How can I get a birth certificate?

Does anyone know how to retrieve birth certificates? For context, my husband is trying to get our children VA benefits through his military disability, and apparently the birth certificates given to us from the hospital are not the legal document. 


I got my kids from the Hall of Records

For ours we have to go to the health department in the county of birth. We are in Indiana.

I literally printed a paper online, filled it out, sent it and a check in and had a new birth certificate from the state of Washington in about 8 days.

In Michigan we have to go to the county courthouse where they were born

I’m Virginia, Dept of Vital Statistics can provide you one

In Tennessee, go to your local health department.

Community health center.or social services.

Is it from overseas? Use the certificate of birth abroad.

The health department in the county your children were born. That’s where I always got my children’s from.

I know ohio you can go to the health department in your county and get any bc from any part of the state so I would check with the health department and see what your state says

From the court house in the county they were born.

In indiana they are in each health department in the county where you are born.

In Michigan, we get them from the County Clerk’s office where they were born. You can go in person or request them online.

Depends where you are in west palm beach is in Evernia there a health clinic on top and the birth place at the bottom

You can order them right off the county clerks website in michigan and they will mail them to you. I just had to upload a picture of my ID with the form. Took about 2 weeks to get them.

In Kentucky go thru vital records . Google it

From court house in the county of birth place

Vital Statistics in the county the child was born in. I got my husband’s for him through the mail from Alabama while we are in New York. Usually have to pay for the certified copies. Usually around $20

In Washington state we have to get them from the Health department.

Depending on your state, I would start with your local Heath Department. I’m in Maryland and can obtain a birth certificate at either the Health Department, which is closer to home, or the Department of Vital Statistics in Baltimore.

I would reach out to your states vital statistics records for a copy.

ohio you can go to local health dept.

In Virginia you can go to the DMV for a Birth Certificate. I believe it $16

Google the county and state where they were born and it should have info on how to get it or where to go…

The records dept of you county of birth, but make sure it’s a copy of the original not a facsimile of it. They do cost various prices.

In Ohio you can go to your local Health department

You can get one from the county clerk the child was born in, state vital statistics department, or vitalcheck online.


If you’re from Michigan…
go to the county your kids were born in & go to the clerk office! That’s what I had to do for both of my kids

You can go online at the state dhs website and search live birth certificates

U.S. birth certificates

You can apply for a copy or request an amendment through the Vital Records Office in the state in which the birth occurred. Another source for obtaining certificates is VitalChek.

It depends on the state, in texas you can just go to any courthouse. But oklahoma you have to go through vital records.


Indiana you go to the local health department; you’ll need id and likely the birth record from the hospital, costs around $20 or so.

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Google “Where to get birth certificate for .” Each state is different in where you can get them, and what that location is called. Google is your friend.

Go to court house and. get them certified

Go onto Vital Statistics online. Look it up thru the state they were born in, input all information. Pay the fee, and have it sent to you.

Here in New Brunswick canada you go to the motor vehicle branch, i imagine it’s different where you are, this is something you should post on your personal page, because you have people all over the world here

You should be able to go to your local county government building and get those

It depends on where your child was born. If they were born in the states, You can go to the county records office of the county that they were born in and obtain it in person, or do it online. My son was born in Germany, I had to go through the U.S. Embassy and then to obtain a copy I had to go through The Department of State.

Office of vital statistics

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California. You go to the court house.

Contact the office of vital statistics for your state if the health department is unable to help

U have to send off for them

You have to go to the county clerk’s office in the county they were born. Or you may be able to order it online (if youre still close enough to go there it’s much easier & cheaper than ordering online). Google the county. Example Aiden county, Massachusetts birth certificates. Yu out should be able to find a link explaining.

Umm no the hospital doesn’t actually give you the legal birth certificate. You have to go get a copy of the legal birthday certificate at the county recorder/county clerks office in the county that your child was born in. You can also order one if you no longer live in the state your child/children were born in. Just call ahead to see how much it is so you know.

Local health office of the town n state child was born!$10 or $20 depending on state

Minnesota you can request them at the court house. They are like $30

In Illinois , you go to the County of birth and get a copy from the County clerk office

Unfortunately the document that the hospital gives you is more of a keepsake but not legal.
A few hospitals around here have stopped giving them to parents for that reason.

I would start with your local health department. Our county’s vital records office is located inside the health department, even if that’s not the case for your area they will probably be best to point you in the correct direction for your area.

In Delaware you go to a place called Birth and death records and pay $25 to get a copy.

Go to the health department and fill out the paperwork and you’ll get it.

If born in Florida

The stste rep office for the system he was born in can get them for ya

I got mine here twice.
Im a family of 7
So I’m always misplacing and finding later :woman_facepalming:t2:

But you can order here

We got mine by writing a letter to the Clerk of Courts in the county I was born in. Be sure to request certified copies; there will probably be a small fee.

Google “obtain certified birth certificate in [State chills was born in].