How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?

Hi, I’m wondering if I could get advice on how to get my baby to sleep through the night? He’s six months old and is a really good routine; he naps at 10 am 1 pm and 4 pm for 30-40 mins each day. He drinks 7oz of formula four times a day and has two spoon feeds of puree in between bottles. He went down to sleep at 7 pm without a problem and used to sleep until 5 am, wake for a bottle and then go back until 7.30 am. That was before he hit the four-month sleep regression. I’ve noticed him waking more since I started him on purees, but that was two months ago now. Anyway, now he wakes at 10.30 pm for a 5th bottle which I don’t mind. But he’s also waking up for his bottle a few times a night as he too little to find it in the cot himself. He again now wakes at 2 pm and 5 pm for the bottle, I think these two feeds are just habit, but he does drink about 4 to 5oz each time. We just moved him into his own room this week and are planning on using the self soothing method, but I don’t know if he will go back asleep without giving him the bottle. Or would he if we just let him cry? Last night we were up eight times between dodies and 3 feeds. Yesterday I changed his naps to 11.30am and 3.30 pm to try cut out the later nap and then bed at 7pm but he still woke loads. Hes never really screaming for a bottle until the 5am feed when he won’t take the dodie. We also have sleeps sounds playing through the night for him. I’m just looking for some tips, we will try anything at this stage. He such a happy baby otherwise! Thanks in advance.


What kind of puree do you feed him? I always fed my kids their last feeding at 9:00 usually cereal an they slept till 6:00–7:00 am.

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Sounds ri me like he may need more solids, ie porridge/wetabix for breakfast then lunch dinner and bottle for bed xx

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My daughter is 15 months and still doesnt sleep through the night most nights lol

My daughter didn’t consistently sleep through the night until she was over a year old. Sometimes they just don’t. I know it is rough. Hang in there mama.

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6 months is a little soon to expect them to. While some babies do sleep through the night at that age, a lot do not.


Feed him play for about ten minutes before bed n move the time back to 8:30 or 9

I’d cut the nap in half let him nap 1 hour a day say 12pm to 1pm and try to fill him up 1 hour before bed with food try that for 2 weeks as if you don’t stick to something for a least 2weeks you won’t know for sure, I done this with my daughter but you may have to play around with it every 2 weeks to see what suits your baby, good luck x

If he’s drinking 4-5 oz when he wakes up, it sounds like he needs to eat then rather than it being a habit. Could be a growth spurt or gearing up for one. Most babies aren’t sleeping all night at 6 months even with a good routine- they have tiny tummies and grow a lot.


Only 1 out of 3 of my kids seep through the night, unfortunately. Once my daughter was about 10 years old she started sleeping. Both of my boys, 7 years and 2 years, still don’t sleep through the night. :woozy_face: The 2 year old ends up in my bed most nights.

Give him cereal at bedtime . But , he’s awfully young to expect him to sleep through the night . I never let mine self sooth , cry it out etc . Just couldn’t do it . One slept through night at six weeks , one at eight weeks and one got up six times a night for the first year .


He is only six months old. That’s completely normal. My daughter is six months. She takes small cat naps and maybe one good hour nap. She eats 6 ounces every three hours on the dot. She eats purées once a day. She is never ready for bed before ten and if she naps late she will be up even later. She wakes at least twice a night to eat. She has about 4 ounces and goes right back to sleep. Usually around 3 and 6 am. Then sleeps until 8/9. Most babies don’t sleep all night and I definitely wouldn’t be doing cry it out. If your baby wakes up crying at six months old he is hungry. At this point you should be on his schedule and not expecting him to sleep all night just yet. My son is almost five and still wakes up every single night


My kiddos didn’t sleep through the night until they were around 2

I’m not sure if he is to younge for this still or not but if he is old enough add a little bit of rice cereal to his last bottle of the night and that’ll keep him fuller for a little bit longer.

If your home air is dry due to heating a cool mist humidifier might help. He maybe waking up thristy

Too many naps.Baby only needs one.Try keeping him up as long as possible after 2pm.

We didn’t let my daughter nap after 2p.m. and moved bed time time to 8pm, and fed her a solid, like baby food, bananas, rice, cereal, baby snacks, etc 4 times a day, basically eith every daytime bottle, and at the same time every day

Rice cereal! I always added some to my kids baby food! I did it cuz of reflux but it will help w sleep too if baby’s not full enough they’ll wake more often especially during growth spurts.

