How can I get custody or guardianship?

Does anyone know how to go about getting guardianship over children that are not biologically related to you? Two months ago we had two girls dropped off by there mother they haven’t eaten or showed in days and have been sleeping in there mother’s car. Anyways we took them in because they are like my own kids but not really related if you know what I mean… Anyways it does not look like there mother is going to get her stuff together any time soon. And we don’t want to get DFS involved because they are safe and happy living with us. We just need to find out how to go about getting a guardianship or legal custody. So we can get them into Dr’s and therapist.


I would contact a lawyer sweetie. That’s the best option. And start documenting everything. When they see mom. Talk to her. What u buy them. Document it all

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Go to the courthouse. There is paperwork that both you and the mother would have to sign so that you can have rights over the children.


If there mother hasn’t lost custody, then you would probably have to ask her to give you custody, and seek legal advice! Goodluck!!!


I would think you would need the mothers permission especially if you want to keep CPS out of it.


Have the mom sign over guardianship so you guys can take them to the doctor, school, etc. Go to an attorney after and get advice.


You need one parents consent


You need legal protections. She is the mother. You have no legal rights unless adjudicated by the courts


Has the mother been back at all, or did she drop and run with no contact…
If so could that be based on child abandonment and you can go through lawyer and do it that way…


Court and an attorney is the only way. If she hasnt had any contact with them and you dont know where she is, you can file emergency custody. Other than that, itll take a while unless mom signs them over. Either way, you need an attorney


Will the mother give you custody? If she is willing to do so get a lawyer and get everything situated. I know you do not want child services involved, but they need services that the state will provide for them


Court… to ask a judge if mother dose not show they give it to u … mom can give it to u also

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Get guardianship papers written up by a lawyer and the mom will have to sign it


Depends on the state. I know in SC, it only took a letter from the mom being notarized giving me guardianship.

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Get a lawyer. It will be easier and make sure you document everything

In all honesty, I would get DFS involved. They need to know that these children were being neglected. This could also help you get legal custody of them.


talk with the mother and a lawyer and see if she would be willing to sign guardianship over to you (my aunt signed over my 2 cousins to my grandparents, they just had to post an ad in the paper for 30 days for their fathers to have a chance to come forward but of course they didn’t) … otherwise if she isn’t willing, your only other choice would be to go through child services

Have mom sign them over to you

You have to go to court and file for legal guardianship then once you have legal guardianship you can file for custody. Save proof that you have been solely paying for them such as receipts etc. to show in court.

Contact an attorney and have him/her file for temporary emergency custody bc of the the abandonment. From there, if it is awarded, you can seek further custody through the courts. Emergency custody is usually awarded within a few days of filing, if the courts agree the circumstances warrant it.


I did this DCF will do the paperwork for free if you have parents consent. And all they’ll do is home check for you

Where is their father

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Go get guardianship papers and go to mom and say I need you to sign this to protect the girls. If the state gets involved I won’t be able to help them.


I used to let my young daughters go visit 2-3 weeks at a time with my mom out of state & would write out a statement authorizing her to seek medical care & make decisions for my girls for a specified period of time, & had it notarized at my bank, & would send with them in their luggage, along with a copy of their birth certificate showing my name as their mother.

I also fostered a teen boy for 2 years while his parents were very ill, and we did the same with him, but I pulled up a legal document of Guardianship for free online, & his parents signed & notarized & I signed and notarized, & I was able to seek medical care & put him into school with my kids.


Go to the courthouse A immediate temporary order for the kids and see if the mother does get her stuff together

There is a simple form the mother will have to sign. You may can find a form on google.


You don’t really need a lawyer and I know this because I’ve done it before. Actually twice the first time I hired a lawyer at a tremendous cost the second time went to the courthouse bought the paperwork and did it myself. The mother just needs to sign.


U need a lawyer and the mother to sign. Where is the father though? Is he still paying child support because then he still has rights to those kids as well. U should also talk to him


I went down and filed guardianship than was app. To a guardian en listed. She took care of all the legal stuff.

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You can find all the paperwork you will need to file on website

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Honestly I would involve CPS/DHHS. They can offer services for the children and help with the financial part on your end. They will more than likely go the same route as you are but with lower court fees, services for you and the children and full coverage insurance for them. I went that route when I adopted my now 13 year old brother.


