How can I get my 1-year-old to eat baby food?

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get my almost 1 year old to eat baby food?? I’ve been trying since she was about 5 months and the only ones she’ll eat is bananas and apples


Give her proper food. Look up baby led weaning and let her feed herself. Make it fun and follow her lead rather than feeding her with baby foods.


Make food for her. They don’t have to eat baby food. You can do peas and carrots. I wouldn’t give meat to a 1 year old. But you can cook just about anything, be careful with fruits no oranges or grapes. You can get peaches in juice and drain, my great grandson still at 4 loves peaches.

Give her finger foods and what ever you are eating as long as it’s soft. Let her feed herself


Skip the baby mush. At 1 year she can start trying a wide variety of textured food. Feed her the same things you make for yourself just make sure you cut the food into manageable sizes and always supervise.


My 11.5 month old wouldn’t eat baby food either. Hates anything pureed since 5 months when we got the go ahead for solids. He eats any finger food I give him though lol I just supervise him closely. He eats almost everything I eat, just served in a manner he can handle.

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Baby led weaning!! Real food

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Try real foi Mashed potatoes
Mashed carrots

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Use real food. Invest in a blender.
I’d cook without seasoning and set aside some for dinner and lunch. Both of mine preferred real food. They ate what we ate. Chicken. Ribs, steak, fish, etc. I mashed bigger stuff but they ate what we had. Never had an issue. My oldest isn’t a pasta fan so I’d make him something else but other than that, both were eating sushi by age 3. They still eat pretty much anything.

By 1. Go straight to regular food. Unless your little one has texture issues.

Baby food is flavorless (I always tried anything I gave my babies)


Why on earth would you give her baby food? Let her eat whatever you do unless it’s spicy. 3 meals daily in the high chair. No bottle. Sippy only.

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Honey. I didn’t have a lot of baby food money. Mashed it like most in those days. Had a local friend of mine, and when I say local I mean three doors down. I just put a little honey in certain foods. Always get honey that’s closest to where you live. My kids were never really sick. I don’t know if that was why or if it was just the luck of the Irish. 

Forget baby food try feeding him what ever you eat mashed up your health visitor should be telling you this

Don’t give babe food. Give regular food that your eating.

Try her on real food. Baby food is bland.

I bought fresh veggies, steamed and blended them. After that mashed with a fork. Commercial baby food is expensive, and not a great quality. By 1 year table food, mashed with little seasoning.

Give her real food instead of baby food.

By the age of 1 the should be eating regular table food

Baby food is FULL of sugar. Make your own. Try mashed patatoes