How can I get my 7 year old to stop wetting the bed?

I have tried everything I feel like! Nothing has worked. No drinks after 7 pm. No sweet drinks with supper. Potty right before bed. I’ve even gone to the extent of setting an alarm to wake up to get him up to go. Any advice is appreciated!


Get them up before u go to bed for another wee…sleep walk them to the loo for a final midnight wee as such x

Try counseling. It’s linked to trauma


My son experienced this issue at about the same age. Chiropractor visits helped immensely! It was a pinched nerve causing the bed wetting

Child has to drink 1000ml of water a day for bladder to work properly.

We bought something on Amazon called Dry Easy and it is a bed wetting alarm and worked within 2 weeks.

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Talk to GP. They might need meds until they grow out of it.


My friends daughter had this issue. Ending up being a medical condition. Talk to your dr

Plastic liner under a pad, no screaming, no drinks 2 hours before bed time, hugs

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You may not be able to. It could be a medical thing, I’d suggest talking with your doctor

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It’s actually quite common till like 12 yrs old, talk to ur dr if nothing is wrong he will outgrow it


I figured out our daughter was lactose intolerant we cut out dairy and it stopped night-time incontinence.

My daughter had this issue and it turned out she wasn’t getting the proper signal to her brain because she slept so deep. She ended up on a medication for a year and it resolved after that.

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Bed wetting is linked to emotional issues I was told by a Pediatrician. Some kids pee the bed up to 15 years. Maybe talk to a pediatrician.

Also we were told to cut out blackcurrant if they drink it as it can cause the bladder to spasm

Maybe it’s something that’s changed in their daily routine, my friends son used to wet the bed when a massive change happened in their life

Limit drinks before bed, Get them up before you go to bed to wee, and lots of encouragement. My step daughter had this issue and it went way on it’s own. If it gets worse definitely talk to his doctor.

Not sure it’s true but I’ve heard chiropractor visits can help if you are looking for alternatives

My daughter had same for a while talk to dr and there is a nasal spray that helps also was blood sugars were low while sleeping (not diabetic) so body wouldn’t wake up to sensation of a full bladder so would give her a high protein snack before bed like nuts peanut butter sandwich the snack helped quickly

Usually there is a medical issue and there is medication for it. It is very upsetting for the child as well as the parent please don’t make the child feel bad about it.


1 of my daughters has accidents (asnt for a while )but she is 10 n it’s really common if under stress or really tired. And in a deep sleep. Some kids pee the bed till 15. School is really tough more so now after lockdown. They do grow out of it. All kids r different

My son used to wet the bed if he was too warm, stopped sleeping in pj’s, and he had no problem after

I stopped once I started getting allergy shots. My accidents were linked to allergy attacks

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There’s nothing to worry about I know from experience This is kinda embarrassing but I peed the bed till I was about 11 and then it just stopped so I promise you it will go away

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I had the same problem with my son
And I took to the local hospital to see a continance nurse and the problem was fixed on a month , no drugs , just changing his body clock around . Ring your Gp and see if you can get this help

First, check with your physical to make sure there isn’t a medical reason for it. Otherwise, I hate to tell you this but some children wet the bed until their early preteens. There is no real medical or physiological reason , It just happens. It’s embarrassing for them and stressful for the family. My brother, cousin and uncle all experienced it. They do eventually grow out of it.

I wet the bed when I was a kid. I ended up having something twisted( can’t remember what that was 40 years ago ) inside of me and had to have a minor surgery to get the kink out. After that no more wetting the bed. Take your child to a specialist and they will be able to help you fix this problem.

Go to doctors, could be medical. Don’t set an alarm to wake him cause then he won’t learn to hold it. Is his room cold? A lot of kids do it, but best to see doctor. My daughter is 6 and we are just on top of it now.

Bed wetting alarm. You can find them on Amazon.

My son wet the bed until he was 9. He just randomly stopped. Their brain is missing the neuro connections and they simply grow out of it when their brain matures!

