How can I get my 1-year-old to stop biting?

My one year has learned how to bite & keeps biting people, how do I break this.???


This may sound mean , but bite back!!! My son did it for months! Until i decided to bite him back! He never did it again


My son bit me once when he was very very little probably before he was 1 and it hurt and I wasn’t expecting it and I screamed ouch by reflex and it actually startled my son and he cried and I think that was enough for him cos he never did it again untill he was probably 3 and again when he did it then I screamed and it scared him again. My son has been bitten a couple times at daycare and by a couple of his cousins he knows it hurts he doesn’t do it.

If they bite - they get “bite juice” which is a drop of hot sauce on their tongue.


My neighbor couldn’t get her daughter to stop biting everyone, even playmates. She finally bit her back and she never bit anyone again.


If they’re 1 then they’re getting teeth in. My 15 month old already has 6 and is getting 4 more at the same time. Shes miserable. Give them items to bite on. Cold wash cloth. Etc.


My son was a biter I bit him back a few times and he stopped. Obviously I don’t bite hard

My son was a biter until his best friend bit him back- he’s 23 and still remembers. My youngest also was a biter- I put a taste of vanilla on her tongue- she quit biting. I tried everything else and nothing worked. Remember that this stage won’t last forever mom

Get him toys to bite, tell him he never must bite anyone only the toys you give him.


I asked my sons doctor and he said to bite his heel on his foot so I did and he never bit me after that and that was 13 years ago :woman_shrugging:

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First comes the “no” - then comes the teething toys/chewing toys - and later trying “ biting back “ technique- ultimately not real hot but chili - lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: that’s the way it went in our family - of course after the “ bite back” technique most of us learned - but you know there’s always the one cousin that pushes it :joy::rofl:

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Bite them back, thats the only way to break them. When it hurts them they then know not to do it again.its not funny at all.

I ysed soap with my 2 yr old.

Oh no momma I have no advice I tried everything :frowning: my kid bite me right up until he was 3 :frowning:

Bite him back! It only takes once or twice

My girls bit we bit back enough to let them know it hurt us that they know feeling. Then they quit

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You offer things they can chew on. Search chewlery on Amazon. There’s different textures, sizes, shapes and levels of hardness.

If he bites spank him if he bites harder spank him harder

Bite them back then ask them if that hurt and explain to them that when you bite me it hurts we don’t bite its not funny and it hurts kids will learn we all do… also teething get them some chewable toys and explain when we need to bite we use these not other people.

Keep saying no redirect. At one they don’t understand so keep saying no ouch etc so one day he will understand.