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Seems like way too early for bedtime to expect baby to sleep through the night. Keep it at 2 naps a day and push bedtime back to 9 or 10. Finish the night with a nice warm bath with lavender and feed baby and play before bed. Use a white noise machine in the baby’s room to drown out any outside noise and help soothe baby to sleep.


Hes a baby he’s not going to sleep through the night because he’s only 6 months so of course he’s waking up to feed. He’s hungry. Feed your baby and make a pot of coffee


Baby will sleep through the night when ready. Right now he needs food pretty often. Sure you can add stuff to their food like some suggest but honestly, that’s more likely to lead to constipation and gas… which will just be a another problem. People have this expectation that babies should sleep through the night and when my son was little made me feel like I was doing something wrong. When in fact it’s natural and since my son was breastfed, the food digested more quickly and he woke more often for feedings. They also hit a lot of growth spurts and need more nutrition during those periods. I’d say as long as he is peeing, pooping, eating and sleeping, he’s a happy , healthy baby. As for you, as long as it’s not bothering you too much to be up so often, I wouldn’t worry either. But if it does, like many have suggested, cereal mixed in will help the formula not digest as quickly and buy you some more sleepy (or whatever) time


Do your research on baby development before trying the self soothing method. A baby under a year old does not have the emotional development to self sooth they essentially just cry until they realize no one is coming and they will eventually just stop. If he is crying he needs something! He may be going through a growth spurt and need the extra feeds at night.


We had a similar issue except he was going to bed at 8, waking up at midnight for a bottle and then again every hour after that until about 6. From midnight to 6 am it was 2 ounces at a time. Our pediatrician recommended smaller more frequent feedings during the day to fill him up so he would be full at night. Now he still wakes up around 11pm to midnight for a bottle but to me that was normal for his two older sisters too.

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My 6 month old son naps 2 times a day for 30 mins, he goes to bed at 11pm gets up at 5 am for a bottle then sleeps until 8 or 9 am. He didn’t sleep at all in the day. He drinks 7 oz bottles and in the morn at 10 I feed him baby food

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It won’t. Not until they get there developmentally.
My daughter didn’t until 3. And my almost 3 year old son is almost there.

I would adjust the naps so you can cut the late one out. But please…dont use the cry it out method. It can cause so much more damage than good.


Mine just turned 2 and I think I’ve only slept 3 full nights since she was born😅

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My 11 month old doesn’t even really sleep through the night.

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My daughter at 2 or 3 months slept through the night and then went to not sleeping and then when we started her on baby food at 6 month she is 7 months now she would eat a jar of baby food and sometimes 2 ounces sometimes not and she sleeps through the night better with eating baby food than just a bottle

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Too little to wake to find his bottle :scream: if he’s having a bottle he’s always too little to feed himself. Give him more bottles he’s too young to be cutting them back and to be expected to sleep during the night growth spurts happen…get used to less sleep ur a parent

My youngest slept through the night from the time she was 4 months till now and she’s 11. I started putting cereal in her nighttime bottle and it worked well for her. She would go to sleep by 9-10 and sleep till 7-8 the next morning. She’s been an amazing sleeper since.

He is only six months old!

Keep him up an hour later and give him some cereal in his final bottle at bed time.

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Sleep is developmental. It happens sooner for some and much longer for others. My son’s 2.5 and still wakes up at night. It’s perfectly normal. My husband and I both still wake up sometimes in the middle of the night.

I’m seeing suggestions of giving him a nighttime bottle with cereal - don’t do this! It’s very dangerous! But maybe try giving him some purée with a little bit of baby cereal mixed in. I used to do this with my kids and I found it kept them fuller for longer. I usually did banana with oatmeal or mashed avocado with rice cereal. Otherwise, it’s probably just a phase that he is in and once he gets used to sleeping in his crib he will start sleeping for longer stretches. Good luck mama! :blue_heart:

Will he take a sippy with water? I moved my son into his own room at 1 and worked months on getting him to sleep. I just had my baby and idk if its extra noise or what exactly but my oldest wakes a lot through the night. I do not jump up immediately. I let him fuss and figure it out. But he gets a sippy with water in his bed. He does get a bottle at bed time too

I let all my kids self sooth. But I also started from day 1. If i knew they were getting tired i put then in there sleep area and let them self sooth with just a blanket. If need be i used binkies. We went through skeep regressions. I always kept a light and sound machine on so if they woke they would lay there themselves and fall back to sleep when ready. If they got to fussy i would go in and rub them, check diaper, kiss and walk out saying its still nighttime. I never took them OUT of their room untill morning when the sun was up. If they needed a feed or comfort i always went to them. Dad slept on their floors a few times becuase they wouldnt settle. Bottles become habits ifntheir gaining enough weight and eating enough before bed they should be fine. At 6montjs they can eat table food whatver your eating for food. Teeth or not, my kids were eating steak at 7 months( whole strips) . I think that help them sleep through the night. A full dinner meal, and then bottle right before bed. I have 3 and this is what i did with them all. My kids slept 10 -12 hrs by 4,6 months. Also warm baths before bed and a warm bottle sooths them too!

