How can I get a flat stomach after giving birth?

Hi,what can I use to get my flat tummy after giving birth? Please help


You can also try the micro-needling. There’s YouTube videos about the benefits and how it helps.

I didn’t gain a pound during my pregnancy. I was dieting before I got pregnant, my husband didn’t want me to diet during, but I was avoiding lots of fried food. My stomach deflated like a balloon the minute she was born, I wish I kept the weight off though lol

I’ve only just lost my weight after my youngest, she’s 2 and a half, I managed to loose the weight but I haven’t managed to get a flat stomach back (I bloat easy that’s why) but I have dealt with it now.

To get a flat stomach then you’ll have to work hard with exercises etc

Work on your pelvic floor and core.

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Belly Bandit postpartum belly wrap.

Push ups are a great all body workout and when I do them I notice my gut trimming too. It’s worth it to make sure you are doing them correctly. I had a personal trainer show me the right way.

Exercise. I’ve had 3 kids. You can lose the weight but if you want a “flat” stomach you have to put in work lol


Exercise , fasting , get on a diet .

The only real way to gain the flatter stomach is to lose body fat and gain muscle. In order to lose the fat you must make sure your nutritional intake is in a calorie deficit (500-1000 calories under maintenance level) for your body. However with that being said you can not choose where your body drops the fat from and often your most problem area is the last place it goes from so patience is a must. Exercise cardio to help burn calories for deficit and core exercises to build those muscles.

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Get some good Spanx and wear them for about 4 months

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I’d recommend wearing a stomach band ask your hospital for one. Wear for at least 4 months