How can I divorce cheaply?

It’s looking like divorce is our only

option. I feel we would have common ground understanding on how things are split. In Idaho—what’s the cheapest way to have this happen?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I divorce cheaply? - Mamas Uncut

If there’s no kids involved you might be able to do it all on line. My friend did.

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If there’s kids don’t go cheap, you’ll regret it not being reviewed by a professional!

Call around your area and see what your best options are. Divorces are cheaper as long as they are noncontested too.

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Call the courthouse to start. If it’s mutual and you have an agreement and are on the same page it generally goes quicker and much easier. Depends if you need lawyers or not but if mutual you most likely don’t. Usually a filing fee. Could possibly look into legal aid if you feel you may need a lawyer.

Not sure of laws in Idaho but I’ve just recently gone through this process in California and filled out and filed all my own paperwork. When it’s not contested everything goes pretty smooth. Start by requesting a divorce packet from your local courthouse FYI: We do share three children and it’s still been pretty straightforward.


Hire an independent mediator to come up with a legally binding document that will hold up in court and then go file online for the divorce.

Kids dont make it expensive assets owned together do! More detail is needed in this post to be able to keep it real

Not sure about your state but you can probably file on your own

It depends on the state. Usually if it’s common split it’s easy as getting and signing the divorce papers- when I got divorced the papers were $300 at the court

I’ve divorced twice for myself one with kids and one without kids. I got the packet from the courthouse and did it all myself.

I helped my son with his divorce. Had the mom not hired a lawyer I probably wouldn’t have got one for my son. I had all the paperwork including changing placement of the kids done before we brought in the lawyer. Still think we paid him way too much to do little of nothing. If it’s not contested it’s a cakewalk. has lawyers and most do free consults so you can line a few up and weigh your options :tulip:

My ex and I did it ourselves. We only had to pay to file the paperwork. We did have kids involved but we agreed upon joint custody

A paralegal did ours and we agreed on everything down to time with our child. $1800. Took 3 weeks

Mmmmhm. It’s called a mutual divorce. Pretty much you two dont argue over stuff, already know exactly what goes to who, and dont wanna draw it out.

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You can get the paperwork free fill it out yourselves and if you qualify you can get the fees waved. Contact your local legal aid.


Look into your local dispute resolution center. They provide mediators and it should be low cost. Just to have someone there to help things go smoothly and correctly.

If your divorce will be uncontested (you agree on everything) there will be a filing fee (ours was $252 in NH) and that’s all we had to pay because we agreed on everything including kids.

As long as you are all in agreement, it’s fairly cheap

With the help of the county clerk I did mine all by myself. Cost around $300 Ours was uncontested, no property no kids.

A no contest divorce is going to be your cheapest option… gonna still cost a couple hundred to file all the paperwork but other then that can get it done pretty quick and easy

Go to the court house if you both agree buy the no fault divorce package fil it out and file it

Uncontested divorces are typically the fastest and cheapest route to take

My ex husband and I filed together. We both signed the day we filed and it was final within 30 days. Our kids are grown and we had everything settled prior to seeing an attorney. Married 31 years and divorced in 30 days and $350

I didn’t qualify for legal aide. I found a company online though and they printed the papers up for me for $250. A year after the divorce I found out that I could’ve found the papers online and printed them for free. Just do some research. There are cheap ways to get a divorce

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I divorce cheaply? - Mamas Uncut

Dissolution $270 just go get the forms fill out the paperwork then both read over get notarized take them in file them pay filing fee and they’ll give you a court date. Both of you have to appear and agree or will not be granted

File indigent it’s free through the courts print your own papers or they sell the packets for about $50 fill it out file it do your mediation and go in front of the judge that’s all I had to do but we were able to agree on everything also.

You’d file an uncontested divorce, but you have to agree on EVERYTHING, including custody. You can go to the Idaho Judicial Branch website to locate the court where you need to file. It’s roughly $200, not including the filing fees.

It’s called Pro Se. You represent your self. You do all the paperwork and take it to the courthouse they file it give you a date to go to court and that’s that. If you have children EVERYTHING must be in agreement. Including child support.

Then just file the paperwork and go in front the judge. If you are in agreement it should be as simple as that?

Do it yourself. I believe you can get the paperwork from the courthouse, fill it out, file it, have your ex served, and represent yourself in court; unless, it’s contested.

