How can I get a 4-year-old to stop throwing things?

How can I get my 4 year old to stop throwing! He throws everything he can he was just ask out and threw a rock and hit the neighbors car window and then we come in bc what he did and he throws his shoes and shirt. I can’t handle it been going on for a while but gotten worse last few weeks plus other behaviors at home and school

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Big emotions are hard for little ones because they don’t understand what is happening inside them

  1. explain action and consequence (rip paper and say sorry to it and you’ll see it’s still not the same was one that worked for my littles) but it’s important to do this when they aren’t in the middle of melting (cracking and egg during breakfast together time for example)
  2. show them a safe throwing spot and explain why it’s safe (do it every day even until they can even repeat why it’s a safe spot to throw)
  3. when my son had big emotions we squared off a “stomping spot” in the house and thats where he could “stomp out his big feelings”;

It’s a process but if you can stick to it it’ll help big time you do not want them carrying that behavior over to other areas of those lives (school bday parties etc)