How can I get my 2-year-old to sleep through the night?

My daughter just turned 2 years old and still doesn’t sleep through the night. Anything I can do? I have her on a routine, have tried the sleep training method, even have tried melatonin. My mother in law insist it’s a sign of adhd. Is this normal?


My daughter is 2 and still wakes up most night. She just likes to snuggle. She will sleep until around 5 or 6 then will start to fuss until I go get her.

I mean… I don’t sleep through the night, so I don’t really have that expectation


My son is almost 2 and still doesn’t sleep through the night. Some kids just don’t. He won’t do a sleep routine or anything. He just has his own sleep schedule and it varies day to day but we’ve tried everything. His doctor said some kids just don’t sleep good with a routine or stay asleep at night.

Sleep through the night​:joy::joy::joy::joy:. That is hilarious.


My daughter didnt sleep through the night til she was over 3.

All three of my older kiddos never slept through the night until they were 5


My daughter is now 11 but when she had turned 2 leading up into her three’s she would keep her father & I up until 4am some nights, we had to start giving her melatonin at a young age as recommended from doctors & EMT’s, she was diagnosed with severe ADHD two years ago, she still has to take melatonin to help settle her down at night.

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My son has adhd but constant waking at night has never been something he did. Have you tried a box fan or a noise machine?

Airway issue? Are her tonsils really huge? May need to consult with an ENT


My son woke up at night until he was 3! I think it’s just how some kids are, he is 5 now and will sleep 12 hours at a time if I let him!

I’m 31 and I still don’t sleep threw the night :disappointed: lol


My son is now 3 1/2 and just now sleeping through the night some babies r like this. Maybe they a night snack that’s what I do and some milk helps him calm down

Normal. I had the same problem with granddaughter when she was 2. I talked to her doctor and her doctor said its normal. My granddaughter is 5 now just now sleeping better at night. Get up once to potty. Then back to bed.

My son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 5. I mean there are still nights and he is 8 now. Lol… But I would read to him and put on sleeping music or white noise.

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I have a 7 year old that has slept threw the night since she was 6 days old and a 4 year old that still wakes up atleast 2 times most nights its more :woman_shrugging: I feel like all kids are different and will sleep when they want to

Thats why I let her sleep in my bed sometimes. If she feels more comfortable that way, 🤷…at least I know she is sleeping and resting enough… Its not every night but sometime she just needs to be close to us, other nights she just goes to sleep on her own… Each night is different… Its a normal 2 year old thing :joy:

None of my kids ages 12, 4, and 2 sleep through the night. Infact I dont even sleep through the night (not just because of my kids, I just randomly wake up). It is normal! Normal for your child doesn’t mean normal for every kid. But it is normal.

My daughter is 3 and still takes forever to fall asleep. Some nights she sleeps though the nights and others she’s up 2-3x and awake at 6a.m. I believe, in our case, she is just strong willed.

Lavender oil on cotton ball lay next to pillow add a bit on child feet

My son has adhd and ODD and he has always slept through the night. Even the first night home from the hospital he legit slept 6 hours. Just during the day from the moment his feet touch the floor he’s running. All my kids love sleep :joy: I soo lucked out. My daughter is a night owl and always has been but she can sit and play quietly in her room. On nights she has nightmares she can be a creepy little shit though. Like she will stand directly next to the bed and stare at us until me or my husband wakes up with her next to our face and it’s legit terrifying :joy:

Whoa, it IS possible. My daughter is 15mo and has been sleeping through the night since 9mo old. I just make sure she’s well fed before bedtime and I have her on a schedule. I wake her at 10am she has a nap anywhere between 12-3pm (hard rule for us is no naps after 4pm), then she plays and eats till 10-11pm. Always knocks out by then, and doesn’t stir at all through the night. Fresh diaper, full tummy, and we make sure she’s worn out. But the schedule is the most important thing. Not letting her nap too late in the day so she ain’t staying up all night. So yes it is possible and no, don’t assume your kid has adhd your mom sounds nuts.


Ask your pediatrician before giving any kind of drug melatonin and stuff especially 2

Chamomile Tea and rub some oilogic sleep (lavender)

I play utube sleep meditation for my grand baby.

