How can I get my 1 year old to brush their teeth?

How do you get a 1 year old to allow you to brush their teeth?

You buy a battery powered toothbrush, their own toothpaste and let them do it.

You just do it like a learning lesson they have props or you can do it forceful one of multiple ways ig I’ve brushed their mouths since birth so it was easy although harder after dentist appointments due to fear n then I would forceful do it but once it’s a routine they get hang of it everyone has there own approach n methods if I was you do the education route ig n schedule a dentist visit because hard to believe u waited a whole year to brush their teeth when u should’ve taken initiative since the start not bashing ig take it however because idk how you may interpret this

I try to make it fun. I tell mine there are little sugar bugs in there that we have to get out. And then I act like they’re running away from me and I “chase them” around with the toothbrush. I also let her attempt to brush when she wants. Good luck! Some of these things just take time and consistency. Work it into the routine everyday even if you don’t think much brushing is going on. The repetition will help. Good luck!