How can I get my baby play with the car?

How can I get my baby okay with being the car? she is 3 months old and just screams the entire time


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my baby play with the car?

Music! Super simple songs on YouTube put it on ur car radio it’s all nursery rhymes

You can start taking her for short drives to get her accustomed to being in the car and riding.

I would use a tablet and play cocomellon or little baby bum. They have songs on there that might help soothe baby


Omg my son was so bad with the car. He’d cry till he stopped breathing every time. Scariest thing I had to go through with him! He finally out grew it! Hopefully you can figure something out💗

I agree. Music. She also might be soothed by hearing you sing along to music you like. She’s in the backseat and can’t see or touch you. Knowing you’re still there by hearing you may help.

You might not ever really get them to like the car (from my experience) 13 month old never did like the carseat. She still doesn’t but she will tolerate small rides now as long as she has a book to “read” but even then once we get out of the car she struggles when we have to get back in to make the trip home

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It’s going to sound weird but I played whale noises and ocean noises. My son had the same issue and I don’t know why it worked with him but even now at 2 years old if he gets too worked up, I just put those on and he quiets down. :sweat_smile:

Mine is 2 and is finally okay with being in the car. She always screamed as an infant

Make sure the seat is installed correctly, and check the baby in the seat correctly.
Car Seats for the Littles is a great group

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Everyone keeps saying music but imma go more basic. Please remove the car seat from the car and carefully check the straps and make sure they are adjusted properly so baby is more comfortable (while still following the car seat guidelines) and you can add music as well but I’ve found with my kids 7/10 there is something messed up on the seat making them uncomfortable. My 11 month old just recently started freaking out every time we put her in and I rechecked it all with her in it and the straps were digging in because they needed to be moved up due to growth spurt.


My son is almost two and still hates being in his seat for longer than ten minutes.


My 16 year old got my now 7 month old stuck on watching her phone playing pj mask. So when he was in car from a month old on he had to watch pj mask. So when he was 5 months we finally broke down and got him a tablet of his own to watch and listen too. So we didn’t have to give up phones. He does great in car now and doesn’t always need it but it calms him very well. We was able to do a 6 hour trip when he was 5 months old with no issues.

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My 19m still hates the car and screams “mama stuck” she hates her car seat so much :see_no_evil:


Took a lots of trips and music to help mines. I think it’s because they can’t see you

Usually it’s the car seat they don’t like does she start screaming before car is moving once put in car seat . If it is the movement could be sensory processing disorder most babies love he car ride

My babies hated being in the car until I changed their seat to one that stayed in the car I found that the wee ones you carry with the handle put too much pressure on their tummy. When I changed it to the fixed seat and kept them in the sitting up position they were different babies.

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Make sure she isn’t overheated

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I have twin girls and they’re almost 7 one of them is absolutely terrified if dad gets out she wants the car off no music lol just reassuring they’re gonna be ok by keeping the music playing

Go to the fire department and have them uninstall and reinstall the car seat. See if that’s the problem.

Some kids hate the car. How about you singing, “baby” music, a mirror where the baby can see u

Def check the seat, or try a more upright one. Also, my son got car sick as a baby (still does), try Sea Bands.

My 10 week old constantly cries in the car however I’m exclusively nursing and been feeding him on demand it’s hard to leave him for 45 min to an hour or even with him in the car he cries and in two weeks we are going on a two hour road trip not sure how he will do

My 9 month old screams an screams in his car seat so we got him a different one an he still screams lol help! We also let him play with his favorite toys im clueless

Make sure she’s comfortable. Put a mirror there so she can see herself and maybe even see a reflection of you. It’s probably just going to take time to get her used to it. I played music and broke down and got a portable DVD player for my boys when they were little (this was before tablets were abundant though).