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I would try to let him start to self soothe…if you always run in every time he makes a sound he will always expect you to. When he wakes up try giving just his paci/nuk/dodie and leave the room, give him 5 or 10 mins and if he’s still awake and upset go in and comfort and decide whether you’d like to try a bottle then or just repeat the same steps. Good luck!

All babies are different but when my son was a baby, he would get up at night for a bottle, only drank 1 to 2 ounces and went back to sleep. I ended up giving him baby water instead of milk during the night and I think he got over getting up for just water and started sleeping through. Good luck!

There is also a 6 month sleep regression, along with an 8 month one and so on. Ge also might be going through a growth spurt and needs more food. Also he could be teething. Babies have trouble sleeping when teething. Good luck and hang in there!

Please don’t expect such a young infant to sleep through the night. They wake for so many reasons and just want comfort in whatever form that may be. I know it’s hard, but they will sleep one day.


With my older babies i just swaddled them and put them in their cradle board(Navajo thing) and they slept throughout the night. Woke up only once for a snack (milk) then back to sleep 2 mins later. Maybe swaddling? Helps my 3+ month old sleep better.

A 6 month old should not be sleeping through the night, good luck finding a way.

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Mine didn’t start sleeping all night until I fed them
rice cereal in a cereal bottle before bedtime.


Maybe he needs more solid food instead of s bottle to get him through the night. Put a little baby cereal in his bottle before bed and see if that helps. Hope this helps.

You might want to put baby cereal in with formula oatmeal or rice and make or buy a bigger nibble for baby. Sound like he hungry. This might work. If I recall they have what’s call interfeeder bottle. Ii gave to my children in evening

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My son is 6 months and started to do the same around 5 months. I started to just stay in the room and pat him till he fell back asleep. If urs is responsive to that you can do that for the night feeds for about 30min before giving the bottle that way you can wean them off it and maybe get an uninterrupted 5-8 hours. I agree with everyone else though growth spurts and teething will make sleeping through the night impossible sometimes.

My son goes to bed between 8-10 wakes bout 3-4 am for a bottle and goes back to sleep til 745-8 bit he doesn’t nap during the day even though we lay him down for at least quiet time and he’s 6onths at the end of this month but has been on a sleep schedule since I brought him home

Maybe 5 7oz bottles and some jars of baby food. If he’s an active baby he may require more.

My kids went to bed with me and wake up with me.
They use to sleep until 10 am also.

Darken room and Co-sleep.
Bed when you go to bed.
No late naps.

You good tried a little cereal to last bottle before bed

Probably going through a growth spurt.

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So I’m not sure if I’ll be much help but my little girl will be 6 months at the end of the month. She sleeps thru the night. She wakes up about 8am gets a bottle and stays up about an hour and goes back to sleep. She wakes up about 10-10:30am and I feed her purees about 11am bottle about 11:30. She stays up about an hour or so then zonks out she gets a bottle again at 3pm then purees about 6-6:30pm. She gets a bath when I shower at about 10:30pm and by 11:30pm she’s asleep thru the night. Idk how I got so lucky but it’s worked for us. She doesn’t always sleep between feedings sometimes she wants to be busy. Hope you find what works best for you

Couple of things that worked for me:

-I cut out one nap. The one latest in the day. My kid always wanted to nap around 8pm. I’m like well this is the one to go FOR SURE :joy: (shes 4 now and still tries to nap super late in the evening)
-Warm bath with the purple johnsons baby soap.

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It will go in cycles for a while momma. Be patient with him :green_heart: it will get better and better


Lavender lotion and either soft music or water sound machine helps them sleep but prob wont sleep through the night til 7-8 months old

Get one of those dr.brown bottles I think that’s the name and some baby oatmeal and fix him a bottle before bed put just a little bit of sugar in it


You did say you just changed things around on him. Change could effect him. But you could always try giving some solids at night before bed and see if that will help.