The parents would have to give you legal guardianship or a power of attorney to give them medical care and enroll them in school. You’re in a very tough spot I wish you the best of luck y’all sound like good people.

Will the mother willing sign them over to you? If so, it’s pretty easy to get done. If not, I’m not sure if any other way than DCS

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Id involve cps its highly unlikely you will be granted custody unless mom goes to court even then they will want answers as to why shes not taking care of them.


Good luck I hope u can get custody of the children. They serve a better life. God bless

Power of attorney or guardianship. You don’t need a lawyer just a notery public


I think you would need both mother and father to sign off.


U can pull the forms off the internet & both parties sign,& notorize

Get the mother to sign over temporary guardianship… explain that it’s not taking her rights away, but this will be the easiest way to make sure they’re taken care of.


A similar thing happened to me and my husband and we adopted the girl. Her biological parents left and they never came back.


  2. (What they did with us) They immediately evaluate the situation and ask us if we wanted to allow her to place her in our home. We said ‘yes’ of course. DCPS called a police office and they did a quick background check on me and my husband over the radio on the squad car.

  3. DCPS set up a court date within 14 days of her being at our house

  4. DCPS couldn’t get ahold of her parents by 1st court date? Court allowed us to have immediate guardianship of her pending LIVE SCANS. Second court day was made for 2-3 months later. A monthly allowance is given to the family for care for the child by the state. They also Also provide emergency medical insurance through the state for her.

  5. DCPS used all their resources to try to find her parents and offer them Family reunification… no luck. They took off

  6. After 18 months of her parents never showing up, she became a Ward or the state and we were allowed to adopt her.
    All situations are different BUT ALWAYS GO TO DCPS FIRST! They will guide you with services and finances to protect the child. What helped was us saying her parents left her abandoned at our house with no instructions on where they would be.


Frist you have to get a lawer, then above that u need to talk to the kids and ask them if they are ok with it. Cause thats what the judge is going to say.

Its simple…sign a medical guardianship. It gives u permission 2 take them 2 the dr and gives u guardianship no lawyer needed had a few friends do this


How about just asking the mother to sign over temporary rights to you? No need to go threw the courts? Less courts the better when there are kids involved in my opinion.


Go to a lawyer get you cand apply for guardianship without notice

Go to court and petition for them get you a lawyer

Get a lawyer immediately

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What a mess!
Depends on the state as to how best move forward. But, it probably requires an attorney as the first step. The mother is involving her 16 year old in (and encouraging) possibly illegal behavior.
Emancipation requires consent of both parents, except for very unique situations. She has has abandoned and endangering her children and goodness knows what else. Have you asked the kids what they want? Has this situation happened to them before?
Definitely get professional guidance

Go talk to a lawyer about guardianship papers ours where 1200$ see how much they are and if he/she is willing to do payments on the papers (if you cant afford that much at one time) then talk to mom and ask her if she will sign the papers so you can get the kids into doctors & stuff if anything just let her know you’ll sign it back when she gets back on her feet.

She can sign an affidavit stating you have temporary guardianship and have it notarized depending on what state you are in

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Pm me, I have been through this and can tell you everything

Idk about where you are but where I am, legal abandonment is 30 days without physical or verbal contact. Get a lawyer

The mother can sign a paper in front of a notery giving you power of attorney to take the kids to the doctor and medical. But if she wants them back she can take them at anytime unless you go through the courts to terminate parental right or make you their guardian. I live in Texas and here you have to hire a lawyer to file the proper paperwork.

Print temporary guardianship/ power of attorney papers have the mom sign in front of notary if she doesn’t find a lawyer and go from there

here in BC Canada…biological parents can revisit getting custody/guardianship until child becomes adult. in other words court orders of this nature are temporary.

You can file for emergency custody and go from there

Have u talked to the mother first and seen if she actually wants to change her situation or not and if so what is needed to help get her back on her feet? Sometimes it may seem like they dont want to bit actually theres a pile of road blocks in the way their struggling with and just dont how to move forward. Id be talking to the mother first and being absolutely sure on this before u make a move like that. Every effort possible should be made to keep a family together before u go and break it up like that.

Dcf would help you get that done, calling then doesn’t mean that get involved in your life but they are the fastest way to get the papers you’ll need to be legally responsible for the kids.

