How can I get my 3 year old to sleep in their own room?

How do I get my three-year-old to sleep in a room alone?? Her sister, who just turned one when she turned 3, was having some health issues and was in the hospital quite a bit as an infant, and my brother n his wife apparently were helping my parents watch her while I was gone with my youngest… anyway they knew not to put her in her bedroom with the door closed and the light off Bc she was still getting used to being in there. Well, they did, and she ended up waking up and, from what I heard, screamed bloody murder for 10 minutes till my dad heard her and came in and got her. Now she refuses to sleep anywhere, but in a room with men is really getting hard Bc my one-year-old has set her own schedule where she gets tired about 7 pm, and my older, it honestly just depends on what her day has been like. So any advice helps!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my toddler to sleep through the night?

Let her pick out a night light she likes and do it in steps. Night light on door open then gradually close the door a little bit at a time. Once she feels safe and comfortable she will sleep alone

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I wait til my 2 year old falls asleep carry her to her own room. Turn her night light on and leave the door open for her to be able to come n get me if she needs me she can’t turn the knob yet so the door stays open she has a night light that projects a unicorn and stars on the celing she also has a soothing glow toy that shes has had since birth and it plays music softly I have noticed when she gets scared or has a bad dream she grabs it. Shes been sleeping by herself for almost 3 months

Have a similar bedtime routine for both kids, maybe sit with them for a while at bedtime slowly move towards the door each night, play soft music

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Hatch Sound Machine with the light all the way it changes colors and has a lot of sounds to choose from let her pick the sound she likes and the color make it fun to sleep in her own bed and leave her door open but put a gate up so she can’t leave her room at night and get into stuff (my son used to get up and eat snacks lol.) Hope this helps!

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My son just switched to a daybed and is all of the sudden screaming uncontrollably. I lay with him a while but I cant for long. I jist let him cry…takes about 30 min til he passes out