How can I get my baby to eat more?

Any suggestions to help an almost 6 month baby to take his bottles? :sob: him and his older sister are getting over a cold and the last few days his appetite has been way down. He used to take 6-8 oz every 4-4.5 hours and now it’s down to barley 4 in the same time frame. He’s still eating his baby purée ok (I have had the ok to start food since 4 months) we’re seeing the doctor tomorrow but other then not wanting formula his activity and mood are perfectly normal. Dehydration scares the living f out of me especially for a baby


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my baby to eat more?

He may be teething. I’d just wait and see what the Dr says.

It’s normal if he’s not feeling well, he’ll get his appetite back soon. Just give plenty of water or weak juice


Just make sure he’s getting water or apple juice diluted with water for the time being.


You just follow babies lead. Feed baby when hungry, and as much as he/she will eat.

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My grandson goes through the same thing with eating he’ll eat good 4 awhile then he wont…he’s 5 & I think it’s just a stage they go through

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Mine lived on smoothies made of formula, fruit puree and a teeny bit of baby oatmeal. Got us through teething

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