How can I get my baby to sleep in their own bed?

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Do it now… Because it’s just gonna get harder… My son’s bm still let’s my grandson sleep with her… He’s almost 7 and won’t sleep by himself when he’s here !

Put a toddler bed in the room.

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Classical relaxing music, or Soundscapes soft relaxing music lightly played nightly, works wonders. You’re welcome.

Needed to start at day one!

Respectful Sleep Training/Learning

You can only do what works for you, my son was 3 when I needed him out of my bed as I was pregnant so we put a mattress next to out bed (we put him in his own bed at bedtime) and he would come into that then we moved it down to the bottom of the bed then to the other side of the room eventually he just stayed in his own bed


We took the side off the cot and put it next to our bed. We then swapped to a toddler bed. My 7 and 5yo both still get in with me but will sleep through once put in their own beds. Its hard but you will get there.

Our daughter is 4 and half and still co sleeps, its whatever is better for your household and life balance, we tried numerous times and stuck it out for weeks at a time but she always woke up a few times and stayed awake, we both work and was hard to live and work with 4 hours a nights sleep

He’s as long as you let him sleep in your bed is not going to sleep in his own

It’s not going to be easy or a fast process but…sit with him while he falls asleep, leave a scented item of yours with him (a t-shirt?) and every few days get further away until you are out the door, if he cries go in but dont pick him up, comfort him silently and repeat. Good luck x

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So I’ve never co-slept but my lo screams whenever he goes near his cot. So I’ve started putting him in awake, when he stands and cries which is inevitable I give him 30seconds to try and settle himself if he doesn’t I cuddle him inside the cot and lie him down. I then sit back next to the cot and repeat however many times it’s needed. I’m slowly sitting further away from the cot until eventually I won’t need to be in the room. We have now introduced my partner into trying this method so he can put him into bed. 3 times last night he did this and he didn’t settle, I cuddled him once and he went down to sleep :rofl::rofl:


Stick to the same bed time every night, don’t pick them up, first time wait 10 minutes (he’ll be crying, it isn’t easy) console him, don’t pick him up, then wait 20 minutes to console. It’s a method you can find online. My husband did it 23 years ago, it only took 2 nights. Good Luck

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Mine hated the cot so about 1year old i put mine in a proper bed and slept fantastic obviously with the safety side, but yeah mine loved my dressing gown or a scented top or anything that smells like you lol and also good luck its not an easy process

White noise (such as sounds of the heartbeat, womb, waves etc) plus half hour before bed I used to put a warm hot water bottle in the cot obviously not boiling water good luck

Let me know if you figure it out… I have a 4 year old and 20 month old both who sneak into my bed every night… I sleep in their bed :rofl:


I never “coslept” with my children but always found weaving my dressing gown threw their cot slats helped them settle x

Get hos favourite cuddley toy stick it down you top for an hour or so so it smells like you. Then put him in his cot with it sit with him until he falls asleep and if he wakes go back in settle him wait till he is back asleep and leave again ot won’t be an easy or quick process but you have to stick to it

Put his cot in your room

Try Putting a Toy Teddy in Bed over the Day Sleeps Teddy With your Baby will BE more Safe and content then Would Sleeps at nicht alone

Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support

I’m 46 and still sleep with my mom…any advice for me?


This will be a long road , you will need to stick to your goal !
Your child has gotten use to the two of you creating them warm for them
The noises you two make fir 11 months has been what he sleeps to… they are going into a room that is probably more silent then they have ever had before
And the confines of what you have had them in between.
So now they are going into their own Space.
And they have to put themselves to sleep
And have A lot more space to themselves
I would start with sitting in a chair having cuddle time and reading. Together
And talk about their bed !
I would start off with naps in their bed
Do not rock the child to sleep put them in the crib drowsy….
Do not be super quiet around the house go about your daily routine. Your child needs to learn to sleep through this. If you do not it makes nap and bedtime harder - again this is a long road and stick to your goal
Keep a strict routine … before nap time as well as bedtime
Make sure the child is getting plenty of exercise and fresh air- it help with getting them to sleep
Do not give the child a bottle to sleep with or fall asleep with
You are creating dental issues you wish you didn’t have as they get older
It’s ok to have cloth books in the crib so they have something to occupy themselves when they wake .
Try making bedtime at around 7 pm have dinner, a walk , bath then story time and hugs and kisses and then lights out….
Make sure the crib mattress is at its lowest setting
Remember whatever you start with as your routine make sure it’s something you can stick with!
11 month old thrive on routine.
Make sure the meals are sugar free … if an issue it helps so they are not wired on sweets and carbs.

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My son is 3, 4 in October, and he sleeps with us. We don’t mind

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my baby to sleep in their own bed?

Floor bed (literally mattress on the floor in your room) sleep next to them til they are alseep then move away… do it gradually and then move mattress into room and then get them in their own bed… no need for a cot by that point, just stick a bed guard up… I could not cope with the “crying it out” doesn’t sit right with me… they only stop crying eventually because they learn you won’t come when they are upset so there is no point in crying anymore, which is just heartbreaking. Most adults don’t like sleeping alone so why would your little one?

My 5 month old sleeps perfectly in her cot at night time. Wakes up has a bottle and straight back to sleep. It’s the day time that kills me she refuses to stay in the cot or sleep in a room

Hang the shirt you wore that day on the crib. Baby will smell you and stir less.

My youngest daughter has slept with me from pretty much a newborn, she is now 5 and we share a room and a big bed, it’s not something I’m going to change anytime soon. She is my comfort and I am hers.

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My son slept in his crib 1st night home 6 hours.

My crib was the same height as my bed so I put the crib in the corner and pushed the bed against it. I took the rail off the side that was facing the bed. I started making my son sleep in his crib while it was next to my bed.

I co slept with my first and then I started with my second but she moves around too much. So now I get her to sleep on my bed then I have a next to me cot and I move her over. I roll a blanket either side so she can’t move around and wake herself up. 5 nights in a row and doing great

My kids slept with me until 6-8 months but napped in their cribs. You can start with naps and then transition to nighttime too. He just has to learn that you will always be there for him if he needs you. Start a bedtime routine that you follow every night so he learns what bedtime in his own room is all about. Use the words he knows to talk about bedtime and sleep and going to bed, he understands more than you know. When he cries at night go to his room, leave the lights off, don’t pick him up but lay him back down and shsh him gently, rub his back, but don’t talk. Leave the room after a couple of minutes, repeat as needed. He will learn that he is supposed to be sleeping. It just takes persistence and repetition. Good luck, it’s not easy but it’s not forever.

“The No Cry Sleep Solution” might help you since he’s so young. A heated mattress pad helped my older kids.

My personal opinion… I never let my babies cry more than 10 minutes. They are only babies once. Sometimes I would go in and watch them and then if would firgure out what they needed. They are only babies once and as they need taught independence it is fine to snuggle. My kids are very independent and I did not mind all the snuggles or rocking them back to sleep. It won’t last forever so I enjoy every song and snuggle. Now my kids are too big to rock but we snuggle for a little at bedtime. I cherish it.

I went threw this with my daughter… I eventually just made her cry herself to sleep… it took about a week and lots of tears on my end too

Both my sons were in a bed of their own when they were 7 and 5 months old… before people moan they had a cot quilt and a bedside. I never looked back because when they were in the cot the would turn over bash the side of the cot waking themselves and me up