How Can I Get My 9 Year Old to Stop Peeing in Bottles?

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"Help!!! I have a nine almost ten year old that will not stop peeing in bottles and putting it in his closet under the bed etc. I’ve explained it’s not healthy it will make him sick that it’s gross that people would make fun of him if it spills and starts making his clothes smell like urine. I thought that it was because he was scared of the dark so I leave lights on every night so he can see if he has to go to the bathroom. He still continues to find water bottles etc to take to his room to pee in. How can I stop this and why did it start all within the last year!!!"

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"Buy a urinal at the drug store"

"Ask why he’s doing it I mean he could just be going through a lazy faze from the sounds of it I mean I honestly hate getting up to pee in the middle of the night to go pee cause then I wake up"

"Let him pee in the bottle but tell him to dump them in toilet after wards."

"Therapy. There is something going on and it needs talking about"

"He is probably still scared with the lights on. Just scared of going alone at night most likely. Talk to him and help him with the son had this fear still asks us to take him sometimes. We pray about it before bed or when he gets scared. Good luck it will pass soon"

"Better a bottle than a corner. Say tell me about it. Not why. Teach him to empty them every morning till he gets up to go. He’s not getting the bed"

"I would try therapy to find that root cause."

"I’d have him see a therapist. That’s not normal behavior."

"Maybe he can’t make it to the bathroom and doesn’t want to wet the bed? My 10 yr old was wetting and he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Have you asked him any questions?"

"Maybe get the led strip lights and make a trail to the bathroom! He might think its cool and want to go at night!"

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