My 3 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night

Yep totally normal :blush: nothing to worry abouw

Try getting a sound machine helps wonders with my 6 year old


My son had the same issue I use white noise. Youtube fan noises…he sleeps threw the night now

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My son slept through the night at 3mths old and has adhd. Lol

Some kids are just like that, but as he gets older it will be easier to manage and he may start sleeping through the night. He probably does not take naps, but if he does you can try cutting those down or out. Not to discourage you, but my son, who does not have adhd has still not slept through the night and he is 38. When he was two I was so sleep deprived I felt like a zombie but by the time he was 5 he would stay in his room and read or play quietly. He usually only woke up for a half hour but it was the interrupted sleep that was hard on me, not him, lol

You work out.

My son sleeps all night thank God since he was 5, 6 Months unless he’s sick. But he only takes one short nap during the day. He’s most of the time awake during the daytime. Try to reduce day naps.

My daughter didn’t sleep through the night while teething. She slept 8 hours before 3 months. But starting at like 16 months she was up all the time. Once the teeth were in she slept again.

When son that by she had to watch foods red yellow and orange dyes he is okay noow thirty right mabe

Mines three and still has this issue on certain days and we have a strict routine.

Try giving your little one a protein packed snack. They’re growing so rapidly wheb they are little.
My son would wake up multiple times a night as a toddler (when he was a baby he slept thru the night no problem) and someone suggested a high protein snack close to bedtime and it helped tremendously.

Also… Some children are especially sensitive to sugars. Keep an eye on sugar intake! :black_heart:

My daughter on the other hand… She just didnt want to sleep thru the night til she hit 3/4

Best wishes!!! :black_heart:


It’s completely normal for kids not to sleep through the night. Sleep is developmental. I’m about to be 24 and still wake up multiple times a night to pee or get a drink. :woman_shrugging:t3: not sure why we expect any different from children.


Depends. Does she snore at all? If she does, I’d suggest seeing an ENT specialist and getting her tonsils and adenoids checked.
My daughter was waking a LOT over night. Every night for the first three years of her life. She snored as well, and at 2 years old I witnessed her actually stop breathing in her sleep. 6 months later I wpfinally had a referral and saw an ENT and turned out she had obstructive sleep apnea. They couldn’t operate until she was 3, then it took another 6 months for her to break out of the constant waking, but she is 5.5 now and has slept through every night since she was 3.5. Which has been amazing.
It could just be normal for the kid, they could have behavioural disorders, or any other number of medical problems. Seek a doctors assistance to rule anything out.
All children are different though, and need different amounts of sleep.

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My kids didn’t sleep through the night until they started school. My daughter is 6 and I thought she had signs of adhd and I have been told it’s way too early to tell at the age of 6 so 2 would be way too early. Every kid is different. I know it’s frustrating to not have a kid that sleeps through the night but it does get better hang in there… and tell your mother in law to suck it

Some adults don’t even sleep through the night lol


Ummm whoa, a sign of ADHD? the mother in law sounds like she forgot what its like to have a child around… my son started to sleep through the night around 5 (and just now at 6 started to stay in his own bed), my daughter will still wake up here and there even, if it’s just to holler to make sure someone is still there she’s almost 4… alot of kids don’t start sleeping through the night until a bit older… a sign of ADHD probably not, but there could be a sleeping disorder…


White noise machine $50 target…soft spa music on pandora & a cool mist diffuser with essential lavender oil…after a few nights, ur baby will make the time for nite-nite association. My 2 y/o grandson Loves his white noise machine…Oh! And he still loves his sleep sac. Good luck. Good nite☆

She will just be patient. My son didn’t sleep thru the night until 2. Right now what helps is a night light and sound machine

My youngest didn’t sleep through the night till he was 25 months old. One night he woke up & I was beat dead tired ( I worked 3 jobs at the time) I put him in the bed with me and the following night I did it again. He finally would sleep through the night if he was in bed with me. But if he was in his own bed he would never sleep through the night.


My son was 3 months when he started sleeping through night, so when I had my daughter and the month mark hit I was so excited I would finally get sleep. 14 months later and she still gets up more then she did when she was a newborn. Everyone is different but she is teething. Was she a colic baby?

My kid is almost 3 and he still doesnt sleep through the night

Try warm milk and honey

Not a sign of adhd. 2 of my 3 children have adhd and they all sleep through the night,they have since they were about a month old. Try a snack before bed. My 2yr old sleeps better with a full tummy. It’s normal for a child that age to still wake up at night. Just try your best to make sure your child is getting all their energy out. Just don’t stress too much.

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My 11 year old slept through the night up until she was about 3 she wouldnt go to bed till 4am… her doctor recommended melatonin drops… shortly after she was diagnosed with ADHD. My two year old son wakes up twice at night, but goes to sleep right after a few drinks of water.

