How can I get my 2 month old to keep their socks on?

Let’s talk baby socks. My 2 month Olds socks never stay on… she’s currently wearing my 2yo sons up to her knees


Your not, the feet are the thermometer of your body. So, if he’s or she’s hot then they will take the socks off.

I put the socks over the leggings

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Unless it is cold, I wouldn’t worry about socks.

I brought stockings instead of socks

She’s hot she doesn’t want socks on

I just didn’t worry about it unless it was super cold


I never worried about socks when they were that young unless it was really cold outside and we were going somewhere. Socks never stay on their tiny feet


My children are 6 and under and I still can’t get them to keep their socks on. :joy:


You just have to ask really nicely

Wait, they’re supposed to wear socks :joy::joy::joy:
 Just wait until they pull the socks and shoes off in the car when you’re like five minutes away from the house :joy::joy::joy:

My child always had 1 sock on. Couldn’t keep the other on. And when he learned to take them off, they were always off within 10 minutes :joy::joy:


Does she need them? My baby hates socks and shoes she’s 8 months old now and just fine without them :joy:

Robeez brand. Literally the only brand that stays on. They are a little spendy but totally worth the money

Their tiny little ankles make it hard.

Your best bet is to keep a blanket for stores. Or order those adjustable booties and see if they work out.

But it’s pretty hot still and they don’t really need them.

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I might have considered gorilla glue :sob: my guy can’t keep socks on.

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Put shoes on? Kinda works but not 100%

Sockons, they work wonders.

This is the one thing that Gorilla Glue is intended for!

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Use velcro booties instead

:laughing: mine always pulled them off as fast as I could put them on… all my kids prefer barefoot anyways, my now almost 5 year old wouldn’t keep clothes on… I’d dress her and she would undress herself and run completely naked from about 14 months until she turned 3… so I’m here to say good luck, I haven’t ever worried about socks unless it was very cold out and even then socks an shoes would be pulled off as soon as we got in the car which meant I would spend 3 mins putting then back on to go into the store…


Good luck no way to keep them on a two month old

Amazon Nurses Choice 0-3 months. Won’t come off!

Duct tape.

Just kidding :rofl: but seriously that’s a never ending struggle.

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You can’t. Find a new dream :sweat_smile:

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Just let her keep them off, she is just a baby and it is summer… no harm

Lol. Give in and put on a onsie with footies


I’m 43 and I still hate socks

Think of them as optional.

If my kid doesn’t want socks on they don’t need socks on. My kids at that age always were bare foot. My grandmother wad always saying something about it, like oh the baby’s feet are cold, they need socks. But I didn’t care. I still don’t. My kids are barefoot 95% of the time because thats just how they like to be. They could walk on literally any surface too. I’m really sensitive on my feet and can’t walk anywhere without socks and shoes but these kids be running and jumping on gravel roads, mulch, rocks, anywhere. If you haven’t heard of grounding you should look it up. It’s actually really good for your body and mind to be bare foot and connected to the earth. So I just wouldn’t worry that much about socks. Unless it’s cold then just get footie pants if you really need socks and they won’t comply

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It’s HOT outside… baby is HOT…hot is miserable… worry about it in the Cold…:thinking::tulip::thinking::tulip::tulip::cherry_blossom::thinking::thinking:

Tape hahaha you cam get wee sock holders on ebay

Some kids take their socks off. Some kids take all of their clothing off. I had both kinds. When I had a toddler and lived off the road system in Alaska I duct taped his boots to his snowpants and his mittens to his sleeves to make sure that he did not get frostbite, but if it’s not a safety issue just don’t worry too much. With kids it’s don’t sweat the small stuff or you won’t have energy to deal with whatever big stuff comes along. If someone comments remember to practice your evil eye stare so that your kids will know when they have messed with you almost one too many times, LOL


Super glue :rofl::rofl:

We buy stockings
Even for the two yr old. He’s terrible . Shoes n socks go flying instantly

I’m here to say good luck :+1:! Also, if anyone has any advice on how to get my 3yo son to keep any of his clothes on during the day? Lol my daughter, after about 1.5yo started wearing nothing but a pull up. Now she is 6 and changed ccc v


You don’t lol good luck toddlers don’t care about socks or shoes I resorted to flipflops or crocks when we go out but honestly if they don’t want those I’d just put shoes in cart or stroller and leave them barefoot eventually they will put grow it but kids are kids

That’s a fight I wldnt fight. If I was really worried about their feet I wld put them in a zip up suit with feet

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Neither of my kids like to wear socks lol wait til they start taking their shoes off everywhere :rofl:

Don’t. My 8 yr old grand daughter is always bare foot. It’s called grounding. Or just being a kid. Lol. I love it when we get to store and the kid has no shoes, really? Or she leaves and I realize her shoes r here.

You can get these foot things that go over socks

You’re not, find a new dream :rofl:

I don’t think it’s possible lol, I think it’s just a child thing. When my children were both little they NEVER kept their socks on or shoes. As soon as I’d put them on and put them in the car off would go the shoes and socks. They will just grow out of it over time

Give up l.o.l buy knee length ones they can’t seem to get these off xx

She doesn’t need socks, And she knows it.

does she truly"Need" them on? Why?

Why does your baby need socks