How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?

Does anyone have any tips on getting a almost 8 month old baby to sleep through the night?? My daughter was so easy but my baby boy is still waking up 2-3 times a night for a bottle. We still have him in the room with us until we find a bigger place so it’s hard to just let him cry it out. Also we kind of hurry to tend to him when he starts crying because he’s woken up our kindergartener multiple times and she really needs her sleep for school.


I’m almost 35 and I wake up at least once, 2x on a restless night :woozy_face: But like a few already said make cereal bottles. And try less naps during the day. All babies are different… if it works, yay and if not, this too shall pass and you got this!

It’s biologically normal for babies to wake through the night. Nothing you should do. I still wake for a drink or to go to the bathroom, I couldn’t imagine making my baby sleep through the night.


Put some cereal in his bottle. He’s old enough for it by far. You may have to play around with the amount, but it’ll be heavier on his stomach and keep him asleep longer.


I don’t expect a 8 month old to sleep through the night. Their stomachs are still small and require eating often.


I mean 8 month olds sometimes still need feeds every 3/4 hours depending on what solid food/purees ect you’re providing in the day he’s probably still hungry unfortunately there’s always a guarantee when a baby cries they’ll wake another child up :frowning: I have a 1 and 2 year old they’re both In my room and honestly when I bought my daughter home her cries woke my son 1st couple months but now they just sleep through each others cries they don’t cry often at all although they both still wake for a drink in the night a child will sleep through when ready

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Feed him some cereal before bedtime,should him full longer

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My son is asleep a few hours before I go to bed. I don’t wait for him to wake up to feed him. I make a bottle for him just before my bedtime and give it to him. It helps him sleep through the night. Once in awhile he’ll wake up at 5 or 6 am hungry. He usually sleeps until 7 am though.

When my youngest gets enough food she sleeps much better and wakes less often. When she does wake it’s because she’s still hungry so I feed her again and she sleeps better again. One day they will grow out of it when they are ready to.

Stop naps. I stopped naps around 6 months old. She’s been sleeping through the night ever since.


It’s perfectly normal. There is no sure fire way to get them to sleep through the night if they’re not ready.

All 3 of mine was close to 2 before they consistently slept through the night. My husband’s first child slept through the night from day 1. All kids are different

Your baby will sleep fully through the night once ready

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Try a sleep/sound machine in your Daughters room.

Don’t compare him to your other kid. All babies are different. My boy woke up at night at 8 mo ths for a bottle. You will need to wait until he is ready.

Shorter day naps and a good full belly before bed (not just milk) warm bath with relaxing lavender

They aren’t really supposed to

Probably hungry. I hope he’s eating solid food

If they are eating solid food and have a bottle before bed they can sleep thru the night. Mine was on 3 meals by that time and a bottle at bed

My baby has breakfast, lunch and dinner alongside bottles. He’s 8 months and been great through the night for months

Hes hungry babies wake you don’t make them sleep you be tried it’s a baby.

Give him real food. He needs denser calories that take longer to digest. All of my kids were eating table food by 6 months old.
Before anyone starts with the negative emojis and comments…. This is old school stuff. Puréed baby food and the idea of not feeding them solids at an early age is a new thing. All of the old mothers fed their babies what they were eating and started doing so by the time the babies were a couple months old.
Be smart about it tho. Keep it simple. No spices, bland stuff like oats, potatoes, breads, pasta, cooked beans, and soft steamed veggies.
I have a picture of my youngest son eating/teething on a pizza crust. An easy food was getting a pizza and pinching off the soft part of the dough under the toppings. It’s like dumplings. Makes a full, happy belly.