How can I explain to my 2-year-old that I cannot play rough anymore?

I found out I was pregnant (possibly a month in) And I have a 2.5 year old crazy boy. How do you mamas explain that he needs to be more gentle towards me and I can’t really “play rough” anymore?


My sister tells her son that she’s old and it seems to work well :joy:


I have a 20 month old who just doesn’t understand why he cant jump and climb all over me anymore. I just keep redirecting him. I can tell him all day long it’s because there is a baby in my tummy but he doesn’t know what that means.

Every time he starts put your hand up and tell him no jumping on you or whatever he’s doing to be rough and he’ll soon get the picture. Tell him mom has a baby in your tummy and he can hurt you. You may not think he’ll understand but he will soon realize that you’re not going to let him. Congratulations

Tell him your breakable. Like glass . children like things they. An see or imagine

I have a rambunctious 2 yr old, currently 7m pregnant. I’ve recently started getting him to gently touch my tummy, saying baby and sometimes he’ll put his head down on me. He just started doing it soo it took alot of time and redirecting.

I’m so glad someone brought this up I’m pregnant and have an almost 2 year old and he’s very rough but doesn’t understand sister is in mommy’s belly

I took my lil boy to an ultrasound nd then let him touch my belly nd told him theres a baby in there. He started to be gentle after that. Maybe even get him a doll so he learns ‘careful’ even a boy doll if he needs. I didnt care two hoots what people thoughts. Now Ive got a beautiful caring 7 year old who looks after his family nd loves his baby sister whos now 5. Shes a troll.


I introduced baby dolls to my 2yo boy. He would hug them and kiss them ect then explained to him that “mommy has a baby in her belly that will be here soon, his baby brother is in there” he understood pretty well. He would rub my belly and give “the baby” kisses. Whenever he started to get rough i would let him know that hurts mommy and mommy doesn’t like that. Congratulations and good luck :heart:

You’ve got lots of time to teach him to be gentler. Explain why. He’s capable of getting it.

It doesn’t work :woman_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes: I’ve been struggling with this as well with a 2.5yr old wild child

I’d say you have a couple months before you really need to worry about that

Not trying to be ugly but youre fine unless youre super high risk or something. Play normal and be normal. Pregnancy is not disabling when its a healthy pregnancy. Dont have your child miss out just because youre pregnant. Your little peanut is seriously protected in your body. Just teach your kid no hitting or shoving or throwing. All things they should know anyways. You got this!


My son (age 18 months at the time) wouldn’t Rough play, but through a tantrum and kick while I’m changing his Pamper.
I had to change those Pampers quickly and speak to him firmly the we do not kick.

I don’t think theres anything stopping you from your regular play at this point


Any time he’s too rough tell him “gentle” and demonstrate a gentle touch. If he’s still rough, loudly exclaim “ouch” and pretend to be upset, explain that he hurt your body and your feelings and that he has to be gentle. Then give him a hug


Tell him you have a baby in your belly and he needs to be careful and easy. Also be firm about this because you have an infant coming. Better to give him time to get used to being easy now.

My son was 14 months when I fell pregnant with my first daughter, I told him every day that there was a baby in my tummy and he had to be gentle and rub my belly

Unless there is some reason you are extremely high risk there is absolutely no reason you cannot continue on with life as normal. Women still work out and do cross fit and have strenuous jobs during pregnancy. Not much a 2 year old can do to you could harm your baby. It has plenty of cushion…


I would just tell him you gotta be easy. Your baby brother or sister is in my belly. We have to be easy on the baby.

You can play normally with your child… I promise… unless you are high risk, then I dont understand why you’re going to make him miss out because your pregnant. My daughter and I clowned around until she seen her sister moving. You have to understand that hes two… he wants to play with mommy because mommy is his best friend. Dont punish him for something that you did. And that’s what it sounds like…
Sorry… not trying to be rude just giving advice.


You should be fine until you’re further along. I have a 17 month old little boy and I’m 29wks and he knows that I have a baby in my belly but there are times where he jumps on me or presses on my belly too hard. You just have to keep reminding them and I’m constantly telling my son that “you don’t want to hurt your brother, that’s not nice”

I had the same problem with my 2 year old daughter. I just gave birth a month ago to my first born son. And my 2 year old is always rough cuz my husband always play fights with her, so shes a dam tank of a child. Whenever she would get too rowdy or start trying to be rough with me I would just push her back gently and say easy, you gotta be easy. It took a week nor two for her to get it, but I just kept nicely repeating it over and over, as annoying as it was, until she got the hint and calmed down a bit. Now we just chill on the couch and watch tv or my phone.