Contact a Paralegal & or your Courthouse. FL has no fault divorce you don’t need a reason to divorce your mate, they cannot contest it. If minor children are involved a Judge must approve Visitation, Support, Custody etc… Don’t agree to “Shared Custody”

You could share a lawyer

You can usually keep it out of the courts if yall have common ground and settle fairly cheap idk what services in Idaho though

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I divorce cheaply? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I divorce cheaply? - Mamas Uncut

Go to court house and get the paperwork. You can do it yourself


I paid $150 filing fee plus about $35 for him to be served. He fought the whole thing but we didnt use lawyers and I didn’t pay more than that $185 total.

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Agree on everything with your soon to be ex.


Do ppwrk yourself pay court filing fees


It’s cheaper if you can both agree on everything and then just have the lawyers so the paperwork. My ex husband and I did that and it saved a ton of money.


You can file everything pro se at the courthouse. The Clerk will get you all forms needed to start the process


Dissolution. My husband is a dissolution Attorney but in Ohio counties only. He charges 450.00

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If there are children involved, don’t go for cheap!

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No fault divorce, cost me less then $300 total

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Go to the courthouse. Fill out the paperwork together. If everything is agreed upon, file it. It varies by state Kansas is 90$. They’ll set a court date, go in and agree. Judge signs and you’re good.

In general, it’s cheaper if you go the mediation route vs retaining separate attorneys. If you agree on everything it should be fairly simple and affordable going directly through the court.


Agree on everything. Work out any kinks. I suggest a paralegal do your paper work. Although I don’t live where you do I did see how many court documents were incorrectly filled out and were told the court could not go on.

Legal aid is 50.00. Also you can file it yourself. Where i live you pay fees. I paid 30.00 years ago.

Get forms of internet and file yourself costs about £350 solicitors charge about £3000 up front for the same and drag it out to get more money and no mater what they say property and business split 50/50 better sorting it yourself saves yous both a lot of money

I filed. Like 300$ to file and send paper. Pretty cheap in retrospect

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I filed at courthouse myself. They gave me the forms and i asked for a waiver of fees for poor person. At that time i was on food stamps


Comm courts. You file yourself and if it’s a joint application together it’s even easier. It was $900 and we both split the money and it was lodged, signed, approved and our 1 month wait time in about 4 months.

Not sure about Idaho, but here in Ohio we chose to do a dissolution. Which is the divorce minus the lawyers. We printed the papers from the courthouse website, filled them out, made TONS of copies and paid $300 to file. That was it!

Most states have a waiver for the partitioner

My ex husband and I did it ourselves. We found a do your own divorce packet at Staples. Then we signed and had it notorized then filed at the courthouse.

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Waiver divorce is the way it’s done in Texas

But do you have kids involved?? Because you might not be able to avoid it if you do.

I was divorced in Minnesota. But they have something like a cooperative divorce where both parties agree. I mean we also had no kids or anything really at the time. We filled papers out ourselves and turned them in. I didnt pay a dime and i dont think he paid much if anything

Mediation. Did it myself and it helped to keep things fair.

Easy enuff, depending on where you live and what assets you have. But, most especially, the type of relationship that you both have presently

If no kids are involved just file at court house

Non-Contested. All agreed upon. Self file.

You can file your petition yourself and do it pro se (aka no atty, represent yourselves) and split the filing fees. Do court ordered mediation and agree to dissolution with terms.


do you have an attorney? is there a no-fault divorce clause in your state? Suggest you look up the regulations for that state…to make sure…

We the people really help they help you with the paperwork and it’s the best price out there less than $500 and I did everything myself…

See a lawyer. Don’t screw your self

Check online for do it yourself sites

Legal aide helps with agreed divorces

Is Facebook turning into dear Abby?

Make him pay for it …

Christin Edwards-O’Day

Divorce Online are good


I did the whole thing for around 500. It was uncontested. I printed the paperwork off at home. Went through it all myself. Handed it all in and just had him sign when he needed to. He has to be in agreement with it tho.

If you don’t have children, you can have an uncontested where it’s just a mutual agreement and you both agree on finances if they are shared.
If there are children involved, I don’t believe you can do it that way bc there’s child support, parenting plan, etc. but I could be wrong!

I’m not entirely sure how it is in Idaho, but in Illinois I filed everything myself at no cost. Only needed a lawyer when it came to custody.

If you can agree on everything ask the courthouse for the papers and fill them out yourself. Both sign and notarize. It went from $300 to $90 doing it like this in VT.

Be kind and nice to each other equals the best way to do it from my own experience! Great for kids too :+1::100:

It all depends on if you have a house and kids I wouldn’t try to go cheap at all. It can end up coming out very expensive.

Disappear into the woods never to be seen again. Cheap and efficient.

yes doo it yourself agree on all the detailes and pary a way as friends. the best way to doo.