Mine does too and she’s 9 months old now :face_with_spiral_eyes: I just try to tune it out. Nothing helps :woman_shrugging: I’ll try to wait until she’s tired and she’ll usually sleep if it’s around her nap time. Other than that she just screams… even though her brother and sister are back there with her. Doesn’t matter. She still hates it. Been that way since day 1

Mine cried until I turned her around at 2 1/2. We tried everything. She just didn’t like not being able to see.

Out of five kids 2 absolutely did not like it. My first took until he was about one to even tolerate it. Nothing worked. Just had to let him cry, and one of my 5 month old twins. Doesn’t care for it. He will go in spurts with it, sometimes he’s okay. Sometimes he’s not. When he’s not I end up stopping often to check on him. But nothing really helps him be okay with riding in a car either.

Probably has motion sickness

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My daughter hated being in the car the first couple of months until I turned the music up for her, then she loved it. Still loves it now and she’s 18 and has excellent taste in music :metal::joy:

She may have motion sickness and the motion is not comfortable. Talk to doctor about what you can do.

My kids loved Sophie the Giraffe. Also, my kids all hated the infant style seats. As soon as I switched to a regular convertible seat (still rear facing), it was like night and day. Apparently the shape of the seat and the incline is different and some babies like the L shaped seats better

Since I couldn’t drive with my first baby I always rode in the back with him🥰 it seemed to calm him down so much…ik thats not possible in some instances but just putting that out there

Get a mirror to put on the seat so she can see you in the front

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Blast music till crotch goblin falls asleep


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Try putting the car seat on the front passenger seat. Obviously its safer for children to be in the back but the crying is distracting you and thats dangerous. Just remember to switch the airbag off on that side.
I had to change seats to a forward facing fairly young…around 5 months if I remember…because both of mine were very tall and their legs were folded up the back of the seat. Make sure your seat fits properly , the straps are correctly adjusted and baby isn’t too hot…hats, jackets etc really should be removed in the car


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I take lots of stops and get the baby out .

A lot of babies that cry in the car seem to chill out once they are switched to a convertible car seat instead of the infant seat. Had I know that, we might’ve switched our son sooner. He wasn’t a fan of car rides and we refused to drive with him further than 25 minutes because of the crying. Good luck! I know it’s so hard with a baby that cries in the car inconsolably. We didn’t go anywhere alone and I always rode in the back with him to help him.

I know someone who had a baby that did the same thing. Turns out the baby was getting motion sickness. There was nothing that they could give her with her being so young. The baby did get better when she was switched to a convertible carseat.

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My oldest was like until he was forward facing and nothing I did helped.
Unshade, toys, soothing music, temperature control

I’m so sorry she does not fall asleep in the car. For some, it is the answer to colic and cranky baby late nights. For others, a trip around the block will not work until baby is older and every trip in a car is a battle. I had one who loved to be lulled by the car and one who heated it.

At the next well baby check up, ask the doctor if your baby has Eustachian tubes that are functioning. Sometimes, motion with blocked Eustachian tubes makes baby nauseous and cranky.

Ask about treatment for colic. Ask about rocker devices or other suggestions to help baby sleep. My son preferred the vacuum cleaner. Go figure.

Sometimes a nice bath before an outing, after hair and ears are dry helps tucker baby out.

If the doctor says let baby cry, maybe think twice about that doctor and you’ve already tried that, ask if there is any service available to give you more help.

It may be, too, that the pediatrician think baby will grow out of it in another 3 months. They do go through a whole lot of phases!

Best of luck to you. I hope you are managing to get some sleep yourself

We used to sing our ABC’s. That always calmed my daughter down.
Also make sure they get enough air or get a NOOGLE.

My son screamed like that everytime we went someone. He ended up having acid reflux and motion sickness. Never could put him in a baby swing or anything that moved.

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My 6m only freaks out if the vehicle is stopped, she will stop crying when it’s moving so when it’s parked I play baby lullabies threw my stereo.

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I use to put my shirt that I had on that day and leave him with it in the carseat…idk it worked for me