We told the kids grandma & grandpa had fragile bones & they could break. It worked pretty well but took lots of reminding. Tell him not to break Mommy because she’s gotten fragile like (something easily breakable in your home).

I teach my 21month old the meaning of soft and I’ll show her soft movements or how to put something softly down etc

My son was a year old. What I did was get a baby doll and made him be gentle and cautious around the baby doll. I would point to the baby doll then my stomach and remind him to be gentle in the third trimester. He really responded and now my 15 month old does great for his age with being around my 3 week old.

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When you find the miracle answer can you please let us all know :joy::joy::joy: 8 babies later and even i cant master that one lol


You should still be able to play with him he just can’t be doing flips off your belly. As your grow explain to him that there is a baby in your tummy and that big brothers help protect them but at this stage you can still play.

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Unless he is bam bam from the Flintstones he can really do no harm.

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I played rough with my kids till I was about 6 mos when it would actually hurt the baby if they did something that would really do damage… They would have to jump from a couch or any kicking. My daughter managed to kick me when I was 8 mos during a tantrum and on accident and nothing happened, wasnt blunt enough the dr said. Right now its really padded and a toddlers rough housing wont hurt the embryo, its when the baby has less room to float around that is more of a hazard time.

I got head butted by my little brother when I was pregnant. She’s now seven. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend playing that rough but playing normal isn’t gonna hurt anything

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Remind him every day. :joy:
My oldest was 2, when I was pregnant with his little brother and now he is 6, while I’m pregnant with little sis.
I still have to remind him every day. :joy::joy::joy:

I’m 33 weeks, and when I sit on the floor to do anything at all my 2 year old jumps on my back for a horsey ride. :woman_shrugging:t2: good luck

The baby is only about the size of a poppy seed right now…
As it grows it will be very well insulated from trauma with it’s amniotic sack (aka built in shock absorber)
Unless “paying rough” involves brass knuckles or knives you will be fine

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Unless your dr says u can’t you can I tough played with my Son up until I had my 2nd. He would jump up onto my back I would wrestle him tickle the deal put of him trust me you will be fine I was huge. I had my 2nd almost 10lb boy. to n I fractured my pelvis years ago n was in pain buy my dr said it was fine if I can do it with a messed up pelvis you can too

My 2 year old jumped on my gut and landed on his knees when I was early pregnant. 2nd baby is now 12 days old and is just fine. Honestly you learn to adjust your movements to accommodate.

Explain to him that momma has a fragile package in her tummy that will make him a big brother to a little sister or brother. Just remind him often. Still play with him ect. Just remind him if he gets to rowdy. Good luck and God bless.

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Unless hes heel kicking your belly you will be fine.

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Tell him your tummy needs to be protected. That he needs to be your protector or knight in shining armor

Perfect time to start teaching gentile and personal space. I was pregnant with my second, my daughter was 2 yo, she and I played rough and still was a litte on the rough side during pregnancy, but I started teacher her be gentile and mommy needs personal space right now and now baby 2 is 3.5 wks old, it’s great to be able to say I need personal space to feed the baby or she needs to be gentile with the baby.

I had a crazy boy brought home girl I was worried too. Surprisingly he was gentle, kind & sweet.

They are smart just talked to him talk to him tell him put a teddy bear in front of your tummy say there’s a baby bear in there something

Tell them nice touches and guide their hand on the baby to show how much force to use.

Tell him mommy has a baby in her belly. And that yall have to be gentle till said baby arrives. Get him involved in your pregnancy.

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My son is expecting his 2nd and they let their daughter even help naming their son who is due in December. She loved that, she let’s us all know she helped. Also if you have any animals make sure you dont forget them during this or they will be very jealous and can possibly hurt the baby. My son dog when they had the first baby had been the center of attention in their lives for 5 yours then the baby came and they got wrapped up in all that and didn’t spend much time with the dog anymore it was more like leave the baby along, go lay down all the time so he started getting mean toward the baby. He has never hurt her but doesnt like her and doesnt acknowledge her most of the time but still will get rough with her and now their having another baby they are worried how the dog is gonna do with this one. They may have to get rid of the dog. What I’m trying to say, dont replace the animal with a child make him feel wanted too.

i remember when i was pregnant with my youngest son his older brother who has 11 yrs old who is special needs he used to say my baby .

Yes, let him know what’s going on and make him a part of it all. Most of all let him rub your belly and lay on it and kiss it. That’s what mine did when I was pregnant. He was only 1 but he still understood.

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“Don’t you dare hurt your mother “ that’s a rule for me since she was born. “ rough play “ included . Big negative


Well unless you have a high risk pregnancy I don’t think you have anything to worry about, your baby is in a very cushioned safe place.


