helping sister dragged it to bathroom were other son was bathing and opened the bathroom door on him

Good for the immune system my kids ate everything from dirt to dog biscuits and they are hardly ever sick


You will be chasing him the whole time lol they have learnt to walk want to explore new things it’s only normal. Be grateful he can walk that’s what I always think when I’m chasing my 1.5 year old plus gets your steps up lol

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I’m guessing this is someone who’s never been around a little kid before

Welcome to life with a toddler, I had the same issue and not much for me to do

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Self control is taught. He won’t know how to sit down and be calm unless you teach him. You as the parent have to teach him.

Let him eat the sand … only way your gonna teach that sand is gross and hand some water to the child

Our first trip as a family was when our daughter was a little over a year old and we waited 2 years after that to go again :sweat_smile:

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This is so cute. I’m sorry. You won’t be sitting for a while, hun.

You can’t lol. Welcome to toddler life

All I can say is enjoy these moments lol


Someday you look back and miss those days. Thank God he can walk

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Welcome to life with a toddler.

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You stand beside them 24/7 explaining and leading by example

That being said eating sand won’t kill them

Why you want to limit learning? Just make sure he is safe from big things like breaking bones or hurting bad, regular like falling from bed or hurting in playground is all learning for kidsf

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They say that you spend the first years preventing them from committing suicide. It will get easier but you have to be one step ahead.

You will be chasing all the time. Either gotta trap em in a room he can’t get hurt in or you’re going to be running lol. Let him eat sand, and he’ll learn it’s gross. Just gotta deworm after :joy: (I’m serious).


You will absolutely be chasing him… Everywhere. You can kiss that down time goodbye. With my first…I was that mom that was like “OMG don’t eat the sand” “stop! Don’t touch that” kinda freak out mom you know… By the time I had my second, when he was 3… I was like “ok whatever hopefully you’ll learn” “yeah… How’s that sand taste?” And my reflexes definitely got he11a quicker lol


You will be chasing him the entire time, welcome to parenthood. Your vacations will never be relaxing again :sweat_smile: Eating sand is the least of your worries and it won’t hurt him.

Welcome to parenthood lol. Bring a blanket to sit him on. I’m sure once it goes in his mouth he will realize it is gross but if not then simply tell him no, that’s not safe yucky. Sadly you will have to constantly be on him until he can take care of himself so no idea on tips for that lol

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I mean you’re at the beach with so many new things, he’s gonna want to explore. A playpen is an option for downtime but if you don’t wanna chase a toddler at the beach then don’t take them to the beach🤷🏽‍♀️

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Or on the flip side your toddler will absolutely hate sand and will refuse to be put down on it like mine was

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Best of luck. - it’s a brand new experience from this vantage point to them and they want to see it all.

A walker bouncers and toys when you need a break or a blow up pool to put toys in and little bit of water for them to play with and thy can stay right next to you

But… Enjoy those moments. Every single one. Chase him around. Let him explore. Have fun. Play with him. Do it all. You don’t get those moments back. And one day… You might wish you could have those moments back… Even just for a minute.

You let them learn by natural consequences which is if they try the sand they will know it doesn’t taste good. You’ll be chasing him all the time and thinking about it I actually don’t think us parents actually ever get a break ever. My son is almost 16 (next week his bday) and I’m running this boy all around town to school and to work and to his friends etc lol. Keep an eye on him at all times tho but let him explore by himself or make it a fun game. I miss that age :broken_heart::broken_heart: so enjoy it as long as you can because when they grow up it goes super fast it seems like.

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Wait til 2, and 3. And the 4nado. It’s parenting, you let them explore , they will put things in their mouths, it’s normal. No average toddler is going to continuously eat sand :joy:

I have 5 kids and just assumed that was life untill they got older🤣 I doubt there is much to be done

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Get a pop up play yard!
I have 3 girls, and my youngest is gonna be walking soon :weary:
Those little play yards are great for the beach, especially if you bring an umbrella or get one that has a top for shade.

Don’t worry about the sand…
Just make sure he has a life jacket. It takes literally 1 second for a child to disappear at the beach.

Make sure you have someone with you to help you a little bring sand toys shovels and buckets things can play with

Put the child up for adoption so they can be with someone who doesn’t mind watching them the whole time. I am appalled by your selfishness.

Lol what did I just read?

Time! Nothing else helps. Maybe holding their hand, if they even let you.

Trying to control a toddler is like trying to nail jello to a tree. It’s not happening. Lol.

Dig a hole in the sand to contain the creature, make sure not to feed after 10 P.M. :joy: just kidding. Enjoy these moments while they last because they are gone way too soon

Use a fitted sheet and prop the corners up that way you will keep him safe

You’ll be chasing him the whole time. Embrace the chaos.

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Be very grateful they can walk. Some children can’t

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Pack and play in shower door to shower or do laundry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Bouncer chairs and the door swings are fun to

You’ll be chasing him around the whole time . My kids were all the same all over the beach

What a ridiculous question. You can’t control a baby

I throughly enjoyed just staying on top of them and watching them explore and discover their world💖

Lol you will 100% be chasing him the whole time. No way around that.

Walker, walking toys, toddler proof the house

You dont. They learn from their mistakes. Just relax and try not lose him lol.

Taller intex pool ti blow up so he can’t escape with lots of cool toys and even water in it

Thats called being a normal child, just hang on for the ride

Lol it’ll stop around 6, just be vigilant :rofl:

Lol nope. Once they learn how to walk, they’re always going. Which means you are to lol.

Portable play pen!

He’s a toddler. U chase him. That’s what being a parent is.

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My first son was so laid back…the thought parenting was easy…my second one 12 years later was a handful…always on the go nonstop…I had a Johnny Jumper that hung from our ceiling…I would put him in it and turn on cartoons…I got the whole house clean and started dinner while he burned up his energy in the jumper…it had a tray so I would put his favorite snacks on the tray and give him a sippy cup with his favorite juice…it worked great because he had fun and I had peace of mind knowing he was secure and having fun…the key was he was burning off his energy!!! We didn’t hang it in a doorway because I was afraid he would get hurt hitting the doorway so my husband secured it in the ceiling in the middle of our living room and man did he make that thing move!!! Lol