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This may sound odd but my 12 year old daughter use to do the same thing up until about a year ago. The reason behind it was constipation and it’s actually very common thing with older kids that still wet the bed at night just google constipation and older kids wetting the bed. Even if they do go to the bathroom every day they may not actually be fully going just research about it.


Buy pull-ups. This is very normal. Don’t punish it won’t help


Doctors will tell you that it’s normal to bed wet til 12. Dont get upset, don’t make him feel embarrassed. My son had accidents at night too. And he’s 7 as well. He hasn’t in a few months now and he’s gonna be 8 in June. I started buying puppy pads to lay on his sheet in case of an accident. It’s okay, they’re still young and brain is still developing

Make sure there is no medical issue like a UTI or diabetes.

It could be a number of reasons why… it could possibly be a medicle issue or even psychological. Its definitely something you could look into and talk to your dr about if you havent already.

He will grow out of it in his own time.


My 7 year old still does but he will grow out of it. His last drink is an hour before bed and he goes to the toilet before bed. Sometimes he’s wet, sometimes he’s dry. I wet the bed until I was a teenager and one day I just stopped, no explanation. He will grow out of it in his own time. No need to force anything on him but if any worries speak to your dr

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At Walmart they have washable waterproof pads that you can lay under them at night. We used them for ours and he rarely wets the bed now. All children are different, stay consistent and eventually they will be able to get it on their own❤️

I used this for my 7 year old and in about a month no more wetting the bed.

Uti,constipation, nightmares/night terrors,trauma, twisted tube, or possibly completely normal. I’d just have a talk with your GP to rule out any medical issues.
Also, if you have a rule of, " once you’re in bed. Stay in bed." Will not help.

This could just be an under developed bladder. It’s very common til 12yrs. Don’t punish the kid for it. Good nites work very well, and they are getting new sizes!!!


Does he have an issue with Dairy, I have heard Dairy allergies or sensitivity can cause bed wetting worth a try stop dairy for two - 3 weeks

Check and make sure there’s nothing medical going on but some kids bladders just don’t fully mature until later. It’s not usually a concern for doctors until around age 12.


I was a bed wetter until I was 11. Grew out of it. Please don’t punish the child. My mom never did.


Could be medical. Just have it checked out

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at 10 years my grandson started bedwetting , he was type 1 diabetic,

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Constipation is possibility

I would definitely not go the diaper route. Wake the child in the night to go potty…

Maybe he needs to go see a chiropractor

It could be several things, one of mine did until they were almost 12 due to their bladder not growing along with their body and just had to catch up…I would talk with your pediatrician

Sometimes their bladders just don’t develop quick enough.

The only thing you can really do is be understanding limit drinks before bedtime and take to doc if continue . I assure you they can’t help it

I have had several children (out of 6) that wet the bed until they were over 10. We used good nights and just waited it out. They all outgrew it. Some kids just sleep too deep or haven’t yet fully developed in their bladder.


Could have a slight milk allergy because that has happened to someone I know

He will eventually grow out of it…same boat here.

Its hormonal and it hasn’t happened for him yet. Sometimes it takes longer for others. Be patient and kind. Set his bed up with a plastic cover, fitted sheet, plastic cover then another fitted sheet. So middle of the night sheet change can be done quickly.

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He could have a possible UTI, though not as common for little boys definitely not impossible and can cause an issue with nighttime bed wetting. Best of luck mama :two_hearts:

Every kid is different but usually they sleep too deep and their immature nerves don’t let them know hey gotta get to toilet. Make sure it’s not medical band give it time.

It could be something or it could be nothing. It may stop, it may not but they’re likely not doing it on purpose. Get mattress covers and teach them to strip their bed in the morning and put the clothing with their bedding by the washer, that’ll help a little.

May have a small bladder. And it is inherited

Ninjama pull ups are made for older kids… I buy them for my 7 year old because I was so tired of washing sheets everyday…

I had this issue as a kid. As i grew up it was linked to my anxiety disorder. Keep track of when it happens and what was going on for the day. Like for me it was always school nights, i was anxious about school even though i didnt really know. f i went for sleepovers i always peed the bed, i was anxious about being away from home. Try looking at the bigger picture. I dont know how exactly i stopped but i do remember my parents taking me to buy a chocolate bar every night i woke up dry.


