How can I get my 18 month old to sleep through the night?

How can I get my 18-month-old to sleep through the night? My son has always had problems sleeping through the night, but lately, it’s leaving us exhausted and struggling to get through the day. He used to wake up once in the middle of the night crying his heart out. We would try back rubs, giving him his blanket, putting on his bedtime music, letting him cry it out, using a heating pad, half a dose of children’s Tylenol, and giving him a warmer bath for pain or gas. If all else fails, we give him 0.25 mg melatonin (the pediatrician is aware and approves). We asked for help from his pediatrician. She suggested not to pick him up, give him a bottle (he refuses bottle and pacifier anyway), or give a bath as they could cause him to wake up every night wanting the extra attention and affection. Since then, he wakes up twice a night, most nights crying uncontrollably for up to an hour each time. He weaned himself off the pacifier and nighttime bottles. The more we engage him now, the angrier he gets and longer he stays awake. Are there any successful methods you have tried and recommend?


Does he sleep in his own bed, if hes sleeping with you, you might be waking each other up. Also try not to let him nap during the day.

Get the book “the happy sleeper”. Teaches them to self soothe. God send.

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Established bedtime routine, like bath, bottle, book (for an example) For night waking, keep to trying one thing and stick to it. Like a small cuddle and then back into bed for a backrub. Changing up what your trying too often is counter productive, routine works wonders for sleep patterns.


I just read an article that said try giving them a banana before bed. It causes the muscles to relax. I’ve been trying it with my 10 month old.

Buy him a puppy to sleep with


Try moving bedtime up a little (30 minutes or so at a time) I know it seems crazy, but if they are over tired when they go to sleep they will be more likely to wake up in the middle of the night. My son was a TERRIBLE sleeper straight out of the womb and that’s the only thing that helped.


My daughter didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was 2. She just needed reassure we were still her. I had a newborn too! It was so hard. I feel for you mama. Sometimes they just need that extra cuddle. She wouldn’t take a cup and she never needed her diaper changed. I would pick her up and rock her for 10 or 15 mins. And than place her back down and she was out. She also stopped napping during the day at 2.

Tbh I did all this too and one day I decided to just stop. Reset.
Strict routine and don’t stop or ease up.
Full belly
Lettuce bath
A walk
Christmas light in the bedroom

Change what you have going. It’s not working. :blush: Only you will know but this is what worked for my crazy 2yo

They get into these habits n then get comfortable n need change if it’s not working

All three of my kids needed that extra cuddle at that age. Try some books together and make sure to always bring him quietly back/to bed. Don’t talk and just give a cuddle before bed. Try to keep it as consistent as possible. I also find oatmeal/cereal and a bath before bed helped the sleepy feeing.

I know the toddler years are rough, but hang in there, Mama! If it keeps happening; try a little later for bedtime. If he takes naps - cut them out. Bedtime can be tricky at that age, so don’t give up. Extra hugs, stories, and cuddles go a long way.

Try cereal in bottle before bed

I’d go in the room, low light, no talking, change him if needed (usually yes), touch him (pat, rub, or just place your hand on his back) and shush him in the crib. Do not pick him up. Maybe put on soothing sounds. I had a little light that was just bright enough to check his bottom when changing diapers, played a soft lullaby and projected softly lit moon, stars and other images on the walls and ceiling. That was usually enough to get him back to sleep, and as I was pretty much sleepwalking myself at that point, I could get back to sleep. I lucked out that my daughter slept like a log through the night, but only slept five hours and didn’t nap except when she was really little.

My daughter has been sleeping thru the night since 2 months old. The only advice I can give is routine routine routine. My babe is 17 months now and knows as soon as she’s in her crib it’s quiet time. (The only time I go in an check on her is if she really won’t settle (which I think has happened 3 times since she was 2 months old.


I have 18 month old twins. I established a pretty strict routine by 3 months. They also nap for 2 hours a day and sleep a full 12 at night. One thing I’ve noticed out of all 4 of my kids is they have to have alot of play time and routine. They know when I say bath time it’s close to bed time because they will go straight to their beds after same for nap they know after lunch they bring me cups for milk drink them and nap. Also melatonin soap, lavender essential oils, a sound machine, and a night light.


He might be having night Terrors

Make sure he has a full belly when you lay him down. A full night sleep for them is a long time to go without food

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TAKING CARA BABIES. Look it up and do it. Best thing I’ve ever done. My child is 19 months and has been sleeping 12 hours through the night since we did his at 5 months.

Does he take naps too? That could be it. My son would fall asleep fast and hard at night time but didnt want to lay down for bed. I took his 1 hour nap and made him go to bed an hour earlier tha. His usual bed time. But hes 8 now and still to this day fights me at bed time. -_- weve literally had the same routine every night since he was a baby.

Have you tried white noise?

I read that milk interrupts sleep. We switched to only water at bedtime And none of them wake up. I also read to give a banana at bedtime

My little boy used to be an awful sleeper when he dropped his day nap… I was told the more a child sleeps the more better the sleep 🤷 we re introduced a very short day nap and now he’s 11 hours a night :raised_hands:

I use white noise for my 19 month old daughter…
Before bed she has a full belly then I give her a nice warm bath, massage while applying lotion, some cozy pajamas then turn on some white noise and she falls asleep so fast and she sleeps though the night. This routine has been working wonderfully for the past 6 months

Try to sleep with him, kids better sleep with parents