How can I ensure our blended family gets along?

Okay so we have a 2,3, and 4 year old. I’m a new mom to the 3 and 4 year old (we just won a custody battle). But I’m wanting to do some family ideas so they don’t hate each other. They’re all boys and show it lol. I’m mostly looking for ideas on bonding time but any advice is needed lol. As we are considering me being a stay at home mom lol.


Learning to help prepare meals, with everyone in the kitchen is really fun. Bubble baths, playing in the tub before pjs and story time <3

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Family football kids against parents it will help them work together

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Board games, pizza with movie night? Take them to the park/playground. Simple arts and crafts projects?

Movie nights with pizza, but everyone gets to make there own little pizza kids love it. Fishing and camping, walking together.

Find an activity where its the kids vs adults. Little easy games where they work together. Kids will work it out, its new for them so try not to push too hard. Just take them to the park, indoor playground etc. See if there is something they are like (cartoon, or charactors, or sport) and play that.

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i am going through this with a 9 and 6 year old but they are boy and girl so it’s harder

Figure out what they have in common see if there’s a trampoline or kids museum near you

At those ages my boys were into dinosaurs, so maybe play land before time type of theme, could even do that with lunch that day (Dino shaped nuggets, cheese stick as a log, broccoli as trees type thing), then maybe color some Dinos and do a few other Dino activities… Things like that. “Themed” days. Find common interests or use each ones interest for a theme day and kinda see if you can get it to grow to be the interests of the others as well. Let them help prep stuff (help set table, maybe rinse the broccoli, help clear the table) let them all be helpers

Sleep out or camping night. Do this on a weekend. Tell all the kids that you are having a stay up the latest challenge. Let them watch movies and eat junk food in their pajamas. They can do what they like (safe and in reason) but no fighting and don’t go to sleep. Ditch bedtime to make a memory

Also get them little soldier play sets. They can pretend dinosaur and animal hunts and have little wars and there’s trucks and even army bunks and everything and the sets aren’t very expensive. Give them toys and they will play all afternnon

dirt digging, circuit sets, lego big blocks, forts, reading time.