Bed wetting alarm. Attached to the underwear.v my son at 7 wet the bed every night of his life until we did this at the advice of his doctor and 3 weeks later, done. He’s 10 now and hasn’t wet the bed since

They make a bed wetting alarm that attaches to the underwear, it has a clip that you put on the shirt that rings and vibrates at the first droplet of wetness. My son (7) uses one. It has been a life saver

I was a bed wetter as a child and my parents/grandparents tried all the same things. Never worked. My oldest (also 7) is a bed wetter as well. We make sure she goes to the bathroom before bed but otherwise we don’t fuss about it. I know eventually she will grow out of it. My younger two (5&3) do not have the issue so it really just depends on the kiddo. I’d just give him time


I was a real hard sleeper so …

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Your kiddo’s body may not be developed enough to be able to hold it all night even with limiting drinks and trying to go before bedtime. My doctor explained that accidents are to be expected more often than not but they will outgrow it. Our little guy wears a pull-up. Sometimes he’s dry in the morning but sometimes he’s not.

His body might not be ready, put him in pull.up nights. Take him to bathroom right before you go to bed. Take him to doctor to make sure it is not medical reason. They make a pad that has an alarm go off if it get wet to wake your child up, if it is that serious. Do make that big a deal out of it stress can make it worse.

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I was gunna suggest waking them up every couple hrs to go. Eventually they will hold it. There bladder might be small. Maybe some pull ups. I pull also mention to dr maybe there’s a reason for it

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Get tonsils checked out

Bed wetting is all about the mind realizing that the child has to wee.
Dont hold back drinks if he is thirsty, but just small ones.
He will grow out of it as his body and mind mature and catch up with each other.
Just hug him and dont draw attention to it, because generally kids just cant stop until they are ready :blush:


My daughter used 2 wet the bed every night. I bought her a new mattress n kept the plastic on it n 4 whatever reason she never wet the bed again.

Bed wetting can be genetic. My dad was a bad wetter he outgrew it eventually but he was always quick to stand up for my cousin who was also a bed wetter until she was basically an adult. Normally has to do with deep sleep. I would just say that you’re good isn’t being malicious and you need to be patient. They will outgrow it but it just takes some kids longer.

I wet the bed until I was 11.
Whatever you do…Please don’t make a huge deal about it to your child. They will get there. Give them time. Get some pull-ups or depends and let them know you are there for them.
Period. Nothing more that you can do…nothing more you need to do.
It is what it is and I promise you that your child doesn’t want to wet the bed anymore than you don’t want them to wet the bed.
And let them drink water at night… clearly it doesn’t keep them from having an accident so don’t humiliate them with denying them water.
Just buy the pull-ups and be available for comfort. Nothing else. Leave it alone.


Talk to his pediatrician and then maybe Take him to a urologist and maybe a nephrologist. He might have a medical issue with either his kidneys or bladder.


My daughter was the same, nothing wrong with her just a deep sleeper, I put her in pull ups and didn’t make an issue out of it and she grew out of it around 7 or 8. The pull ups save the bedding and the mattress and also save them from getting soaked through, a quick shower in the morning and good to go :blush:


Have them checked for sleep issues… my son(now in late 20’s) had this issue he slept to deep and never woke up when his body sent the signals… He had to place a wedge (foam) under his mattress to keep his head up to get more oxygen in him.


have you been to a doctor about it? Bed wetting is not uncommon in older children and their main be nothing you can do. If his brain is not waking him up, there’s literally nothing you can do until his brain develops

just make sure he understands that it is simply his body. And you want to take him to the doctor to find out why his brain isn’t waking him up when he has to pee


I think my brother was given some type of underwear that had some way of waking him up when it was wet or something. He was kinda ashamed of it so I didn’t ask much. He was a super deep sleeper but out grew it for sure.

