How can I get my 6-year-old to stop having accidents?

Can someone or anyone give me advice on how to get my 6 year old daughter to stop peeing her pants? She’s been potty trained since she was three and she does still wet the bed but I’m talking middle of the day will just stand there and piss her pants rather then going to bathroom. We have tried several different disciplines and nothing seems to bother her, she just keeps doing it. It’s still fine that she wets the bed when she’s sleeping that’s understandable but it’s when she’s awake that’s driving me crazy! So any advice, words of wisdom anything would be GREATLY appreciated.


She May be constipated mine started having accidents we went to urologists they took an ultrasound and showed me she was constipaded prescribed her that powdered fiber to mix with her juice and water


I would recommend seeing a pediatric urologist. My daughter had thickening of the bladder and couldn’t always feel it. No fluids 2 hours before bed.


My SD does the same thing. She will literally wait until she is holding herself and running to the bathroom. Sometimes she will run in circles instead of going straight to the bathroom. She says she is just playing and is too busy to realize or doesn’t want to stop playing to go. I wash laundry every 2 to 3 days when they are here and there’s a minimum of 6 to 7 pairs of underwear washed each time because she pees in them.

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No drinks before bed , constipation, could be a bladder issue, or just that she doesn’t want to stop what she’s doing to go potty. Mines been potty trained since 3 and she will be 4 in a couple of months and she doesn’t wet the bed and in the mornings she will stand there and pee because she wants to play with her Barbie’s before anything.

She might have a bladder infection, yeast infection or kidney issue.

Make an appointment with her pediatrician

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Disciplining won’t help at all. It’s not her fault. She needs to see a doctor, there are lots of possible medical issues.

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My 10 year old was having accidents, turned out he had type 1 diabetes. Even if it might seem like a reach, it never hurts to be sure.

My daughter had the same issue. The doc ordered catheter with contrast, filled her bladder and basically said she couldn’t “feel” when her bladder was full. No cure, and no fix at her age except behavior modification. We put her on the toilet every one to two hours or so and she eventually grew out of it. Now that she’s grown she says she still has a weak indicator that she needs to pee, but she knows her body better and has no issues.

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Take her to the doctor , make her clean up her own mess and when she’s at home if she wants to act like that put her in a diaper plain and simple. Regardless of what the issue is she shouldn’t be standing there peeing and you shouldn’t have to clean the mess. If you are going out then she’s in a pull up plain and simple you are the parent she is the child take control

When I was a kid I was doing it for attention. Bad attention was better than no attention. Think about how you interact with your child make sure it isn’t something you’re doing. It’s ok if it is just adjust it.

Discipline won’t help in this situation. She needs to be medically checked to ensure there isn’t any psychical reason for her having accidents and possibly a doctor or specialist looking at why she may be doing this. Could it be a case of not registery the urge to go, is it a concentration thing where she’s distracted, is it a behavioural issue.
In the mean time, encourage her to go to the bathroom after every meal and constant reminders through the day to go to the bathroom and try. Positive encouragement. Inducing stress about the situation will only make matters worse.

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Give her treats to look forward to and let her choose some nice pants that she may not want to pee in get her checked out for any medical reason and give her lots of love

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She might have a kidney or bladder infection

Some kids have anxiety. When they do go to sleep they sleep hard and don’t wake up also kids have emotional problems wet bed or pants. See a Doctor with her.

Sometimes it’s just with age, some children stop at 12, sometimes it’s more it can be autism you have to speak with her pediatrician

Disciplining her is the wrong thing to do is say! Maybe she can’t help it… before you start telling her off etc I think the best thing to do is go see a GP!

Her bladder may not have grown with her body. I have a friend whose daughter was wearing pull ups tipl she wss nearly 12 years old. Take her to a urologist.

Checked her thyroid? Maybe she doesn’t feel like she’s going when she is. Maybe a uti as well

Get her medically assessed- you need to get to the root cause to address this. Do not get angry or frustrated with her.

My kids had problems too, maybe she can’t feel the sensations of going pee. Ask pediatrician, maybe bladder not fully developed. It happens, maybe she needs diapers or something.

I would talk to dr. Could be medical or something else could be going on Luke sexual abuse? Please take her to someone to figure this out.


NEVER discipline for potty mistakes.

Was she completely potty trained and clean, then this started, or has she always had accidents?

Check for medical, physical, or abusive complications going on. Don’t just assume she’s lazy or has gross tendencies. She’s just a child.

If in the end absolutely nothing is causing this, then just communicate with her as to why we don’t do this and set a constant reminder for her to go potty. If still nothing works, speak with her doctor or a therapist, perhaps they’ll have tips/tricks.


There could be one of many medical reasons
I am not a doctor but there’s questions that’d be asked to try to narrow down the cause…
Please get child in to a Pediatric Urologist/Neurologist etc till the cause is Found (No assuming/guessing/ or might be scenario).
I was born with Spina Bifida Occulta (SBO)

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Please get to a Pediatrician. ASAP… like yesterday…poor child…:pensive::tulip::pensive::cherry_blossom:

whats going on that you don’t know about? anything trauma based?

