How can I fade a scar on my daughters cheek?

My five years old daughter had a fall at school and got her cheek all scratched up. Now, after three weeks, it’s healed, but she got a very prominent and dark scar at her face. Is there any good thing I can use to fade her scar?


Mederma and vitamin e oil

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It will fade away. My nephew was attacked by a dog around 4 yrs old. We thought for sure we’d have to pay for some kind of surgery but by the time he hit high school you couldn’t even see them anymore.


Bio oil. My daughter cracked her forehead open at 2.5 or 3years old. She had stitches. Once all was healed I used bio oil 3x a day for a month or two and now you can only see the scar if she gets angry and her face goes red


Massage vitamin E into it.

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Cocoa butter works pretty well, also vitamin e is good too.

It will fade on its own over time. However, you can use something like vitamin E oil to help. Mederma works amazingly well, but I don’t know if it’s meant for children or not.

It will fade on its own! My son split his eyebrow open and had four stitches in it . He’s got a space where hair doesn’t grow there now but the scar is gone . He also( and I have no idea why) rubbed his head across a carpet :roll_eyes: causing a giant circle of rug burn , literally in the middle of his forehead .& that faded after a few months too. You only see that spot when he gets real mad or when he’s really hot , he’s just got this giant lighter spot on his head :joy:
My daughter also had a red dot on her forehead from birth. She is turning 5 next month and it faded like two years ago

Vitamin e oil couple times a day


Scars are a road map of our lives. But tell her she is so very beautiful.

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If it was superficial it’ll fade on its own. I have scars all over and it’s not a big deal at all. Barely noticeable

Bio oil, was told to use it after I had surgery by the surgeon. Worked well.

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I think the more you pay attention to it by trying to get rid of it will make her a lot more self conscious.


Coconut oil. Keep it moisturized

Cocoa fat not the butter the fat took away all my babies scars and bruises that would leave nasty marks after they heal

It will fade more and more as she gets older! Neosporin usually works, but usually when the accident has first happend from my experience!

There is a cream that helps with that ask pharmace

Organic shea butter and emu oil

I would go for Shea butter or a vitamin c serum or cream.

I was attacked by a dog when I was like 4. Scars on my face have faded a lot over time.

Mederma and also bio oil.

When my daughter was 3 she fell onto our rock fireplace and got stitches above her eye, by her eyebrow. I did mederma cream and you can’t even hardly tell now. (Shes 10). Now my 3 year old fell right into a wall and got her forehead glued, I’ve been doing same thing mederma, but it’s only been a few months. Still takes time. But since it worked before, it will work again.

My daughter had plastic surgery on her face for a hemingioma and the facial plastic surgeon said never use Merderma on facial scars. He said it would make it worse. He recommended Vitamin E.

While it don’t help now by the time she gets to the age of being a young lady it will have fade to were even she will have to really see it when I was her age I got bit by a dog from my temple to all most my nose. And by the time I was in 7th/8th grade you could not see it. And the very few who did mostly noticed. The part of it up by my temple. And I promise my people didn’t use any thing but nature and time. But after all that vitamin E you might research aloe vera as well

Also massage it so that scar tissue doesn’t build up underneath. Scars take a year to 18 months to heal totally.

Coco butter stick and time. My daughter had some on her face and it took like 6 months to fade

Cocoa butter will work, however, at her age - the scratch will eventually go away on it’s own.

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Ambi dark spot fader, I had alot of scars on my face that this stuff completely faded

Vitamin E oil everyday, it takes time but it works. My husband had a cancer spot on his nose cut off and it left a scar but it is hardly noticeable now unless you are close to him

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Mederma. I have a scar across my neck from a thyroid removal and you can’t even see it.

When out side make sure you put sunscreen on it. The more spf the better.

Vitamin E oil. Just get the caplets and prick one with a needle and get the oil that way

Vitamin E oil… That’s what my surgeon told me

I like mederma.fades scar.

They have scar cream u can use

Miracle oil from pure romance…it helps with a lot of things feel free to message me i can give more details

There is a burn and scar cream at Wal-Mart that worked wonders on my ex husband’s face when he got burns down his face at work.

Honeydew all natural scar cream for sensitive skin. Used it on my leg after surgery. Works great. Can be purchased on line. Made in America

Bio oil and maderma both work great. I used both at the same time. Bio oil is twice a day and I currently use it. Sooner you use it, quicker it works.

Wintergreen oil just put a little on at nite over scar & it will fade

E oil put on two time a day

I would recommend Zoe bee products, look at the before and after photos of people suffering with scars

It will fade. Is bothering her or you more? Scars are stories. I’ve got one on my wrist from when I was about her age. Lesson: Don’t walk behind a swing. I also have one from open heart surgery at 9. Never bothered me. I don’t wear turtlenecks to hide it or tshirts over my swimsuits. I’m proud of it.

100 percent aloe Vera will help

My son was attacked by a dog at 5 years old and had scarring on his face. While I’m not sure what medication will help, I remember the surgeon saying to keep his face out of the sun to help wity scarring. So he wore a hat everytime we went out for awhile.

Mederma! They make a kids one. Made a scar on my face from glass almost disappear completely!! It will take a little while, but it works when used as directed!