My son was 9 or 10 when he stopped. We did goodnites underwear and then out of the blue his dad found an alarm that went off as he was wetting the bed. It was a loud alarm and woke most of the house up. Idk what happened but after a week he stopped wetting the bed.

It’s NOT his fault. It’s NO one’s fault. Believe me I was so frustrated I cried so many times and woke up to pee ALL the time!

Hang in there! You and your son got this!

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I didn’t stop til I was a teenager around 13yrs because of deep sleep and an overactive bladder. I would have to wear pads all through the day too because I’d pee a little and not even feel it. It’s just something he’ll have to outgrow. I was punished for it and it was miserable. It’s more normal than u think. Please just let him know it’s not necessarily a bad thing and just keep trying. Get a mattress protector and maybe teach him to strip his bed and clean the protective cover off. Give it time.


I just went through this with my 9 year old. After making sure there was nothing medically wrong with her, the doctor suggested she may be constipated, which somehow puts pressure on the urinary tract making them urinate a lot more frequently. We did Miralax every other day and added more fiber to her diet, which has helped a lot.

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Talk to pediatrician. I wet the bed till 10. Nothing worked even going to the doctor. Some kids just have to grow out of it. I have 2 kids that wet the bed. I put mattress covers on their beds and they wear pull ups so I don’t have to wash bedding daily. Be patient and understanding I’m sure they’re embarrassed and wish they didn’t wet the bed.


There is a hormone that kids need to get before they stop. In the meantime, a Heavy Duty Shower curtain works wonders.


Some kids bladders can’t hold it all nite till they get older. Have your pediatrician take a look


Don’t stress about it, I know you want to, but that will stress the child as well. Take them to their pediatrician and see what can be done. Sometimes underlying issues are not seen or it could be a simple way but not thought of to help your child. I know someone who did growing up and they were really stressed as a child.

Give it time. My son wet the bed until he was 10. We tried alarms, no drink after a certain time, dr’s, everything except meds. He finally just stopped. One dr said the brain bladder connection during sleep was still developing.


I used a little " red hot’ candy. Gave him 1 with a glass of water, told him it was a magic pill that would wake him up when he had to pee, after a few, he rarely wet the bed. Sometimes they need that little extra belief.


It might be a medical issue bring it up with the pediatrician.


The pooping issue I’ve seen mentioned already was totally my son’s problem. Oh and stress probably too as it came back last Spring during the beginning of the Pandemic. All better now!

My older brother had the same issue and turns out it was that he needed his tonsils removed and soon as he got the procedure done it was like a switch and the bed wetting stopped! I’d definitely look into it for your child!

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You may have to wait for his bladder to mature. Nighttime bed wetting is quite common (my daughter was 8 1/2 before she could go all night without wetting). Do not make him feel bad about it, as he likely doesn’t feel the urge to wake at night to pee.


Set up a chiropractic appointment it might be as simple as he needs a small adjustment


Children’s bladders aren’t capable of being completely continent in the the age of 8. Boys are are far more common than girls from what I’ve seen—Urology Nurse here :wave:t3:


My daughter had a day and night time problem but she has a tiny overactive bladder, chronic constipation, and a super heavy sleeper. If he is constipated while hes sleeping is when his body is releasing the urine. She took several different medications. There is a medication that tells the brain not to create urine at night. Also our urologist had us wake her up every 2 hours to retrain her brain. She finally stopped wetting at 11 years old. We had been working on it since she was in first grade.

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I had to get a wee alarm mat from the paediatric. At first sign of wetting a alarm goes off and wakes them so they go to toilet… she used the mat twice and I was amazed no more wet beds

They will out grow some kids just sleep really hard use pull up night night and don’t stress them out about out it


I had kidney problems when I was a baby and still do called reflux of the kidneys meaning I have 3 because on one side its doubled over and is till accidently wet the bed sometimes on accident because I continue to leak from it and have to wear pads everyday.

Wetting the bed at older ages is sometimes a sign of trauma. Also, have you checked him for blood sugar issues? Our bodies try to dump sugar when there’s too much and the quickest way is through urine.