How can I entertain my 2 month old?

My 2 month old is getting to the point where she wants to be upwards . She dont like laying along my arms holding she gets upset . Id think a baby carrier would be good for her . How can i help entertain my 2 month old


Good luck. My girls 4 months old & loves being held upright. I got everything for her to, haha.

I wrapped my baby because she was never interested in the swing or being in her bouncer. Once she could hold her head up on her own we started using a “sit me up seat”. We also did a ton of tummy time, which we started the day she was born. As far as entertaining, we literally just talked to her and explained everything that we were doing, make silly facial expressions and noises. I also read a ton of books to her and would place toys in her hands until she could finally reach for and grasp them on her own.

A bouncer. Mine have always loved theirs.

We bought a baby carrier and it helped temporarily. We bought a swing and then a “sit me up” seat. And then we do a lot of tummy time.

Have you tried bombo chair ot frog chair


Strap her to your chest facing out. Pace your house stopping in front of a mirror every so often and make faces😆