How can I freeze homemade pizza dough?

hi all, need help! so i’m making homemade pizza dough and putting all topping for pizza and i want to freeze it!! just wondering how can i freeeze it ! can i just use aluminum foil and ziploc bag to freeze the pizza?! it is uncooked pizza btw


I would get plastic wrap and then use a ziplock bag

That’s not a mommy question lol


I would pre-bake the crust before you put the toppings on and freeze it. Also I would wrap it in plastic wrap then and aluminum foil and put it in a Ziploc and label it


Place on baking sheet and freeze once frozen wrap in plastic wrap then a freezer bag.

You have to par-bake the crust. Then top and freeze.

Id try and vacuum seal it if you can. We make a lot of homemade pizza with dough made from scratch and I still haven’t found a way to freeze and have it taste and defrost well. I’ve never vacuum sealed it though. by the way this is a mommy question!


are you trying to freeze the dough to thaw and form later, or are you trying to be able to just pop it in the oven from the freezer like digorno’s?

I usually pre-cook the crust and then freeze it in saran wrap. Then i add toppings before im ready to bake. I don’t thaw it. Usually takes only like 8 mins

I usually pre bake the Dough and freeze between wax paper and freezer bags or saran wrap.

I would think par nake the pizza dough first then freeze it using suran wrap and aluminum foil maybe

I would just freeze the dough