How can I fix my ph balance?

Has anyone dealt with reoccurring BV? This is my third antibiotic in a month. The first antibiotic was metronidazole for 7 days, still had issues. 2 days later I was put on clyndamycin for 7 days. Waited 5 days and I’m back on clyndamycin again. I had my first period last month since having my son in November. The dr chalked it up as my ph being thrown off from that. But now it just won’t go away and it’s SO beyond degrading as a woman to have an odor. What else can I do to get my ph back right? I used to get bv quite often and an antibiotic always brought me back but it seems it’s not working. I’m day 3 on the antibiotics this time and I still stink


So checkout this site called gracefully they have products that helps with your pH. It’s been amazing for myself and quiet a few others. Good luck!

Have your husband treated also

Evening primrose oil and wear 100% cotton underwear. My Mother in law recommended that to me because she had the same issue and then I dealt with it when I was pregnant with my daughter. Works for me

Take a probiotic or eat some yogurt to help put back good bacteria

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Metrogel for a few months may help

Do you take a lot of baths?

Baking soda and water can help when you drink it :slight_smile: I hope you find a solution !

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Soak in a luke warm vinagar bath 2 or 3 times a week and keep away from scented stuff it’s worked for me for years

Ulta - the killer
Is the product

Do not have s*x while you are actively on treatment for one because it just stirs the bacteria up and defeats the purpose the week you’re in treatment don’t have intercourse. Secondly are you sure you’re not getting it from your partner?.. If you have one? If you don’t it could be because it’s summer it could be the brand of TP you use honestly with BV it’s like ANYTHING can cause it do you take other meds? Certain meds can just cause it chronically for NO reason but the top two are MOST common.


Your partner needs treatment also, you are passing it back and forth, also use condoms until completely clear.

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Rephresh, my doctor just told me about that

I have to wear only cotton or my ph is majorly thrown also


A good probiotic works wonders! It takes a week or so to get benefits from it but trust me you will be so glad you started one.

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Are you drinking alcohol while on antibiotics? Even if it’s one or two it counteracts with the antibiotics and stops them from working. That’s what was happening to me, also if you are washing your downstairs with soap or any “vaginal” wash. DONT. Only use water as that too can cause BV

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Anytime you take an antibiotic, you should take a probiotic.


both you & your partner need to be treated with antibiotics at the same time. And not intercourse til cleared. My doctor also recommended Greek yogurt for PH balance

I got placed on linezolid when I got bv. It’s a heavy duty strong medication there’s a lot foods and drinks you have to limit while on it for 14 days bur it got rid of my case

Don’t use reg soap on your vag. Only use ph balanced soap

Sounds more like trich and your husband needs to be treated too or else you’ll keep getting it. I always had this problem with my ex husband because he kept cheating on me


So everyone has said this! And yea, boric acid! I take Vagina probiotics daily! before and after sec… or after and during my period I use the ones you stick up your choochie! Seriously like changing! You can get both @ target. Also I only use non scented body wash!! Huge thing! Think about the laundry detergent to, I try to wear underwear as least as possible! Can’t always but that helps.

Apple cider vinegar baths

I work in a prescription shop and deal with this same issue on a daily basis. Everything I just told you is what the pharmacist tells them.

I’ve been suffering for years from BV antibiotics only helped temporarily. I’ve even done the boric acid suppositories and boric acid feminine wash. Still only helped temporarily. Currently I’m doing Clyndamycin the first week of every month for six months while also taking a raw probiotic for vaginal health. This is was my first month doing that and so far it seems to be working but we shall see. I will say with the probiotic, you need to give your body time to adjust. It gets worse before it gets better. Good luck!

Coconut Oil or boric acid suppositories
Also, ACV and baking soda bath soaks.

Has ur partner been checked and done his antibiotics properly?
Some of us are just majorly prone to anything and everything throwing off ph balance also.

Probiotic for vaginal health. Looking at some other comments there are a lot of good recommendations and guidance too.

I started drinking alkaline water with a high ph level, dg carries a large bottle.for $1 and try boric acid suppositories after you are off the other suppositories for a while…align makes good probiotics specific for this type of issue…good luck

I was told to reduced scented smelly stuff in bath as i have bombs bubbles all sorts lol :laughing: scebted stuff is not good all the time changes our balance apparently lol never heard of it before


To the ones saying boric acid suppository. Best thing I’ve been used.

Omg this was such an annoying issue for me particularly when I was with my ex husband :unamused: my solution was a line of vitamins that were specifically formulated for balanced ph and avoiding sugar and alcohol and other really pH destabilizing food’s

Get tested for trech just incase!!

