How can I get dry erase marker off a cabinet?

What will work to get dry erase marker off a cabinet? The cabinets are ivory and the green marker has been on it overnight apparently. I’ve tried baby wipes and no help.


Magic marker or cleaner called Awesome.

If it is permanent marker, color over it with dry erase marker then take a dry rag and wipe it off. It really does work, my kiddos at school draw on my board with permanent marker quite a bit.

Rubbing alcohol or acetone or nail polish remover with acetone and test in a spot that doesn’t matter first and rinse off with water on a wet towel

:joy: my kid does this allot on the walls on paint the cabinets the stove and refrigerator those where the hardest to get this off but he got the permanent marker - use magic eraser I had to by the oil stuff any kind like vegetable oil but they have a glue off I think it’s called at the store but also tooth paste helps or nail polish remover with a tooth brush

Me. Clean magic eraser or rubbing alcohol.


go over it with another dry erase marker so it’s wet and wipe off.

yes magic eraser those even clean out microwaves

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Magic eraser. How do they find these permanent markers!?!?


It’s dry erase take another dry erase marker and go over it it should come off

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Write over top of it with the dry eraser marker again and then wipe off

More dry erase marker on top

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Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol

Magic Erasers should remove it. If it doesn’t, you can try rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Just test the rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on a spot you can’t see first as it may take the paint/stain off the cabinet.