Get DFS involved , she abandoned them so you would be parents right now. DFS would do the paperwork to get her parental rights removed.

Only way would be mom agreeing to sign them over to you, temporary custody or something. No other way. If DHS gets involved then they will be taken to a foster home. You could apply to become a foster home and take the classes. But fastest way is getting the mother to sign them over to you.

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You need to get the mother to sign over at least temporary guardianship to you, if Defac finds out your not a relative they will take them into there custody asap.

Mom has to sign over guardianship. Or get dcfs involved they will give the kods to whoever is able to care for them. I warn you family comes first. I had a friends kid duri3an investigation and I had him 2 weeks before I had to give him to his mom’s cousin. She is wonderful for him and his mom is doing really well now. So mostly happy ending, but i still really miss him and it really broke my heart giving him to someone else, I don’t think it would have hurt so much if I gave him directly back to his mom. Its awkward now and I always feel like im stepping on toes, because he is really none of my business and they are doing so well I don’t want to say or do anything to upset anyone.

You need to get a noterized statement from the mother giving you legal guardianship. Without a noterized statement, even the courts wont do a thing for you

My friend went through this and now has custody. Get a lawyer asap before mom tries to take them away.

Type a statement up, take it to a notary. Have the mother with you and sign it.

Number one…CONTACT AN ATTORNEY FOR THE BEST AND MOST ACCURATE ADVICE! I’ve worked in the legal field before and it ALL depends on the state and county you’re in. But in reality, the courts don’t care if you’re related or not, as long as those babies are cared for. DFS/CPS are the only ones that even attempt to place them with relatives and that’s usually only when the agency is the ones removing the children from their parents. Good luck to you and God bless you for trying to help those babies.

Yes… get/ask an attorney. Only they can answer this question.

Call a few lawyers they may be able to lead you in the right direction. I would assume it’s not too easy to just get custody of a child you’re not Kin to. A court almost always tries to reconnect the children with someone in their family first. Can you talk the mom into signing her rights away to you? That may be the easiest way

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I’ve been through every part of this as a child, you can start by trying to get the mother’s sign off on permanent placement with you, if she won’t do that, she might be more willing to sign what’s called “power of attorney” which you can get that document pretty much anywhere but you gotta get it notorized, otherwise dfs does have to get involved.

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File for emergency custody at your local court house.

Get a Lawyer and as long as the Biological mother agrees its a simple process of drawing the peoples up and all parties signing. I not only got custody but 5 years later adopted the 3 wonderful kids I not call mine. Good luck

Dcf will end up getting involved if they aren’t related. Once you file the court will have to inquire on why they were left with you, why they weren’t fed and if there’s a family member that want them if they can’t help the mother get control of her life. Unless the mother and father give you custody willingly


If the kids were left in your care,a lawyer can file emergency custody papers for you,you will be given a court day,but you will keep the child while all this is going on.When you go to court you will be given temporary custody.You will need a lawyer to do the paper work,I know someone that just went through this for a child that was no kin.

I just say good luck and pray what ever happens that it is best for the kids…

My husbands x wife had kids dropped of at her place and she never came back.
She called children services and kept them. Got money a month per kid to help with expenses.

Go to the court house and file. A petition for them

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You have to file for guardianship of them you will need a lawyer but first step is to file for guardianship

Try and find the mom and see if she will sign over at least temporarily custody…then it will be easier to get full custody

Go to the courthouse and find out your best options.

The mother might sign a paper,go to Legal documents for your county and state on computer,look for legal garndian paper make copy,get mother to sign it,it might help,but a lawyer is your best bet. Good luck!!

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Go court house file for abandonment on mother an file for guardianship call lawyer get advise

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Maybe contact Legal Aid and they can give you some tips how to go about this

The mom can sign a letter giving you temporary custody but you both have to sign and must be notarized but in most states you have file for custody through the courts

Go to the nearest child support office and file.

Not sure where u r but most times if mother agrees it shouldn’t be hard other than that u may have to get someone involved

Go to there you can ask legal questions and get free responses in a day or two depending on if you want to pay for the membership and get instant answers or just use it the free way this way you can ask the question and put what county and state you are and lawyers will answer based off your state and county and give you the best advice you may even get multiple lawyers who will give you a second opinion or agree with the other lawyers