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Discipline actually creates PTSD with peeing. It makes the child uncomfortable about the toilet and that can cause them to pee more. Reward systems are a better way to go. The accidents let them go. Focus on the good.

Disciplining? That’s your issue. Poor girl. Talk to her doctor.


Is this new? Has she been to a doctor for this? That doesnt sound like she is just trying to be a brat. To stand there and just go in her pants. I will bet she has either a urinary tract infection, a bladder infection or may have an underlying autoimmune disease. My lil sister has lupus and she has done that her whole life.she does not like go in her pants without a pad or incontinence underwear. Im sure she doesnt want to sit and pee her pants. Maybe shes trying to make you see it so you will"fix it" id take her to a doc.

Well, disciplining her probably isn’t going to help. Some children have smaller bladders, some children have some other medical cause, sometimes it can be a sign of a child being sexually abused, etc. There are lots of different reasons why it can happen (such as adhd, even) but I would recommend starting by mentioning it to her pediatrician and I would stop punishing her. In the meantime, there are pull ups you can purchase that should fit kids her age.


See a doctor, then a urologist and then possibly a child psychologist. Sounds medical related.

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Try positive reinforcement not punishment.

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I was still wetting and having accidents up until about 7. I had a small urethra, so I wasn’t emptying all of the way. I was also diagnosed as a Type I Diabetic, and until I was put on insulin, I was peeing ALL OF THE TIME. I’m also autistic and ADHD. Start with the doctor and move from there.

You will need her to take time out to go to the bathroom. An get her up at night a couple times to have her go.

My 7 almost 8 year old still pees her bed every night and I’m unsure why, I think she’s a deep sleeper

Make sure it’s not a medical issue first. I disciplined my son many times for accidents and when that didn’t work we started rewarding instead. He loved those little Indians and cowboy toys so at the end of each week if he didn’t have an accident that week he would have new ones waiting at home for him after school. It took about a month or so to fully work but eventually it did. Now he’s almost 18 and still has some of them. They made him very happy and solved the problem. Good luck!


Have her checked out medically make sure everything is okay if it is after that during the day if she pees her pants let her wear them all day

Take her to the doctor: there are actually cases of kids having fecal impact that caused this.

Positive reinforcement for when she doesn’t in addition to seeking a doctor bc it cld be an issue

Discipline when it comes to things like this, make it worse. If it’s not something medically or mentally causing this, then maybe try a reward system instead? Maybe talk to a professional about advice to fix the issue.

Have her checked for a UTI. My daughter had this issue and it was more that she couldn’t make it… also could be attention seeking (negative attention is attention although they would rather the other)


Make her clean it up.
Also check for UTI and constipation.

My 7 and a half year old still does this and hes been referred to the incontinence clinic

Mine has been potty trained since 3 as well and she still has accidents she just turned 9 she only has them if she drinks to much before bed or plays outside a lot and is over tired.

My sister had trouble with her 6 year old wetting the bed and she bought him a alarm that clips to his boxers and as soon as he starts to wee it senses it and the alarm goes off and he wakes up and goes to the toilet, my sister tried everything and this was the only thing that was successful it wasn’t cheap but she would of paid a lot more for it x

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I would contact a doctor.

Pediatrician and referral to ped urology if needed to rule out medical issues first.

If her urine is dark she probably has a UT infection. I went through this with my daughter when she was 4. I didn’t realize that she wasn’t drinking Enough water during the day. I was taught to withhold liquids from her so she wouldn’t wet the bed or pee her pants constantly. After seeing the doctor he explained a lot to me. Mom recommend I take her to the pediatrician. It took about 2 months to clear the infection. And I made her go potty or at least sit on the potty every 2 hours. I would praise her every time she Went on the Potty. I’m sure that a great pediatrician can help you with this issue. Unfortunately I was disciplining my daughter instead of praising her when she wet the Bed. I had no idea that she had an infection and I felt so bad for so long.

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How about changing your perception because bed wetting doesn’t need discipline. Utilize pull ups and cloth chucks (pads) until she stops. My son didn’t stop bedwetting until 6 and I regret not handling it better.


Take her to the doctor? If that doesn’t work then take her to a child psychologist.

Has she been checked for medical issue? Does she have a uti/kidney infection? Is she in the middle of stuff and isn’t paying attention to her bodies signals? Does she suffer from constipation, and yes you can poop while still dealing with that. Without knowing what’s happening it’ll be hard for us to pinpoint what you can do assist her. First step take her to the doctor let them check it out. Write down when it happening what was she doing beforehand, has she had a growth spurt, is she tired, etc. so you can show the doctor. Second step listen to them!

Now unless you know for an absolute fact your child is peeing themselves as like a f you type of thing punishment and discipline are out of line. It will make things worse and cause toileting anxiety and that’s not a road you want your child to travel. At her age she should be helping the adults clean up the mess made. Whether that’s carrying stuff to the washer or getting the cleaners and paper towels for you.

why would you discipline your 6 year old for having accidents? that makes me sad