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First thing I can think of is a soap/body wash with 0 scent
Also these work wonders

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Boric acid suppositories, I suffer with it as well.


A lot of it has to do with your partner probably.

Do the week of boric acid and even if you are on birth control, have your hubby wear a condom. Likely it is him that keeps throwing it off. Once it clears I suggest a daily probiotic for vaginal health.


3 things. 1 you are getting it from your husband 2 stop using fragrance down there 3 your man needs to stop using fragrance down there as well. I had this issue 4 years ago

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Try Boric Acid Inserts. Works very well. Helps with Keto Kitty also. Have you had STI testing done as it could be that somehow you contracted something. A friend of mine got Trichomoniasis which had the same exact symptoms as BV. It was due to her husband having an affair


Ok stupid question,what is BV

I had the same issue and the issue wasn’t me at all it was my children’s father cheating on me that’s why I kept getting BV


1000mg vit c every day, cranberry tablets/rosehip

I guarantee you the antibiotics are making it worse. You need to get you some pro biotics to help with the good restoration of what the antibiotics are killing.You need to use non scented soaps. Take a vinegar bath it helps with the smell

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Your husband or partner has to be treated too or you’re just going to keep giving it back to each other. That’s what happened with me and my husband. My ph was thrown off after having my daughter and tho I tried everything under the sun to get rid of it I never could fully get rid of it. Here I am 15 years later and I still have bouts of it. I use vagisil body wash. You will have no smell after you use it. It’s the ONLY thing that works for me and takes the smell away when I’m having a bout of it.


Make a yogurt douche or sit in a yogurt bath you can Google the recipe

i would go get a second opinion elsewhere. it doesn’t sound like your doctor really cares. reoccurring BV like that is scary, but there’s an antibiotic gel they can prescribe if you have chronic BV


You may need to have them RX the Flagyl Gel. Also taking a probiotic seemed to help me. Honestly what helped me the most was being on birth control orthotricyclen…it changes the pH of your vagina

Boric acid suppository. Sold on Amazon and you can get them at Walmart. I haven’t had an infection in years since I’ve used them.

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I sell boric acid suppositories! I hade make them and package each one individually by hand !

Order Boric acid capsules from Amazon and insertion sticks ! The antibiotics are killing your good bacteria and causing the imbalance to contact. Read up about Boric Acid. I gaurentee you at 100% you’ll have no issues after the 7 days and if you do just top up with a few days and. I often just take one after my period to help my body.

I use Queen B soap and cleansing wipes to help maintain my ph. My doctor also recommended Happy Hoo Ha by Olly

You need vaginal probiotics. This is a thing. Get the ones that are refrigerated, can usually found at a health food store. Antibiotics throw your pH off by killing the good bacteria in your body. You will notice an almost immediate difference after taking them.

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It’s probably your partner. Get him on antibiotics. And try a boric acid suppositories. Check amazon. I think I use boric life. Or something like that. Then the girl off “the hills” has a whole product line for things like that. Check it out.

First off make sure you’re not using anything with fragrance down there. Those Summers Eve washes and the ones that claim to “help” are terrible. The only time I ever got BV was when I used my friends Summers Eve one time as a teenager. If you’re in the market for a new wash, Honey Pot foaming wash in the blue bottle is great. It even has apple cider vinegar to help with pH. Secondly if you use a scented detergent for your clothes I highly suggest washing your underwear separately with an unscented detergent. Like others have mentioned get your partner tested, sometimes BV is caused by an std. Keep seeing your doctor as untreated BV can lead to uterine infections/pelvic inflammatory disease.

If you have a partner(s), you are likely being continually re infected by a non symptomatic carrier. Abstain from intimate activity fully until after partner is tested, treated and tested clear themselves. Use of condoms is preferable for a period of time after as well to be sure.
IF…after this period, and you are strictly monogamous, you get reinfected, a frank conversation with your partner is in order.
You’ve only mentioned Clindamycin as of the last few treatments, which is commonly prescribed. What you have is resistant and not responding to this treatment at this point.
You likely again require Flagyl 500mg ( metronidazole). This is taken orally, typically in a single dose(tab) treatment. If you are still symptomatic, one more dose may be prescribed. It is also available in a vaginal gel form since you had issues the first time with the oral. Speak with your physician regarding this for their recommendation.

If you are not active and celibate, the repeated antibiotics for these infections have diminished your bodies normal flora that keeps overgrowth of harmful bacteria in check naturally.
Use of intravaginal probiotics will help. Speak with your physician, but these can be sourced at health food stores in the naturopathic remedies section. Older school, but the use of a PLAIN cultured yogurt coated tampon insert is used for this as well.

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