How can I get my 8-month-old to sleep more?

my little one is almost 8 months and he has been taking forever to fall asleep the last several weeks. he used to go right to sleep, but now he tosses and turns and moves around forever before falling asleep. he doesn’t do it during the day though for naps, just at night. any advice? TIA!


Doesn’t wanna miss out on anything, and teething

Sounds to me like if he is just rolling around he is learning to self soothe. If he isn’t crying just leave him to do that as a form of sleep training. Now if he is crying could be teething as that’s an age of teething for most!

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Change him to one nap during the day.


Stop the naps during day keep him more stymulated during day warm milk before bed

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Maybe he’s just trying to get comfy,maybe he’s just not tired yet,try keeping him up an extra half hour,I mean is rolling around really a big deal? As long as he’s not crying let him roll around


Warm bath
Sound box
Start shortening naps


Try A mixture of lavender and coconut oil rub on feet.helped my daughter

Babies go through separation anxiety, growth spurts and more. Colic is a thing. It’s normal for babies to do this

Ok this is going to be an unpopular opinion but a hungry baby is a fussy crying baby. I rarely had my eight month Olds babies grandbabies and great grand babies on a food schedule. Usually I kept them so well fed they were to full to cry. Chubby babies are cute and generally lose weight when they start walking. I don’t agree with doctors on how to feed babies and toddlers.


I would try to actively make him so sleepy by playing with him before bed that way he’s so tired he just passes out. Crawling and tummy time. Routine bedtime rituals, eat dinner play his heart out and bath teeth books and bed.