How can I dry up my milk supply?

Please don’t judge. I’m just looking for some advice. My baby is now five days old, and I love him to bits. So far, he has been mainly formula fed with a few breastfeeds that I’ve expressed milk into bottles for. I thought I wanted to primarily pump breast milk to bottles to feed him as this is what I did with my first, but this time around, I’m really not enjoying it and finding the whole thing overwhelming and uncomfortable. I have decided to stop the breast milk and just feed my baby formula. At the end of the day, a happy, healthy momma is what he needs, not a sore emotional momma who’s really not enjoying what should be a meaningful experience. My problem is my boobs are so uncomfortable, and I’m not sure about the best tactics to help dry up my supply. So far, I’ve only expressed a handful of times during the five days he’s been born, the most I’ve expressed is 35 ml out each boob. My question is, how should I Express to help dry up my supply? My boobs are huge and quite solid and uncomfortable. I know I can’t just stop cold Turkey but not sure how often and how long I should Express to ease them up.


Cabbage leaves in the bra


Just Google it. There are a few ways to do it. And don’t let anyone shame you, it’s your choice.


Take some thing for congestion like Sudafed

Cabbage leaves (don’t judge it works and the coolness :ok_hand:t3:) and have some1 wrap ur boobs tightly wit either towel, blanket or sheet. Gud luck it’s kinda painful boobs fill up and ouch :confounded:


What i did was use ace wraps tightly wrapped around my breasts. Its called binding the breasts. Being that the baby is only 5 days old it may take a bit. I got the tip from my grandmother who did the same type of thing to stop her milk. But honestly best idea is talk to ur dr. He/she is up to date on the best things to do.

cabbage leaves baby girl cabbage leaves


also avoid all hot water if possible hot water brings your milk down

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Frozen cabbage leaves and a very tight fitting sports bra. Also Benadryl will dry you up as well.


Cabbage in your bra!!

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Your doctor will give you something, and a tight fitting bra should work.


When i was doing the cabbage leaf thing, NOBODY told me to roll and fold them first to break the skin BEFORE putting it on. I discovered this on accident. Much more effective. Highly recommend 10/10 lol


Tight sports bra and Wrap an ace elastic bandage around you really tight and use frozen peas!

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Happy momma Happy baby that’s what is most important. Do what’s best for you, your baby and your family! DO NOT express or massage your breasts DO NOT use hot water! I’m a maternity nurse and a lactation consultant the more you do this the more your body will think you need milk. Motrin, tight fitting bra and ice will be your best friend! Also they typically do not give medications to dry up your supply! There is no scientific evidence for cabbage leaves but people swear by it!


I swear that was the most painful thing for me
Good luck I’ve always heard the cabbage leaves work

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Birth control pills dried my milk

Just wanted to say you’re doing an amazing job. Good luck.


What I did was put both my hand up over my head when lying down. I Stretch my arms up. You’ll soon realize it’s all dried up- swear! I do that all the time when I want to stop the flow.

My baby is 14 days old and formula fed :blush::blush:
#FedisBest :purple_heart:

Have your mom or friend wrap you with ace bandages, wear sports bras and pack ice packs in it. It should take a week or 2 for it to dry up. You will leak some in the shower, or when the baby cries, or even if you’re watching TV and a baby cries lol Don’t beat yourself up if you feel uncomfortable breast feeding. I refused in the hospital bc I wanted to do it in the privacy of my own home. I tried and couldn’t get the hang of it. Fed is best no matter what method or combinations of feeding you choose

Frozen cabbage leaves constantly on your nipples, it sucks but it does the trick


I took 2 regular aspirin 3x’s a day for 3 days…dried me right up.

Ice packs are our friends. Eating Fresh Lime helps usually with a pinch of salt. It will also help shorten your period.

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Peppermint. Get some essential oil and put it in a diffuser next to your bed. It works really well!

i suffered with my first two and with my third they gave me cabbage leaves at the hospital couldnt beleive no pain at all

Warm showers massage them ice packs express them whenengirged your milk is probably just coming in now

Wrap wrap and take Tylenol and leave them alone the more you mess with them the longer it’ll take but doing this within a week you should notice a difference.

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Not sure its just up to your body. I still had drops of milk come out 2 yrs later after my son was born and i stopped nursing at 8 mo.

Cabbage leaves do work! Messy but work! Congratulations on the new baby!

Yes cabbage leaves, worked for me

Cabbage leaves from the fridge, nice and cold. The green grocer nearly fainted when i told him i needed large cabbage.

I used camphor oil on my ducts, (under arm) and wrapped tight.

Drink some Andrews salts.

Dark green outer cabbage leaves inside your bra, dry in a week. Wear around the house.

Be very careful how you go by it. My first child didn’t seem to like the boob and was having trouble. I didn’t express and get the milk out and ended up getting mastitis. Honestly was worse then anything I have experienced and that was not long after giving birth. If your boobs becom rock hard you might have to express a little and talk to your doctor.

Dont Express, this tells your body a supply is needed. Hot showers should be avoided as well.

I just had a baby also ,I completely understand your feeling …Walmart sell a organic tea call Earth Mama No More Milk , I guarantee it work start feeling relieve right away dry up milk in a 3 to 4 days .

Cabbage Leaves help dry up your milk. Place a leaf over each breast, inside your bra. Change a few times a day. Your milk should dry up in about a week or so.

Dont express it just stimulates milk production. Leave them alone.

Pumpkin seeds will dry you right up

I got sick and could no longer feed her my milk. I stopped pumping and expressing and wore tight fitting clothes (painful) and used cabbage as well. My milk dried up pretty quick after that.

They have pills for this you know

Use cold cabbage leaves for comfort it works a treat

Dont express at all if possible. Cabbage helps