Just tell him he has to be gentle, and pat your belly and explain their is a baby in there. We always taught our boys not to play rough with me anyway bc I’m a girl. Since he’s all ready use to playing that with you, your just going to have to be firm with him about it and treat it like anything else if here was being bad.


My other kids were a bit older, 8 and 10. I just made sure to stop them everytime and remind them to be careful because they didnt want to hurt their brother or sister on accident.

I always tell my 2 year old, “be gentle on mommy’s belly cause baby sister is in there” he doesn’t really get it but he is more carefully about bouncing around me. We play rough but I’m always careful that it’s not too rough. He rough houses enough with daddy

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Point to your belly and say mommas growing a baby. Show him pictures of the ultrasound. Get books to read about babies all babies animals included. Patients and because eventually he will get it.


My son was the same age when I became pregnant… it was always oh, watch mommy’s tummy there is a baby in there … for the first bit until I started to show and then it was obvious for him to see it. My son wasn’t “rough” but he climbed all over me … back, stomach, legs and would climb up my legs, step on my stomach to get into my arms … I was a mommy jungle gym :joy::rofl::joy: … at 2.5 they understand gentle … you’ll be glad you started teaching him to be gentle with you … he will have to be with his new sibling … best of luck! :hugs:


W my son, I bought him a baby doll and showed him how small babies were and taught him how mommy was growing a wee babe in her belly. I explained that the baby doll was so small and we had to be gentle with him and that we also had to be gentle with mommy for a little while. He just needed a few reminders to be gentle. I was severely high risk, so it was very important. He did great during the pregnancy and is now a doting big brother who is gentle, kind and loving with his baby brother. :heart:


Just be firm when you tell him to be gentle. He isn’t going to understand the first, second or the third time. But be firm when you tell him gentle. Congrats on your pregnancy

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I’m almost 18 weeks with a daughter who is a year and half and I honestly just don’t think about it. She sometimes sits in my stomach and has tried to stand on it. If I feel uncomfortable I just move her. If you are really worried about the baby getting hurt in anyway I would talk about it with your doctor.


I always just tell my two year old he has to be gentle or he’ll hurt mommy. I also make a point to talk about the baby often and show him where the baby is, let him feel baby kick, etc. he doesn’t really understand about pregnancy still but he doesn’t want to hurt me so it works. But early in pregnancy there’s not much he could do that would really hurt the baby anyway since baby is still pretty deep inside and well protected.

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I’ve got a 2 and half year old too and I just tell him to be gentle and that his baby brother is in my tummy. There are times were he is rough but I remind him he can’t be.

Just say slowly mommy has a baby in mommy tummy. He wont understand slowly he will

There is an episode of Rescue 911 where a man proposed to a woman while they were parachuting but her’s didn’t open. She hit the ground, broke many bones but they found out that she was actually pregnant (clearly she didn’t know or she wouldn’t have jumped out of a plane), about 6 weeks along. She was bedridden most of her pregnancy but she delivered a healthy baby. So although it may be your preference to not play rough, a toddler is not going to hurt the baby.
I remember the episode because it was what sparked my interest for nursing.
I am currently trying to show my son that it hurts and isn’t nice to throw things, all the things. Throwing them back has been the only way to show him why, as much as I don’t like doing it.
I absolutely am also willing to take suggestions though.


Oh gawd, don’t be that parent unless your high risk. You taught him to be rough and now that your pregnant, he all of sudden should act differently towards you. You should’ve thought about that before trying to become pregnant.


I feel like if he is being rough enough that you’re concerned now you should have already been intervening before pregnancy…:woman_facepalming:t3:


When you have 5 children in 51/2 years you just don’t worry about it!

I just said gentle mommy has a baby in hr tummy, it’ was hard sometimes, when they get excited but baby was fine, your tummy can protect them from little bumps. :slight_smile:

Not to be the rude one here, but if you’re only a month along I wouldn’t explain to him about the baby in case something goes wrong then it will be even harder to explain. Just change the rough housing into mommy would rather cuddle. Or get him one of those blow up toys to kick and hit. Nut remember he is two he isn’t going to be doing the damage a grown man could do. He doesn’t have that strength yet.


I think you’ll be fine my now 13mth old b4 finding out I was pregnant with her went on every ride at dreamworld and movie world twice over nye me and 3 teenagers were body slamming each other into a kiddie pool I was climbing up fences chopping down trees n she’s fine lol as your belly grows so does there sense of understanding to be gentle, mum of 8 so yeah I got a bit of experience lol

Tell me to be gentle with you if he wants to play rough he can play with his dad. I have a 3 year old girl now and I was pregnant with my now 3 month old she was told not to jump on me like she normally dit we told her her baby sister was in there and could get hurt so she started jumping on her dad instead