It’s normal for the most part, they are busy little people and it’s hard to just shut down for the whole night sometimes. You can’t tell if a toddler has ADHD since it’s normal for them to be supper active and easily distracted at this age.


I have a 3 year old (almost 4).
What I did to kinda get him to sleep Early and through the night is:

  • Only serve fruits or juice in the Morning. :banana::strawberry::apple::sun_behind_small_cloud:
  • Established a playtime. (Mine was after work, for 1 hour) 🏃‍♂:basketball_woman::man_cartwheeling:t6::woman_playing_handball:t2:
  • Dinner, movie and then Bedtime (Bath and Read a book):spaghetti::bathtub::open_book::sleeping:

My daughter is 8 and has always slept through the night since she was 5 months old. And my son is 3 1/2 and still doesnt always sleep through the night although he has gotten some what better . Each kid is different

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Sounds like she needs to be wore out during the day.

My daughter never slept through the night until she turned 3. There are still times that she doesn’t sleep through the night until now that she’s 4. Her doctor said that also depends on her daily activities & how comfortable is her sleeping environment.

All my kids have slept through the night from 3 months or less. My kids are now 1,2,3 and sleep 12 hours at night without waking up. If they cried I would just ignore them for a bit and they would fall back asleep. Unless something is truly wrong with them, they would just fall back asleep without any issues :woman_shrugging:t3:

Getting my kids tonsils and adenoids removed helped them so much! They were enlarged but never any strep. It was affecting their sleep and speech a little too. Within about a month of getting them out, they slept so much better.

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Does she still nap? My son wouldn’t sleep threw the night either until.i took nap time away and has hard as that is being able to wake once threw the night for him to pee is so much better then the 5-6 times he used to be up rolling around and crying.

My daughter didnt sleep through until she was about 4. It turns out she just needed company. Hence the 50 thousand stuffed toys on her bed.

My grandson slept thru the night since he was 3 months , I would wake him to nurse…very heavy sleeper, always wore pull-ups at night all thru school years…
My granddaughter never slept thru the night , but she was completely potty trained at 3 years old …day and night time ( since she’d wake up at night anyway, we’d put her on the potty). So we figured she saved us a lot of money on pull-ups !

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Has your daughter been checked for sleep apnea?? It’s been proven that most children who were diagnosed with ADHD or ADD actually had sleep apnea!!! It’s more common than people think and it not only affects a child’s sleep but also how they function during the day. Something worth looking into first :blush:


I have 4 kids and non slept fully at 2 . i never got the “good sleepers” lol. My oldest was 4 before she sleptnall night. My youngest is 2 and hes the worst sleeper ever always has been still is. :see_no_evil:

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I’m 44 and still don’t sleep through the night…


Try sleepy time bath and lotion… And maybe a sleep box (i used rain and trickling streams for the “white noise”) maybe one of your used shirts and also is he/she waking up due to a wet diaper?

My son has adhd and not once had trouble with sleeping. Idk what to do about the sleep thing but I can at least assure you that it’s not a sign of adhd!

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My kids were buggers that age …the little ones like to be close to you hence why they don’t sleep when you want them too …it takes a while for them to accept they need their space but just now they need you …I wouldn’t worry what others say about how and when children should sleep they need their security that’s you …remember your carried them within you so they still have that instinct to be close… don’t worry it takes time and patience. If you need to lie with them till they are asleep. Read stories while they are in bed see if that helps

My daughter has very severe ADHD and rarely has issues sleeping. Napped until almost 4 too. Ran around like a crazed banshee during the day though. Maybe check for sleep apnea? You can get her more involved in physical stuff during the day too. And no naps if she’s taking them. Talk to her dr.

My 3.5 year old is till up once a night :woman_shrugging:t2:

Ugh my son is almost 2 & he doesn’t sleep through the night either. I haven’t had a good nights sleep since 2017 but I’m sooo glad I’m not alone.

My daughter never slept through the night at 2. They still small. It will pass just keep up the routine.

Yes, they do not sleep all night.

What do you regularly now? Every kid is different, but a two year old doesnt need melatonin. Wear them out, be firm, keep your head up and make their room a safe haven. Warm milk, lavender baths, a book before bed time etc. Try it all. My kid could be considered adhd, but once she decides to give in she will and she sleeps great.

They go through those types of phases. I would find something that they don’t like to do, or something that makes them bored or tired and then do that before bedtime. My little one has to have at least two hours of wind down time to get all of his energy out otherwise he’ll be up till 2AM. It’s not ADHD it’s just the little one being a kid. Smdh. How many times did we try to stay up late when we were little asking for a glass of water and sneaking around the house at night. You’re fine. It might just take figuring out the right trick to get them to sleep. Routines change as they get older. It’s fine.

Mom of 6 here!

Some kids just arent good sleepers. If there is a true concern ask your ped. It’s not a sign of ADHD. Do you sleep through the night every night? I don’t. It’s rare that I do.


My Mom took care of my daughter during the day & I found she wasn’t playing hard enough during the day & was getting long naps in the afternoon. Once she went to pre school at age 2 she played hard all day with a short nap. Then she slept like a rock at night. Don’t sweat it unless your ped tell you otherwise.

All kids are different some of these things are terrific to try others will probably not work there is no normal child and lack of sleep or their of is not attention deficit disorder or ADD take all of the advice offered make your own choices you are the child’s mother most of all keep your patience and love your child for who he or she is

Maybe try a sound machine that has a night light with it. For example the hatch is awesome at 20 that thing even helps me fall asleep because of the rain sound you can play out of it

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Don’t jump on the band wagon of meds. Does she go to daycare? What time does she wake up ? How late do you eat supper ? What are doing in the evenings? Is she drinking lots of sugary drinks?

My son wakes up if he’s too warm, if he is stuffy from the air being dry, has bad dreams, didn’t get all the burps out before falling asleep, didn’t have a full tummy to go to sleep and it’s growling. And my other kids had growing pains in their legs so when this one wakes up screaming I rub his legs and tummy.


Wal-Mart sells aromatherapy candles and warmers that release soothing smells that like the lavender bath soup will help calm them. Most peds won’t diagnose a child with ADHD or ADD til they are in school and not sleeping isn’t necessarily a sign of it because not all children with it have trouble sleeping. Both my sons have ADHD but one sleeps fine and the other if not given his night meds will stay awake for 3 days straight with no problem. And not all need meds either the son the sleeps fine isn’t on meds but the other is.

With my one granddaughter, tucking her covers tightly, was what finely worked with her. She had to be tucked, and swaddled at 6 weeks to start sleeping longer hours. And at 6 she’s still loving it! It’s like a sleeping pill, only without a pill. Lol

I struggle with this with my daughter (2.5) some night melatonin works wonders some nights i question if i even remembered to give it to her. Not just with sleeping through the night but shes a natural night owl so getting her to sleep in the first place. We now do essential oil rollers with lavender oil. Melatonin. Movie on but volume so low she has to really focus to hear it and snuggles. Just to get her to sleep and then the only way she sleeps thru the night is by co sleeping.

Don’t listen to her, my child never slept through the night until he was older. Every child is different, you can’t go by "normal "… I know how frustrating it is though… maybe a low dose of melatonin? good luck…

My son never slept through the night until he was older. Even now he has trouble sleeping. Not adhd. He’s a very calm person. He’ll be 20 next week! They’re all different.

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Ye 2 is too young to be diagnosed with adhd. And it can be alot of factors due to not sleeping at night like teething which still happens at 2, not enough of a certain vitamins, not tired enough etc

Read a book to her shortly before her bedtime or have her create a story (it might be really silly) to tell you. I had my grandkids do that with me and the things they would come up was so funny. I even ask them a few questions about their story. Some kids will not sleep through the night (that may change as they age) or are early risers in the morning. Test things out to see what will work a but try for at least a week or two. Be consistent with it and also make it a relaxing time before bed.

I did no naps, lavender baths and Epsom salt just a small amount it also helps detoxify as well. Try and keep your routine if can still what you’re doing but lavender is supposed to calm, and baths are as well so…maybe. I hope you find something that works.


She is 2…when she turns into a teenager, she won’t do nothing but sleep. This will pass!

Lavender Bath will calm them and help them to sleep better. Worked for my kids.

No naps during the day? Our middle child did not require as much sleep as the other 2.

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Get some bed time bath i used it on my kids you can get at Wal-Mart or dollar tree and yes it works the same as the name brand

Let me know what works please because my 4 1/2 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night.

My “oops” son never slept all night. He wanted milk or juice. Give him water. Soon he will sleep all night

Pillow. Over face. Hold until she stops ‘fussing.’

Very soft classical music,low volume

I was thinking Benadryl lol