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None of mine have ever slept through the night until after 1 year ( I have 4 kids) …they have plenty of reasons to wake up; teething etc. Be patient with him mama :heart:


Or just let him cry? I doubt you would want to lay in bed and just cry. Babies aren’t built to sleep through the night, it’s completely normal. Especially with a change of routine, they need comfort too not just fed. This too shall pass.


Waking at night a few times is normal at that age. Until a year old I think 6 full bottles is the norm, through 24 hrs you’re looking at 2 night time bottles.

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We put a little baby cereal in his formula for the night time feeding and that helped, about 1oz for a 7oz bottle should do.


I’ve always heard not to let them nap past 3pm. BUT mine sleep from 830pm-630am because we are morning people haha. From about 3 months My babies always took long 1-2 hour naps in middle of the day then sleep all night. But there were always periods of about a week when teething would happen where they would wake at night. With my first they had teething tablets that worked amazing-I think they are outlawed now. But my recent baby…he had ear infections each time he teethed so not much soothed him-just had to get the infection better and we used baby oragel for his teeth.
We also use a sound machine, have a good night time routine that starts about an hour or more before bed-(bath,book,snuggle,bed), and we always played a lot during the day so we were all ready for bed when it came.

Please do not put anything on his milk it is not recommended by pediatricians. If he is not crying for the bottle when he wakes up, I wouldn’t give him one. My babies when they would wake up they would go back to sleep after 10 minutes. If my little one was moving around I wouldn’t not bring him a bottle, if he did wake up and was crying for more than 5-10 minutes, then I would bring him a bottle and he would go back to sleep. I extended the time between bottles for my babies.


Sounds similar to my daughter and turns out she was teething and the extra feeds were a comfort for her so maybe check to see if any teeth are coming through

My 9 month old still wakes up at night not always but sometimes. its normal til about a year old.

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It’s still early to be sleeping through the night. Some kids don’t for a long time. My son takes naps at the same time as yours and goes to bed at 7:30-8:00 and still wakes every night for a bottle between 1-3. I’m just being patient I guess. Teething is going to flip everything upside down anyway so I’m not focusing on a schedule yet I guess.


I allow them to cry as long as I know they aren’t hungry, i let if go 15-20 min then check in on them and see what they need, it works for me, but maybe not for everyone


Swaddle. Life changer.

Try putting a little cereal in the milk won’t be as hungry

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He is only 6 months… Waking is normal.

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Protection night light with sounds!
They make all kinds
My daughter loved ves the ocean and nature sounds she’s 5 and still using it! :two_hearts:
I got it on amazon for less than $20

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Babies dont sleep through the night. Period. Be a good mommy and be available for your baby. It doesn’t last much past 1 year old.

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He is probably going through a growth spurt and is teething.

Its a development thing. Just give a bottle in low light and focus on trying to get back to sleep. My 7th is 8.5 months and wakes once just for a bottle and falls back to sleep. I’ve always just had what I needed right next to me and took care of them in the dark. Unless your doctor tells you to put cereal in the bottle and advises you the safe way to do it for acid reflux I wouldn’t be putting cereal in the bottle. Its a choking hazard. You can spoon feed cereal before bed to try and have a fuller tummy but baby can still wake up for a few ounces.

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Since you are starting him on solids, move his bedtime an hour later and feed him some cereal mixed with formula about half an hour before bed time, that is what my kid’s pediatrician had me do for my son who was hardly sleeping because of being hungry. Also he could be teething and in the middle of a growing spurt, try offering him more solid foods (pureed of course) and less bottle. Once babies start wanting solids they need to work up to eating mostly food and having less bottle.

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Not sure my doctor always told me it’s normal for a baby up to the age of one to wake every 2-3 hours for a bottle :woman_shrugging:t2: I never had a baby that slept through the night until they turned 1.

Lavender scented everything for my kids worked , soaps, scentsy’s, fabric softener etc.

Sleep is developmental. It’s totally normal that he’s not sleeping through the night yet, he’s not ready. My 21 month old still doesn’t sleep through the night. Even I wake up at night and have to go to the bathroom or get some water.

He might be overtired? My 6 month old takes two long naps (1-2 hours each) and then a nap from 4-430 pm. Hes asleep by 7 pm. I set an alarm to wake him at 7 am each morning, but he wakes up to eat about 3 times a night still. It’s normal for babies that age to still wake at night to eat.

Our family puts 2 tsp of cereal in the bottle at 10:30. It hasn’t failed 4 generations. Sleep till 5 or 6 in the morning.

My 1st didn’t sleep 5 hr thru until he was 6mos old. Consider yourself lucky he has been a good sleeper. Teething may be the culprit but i would suggest cereal with a bottle at bedtime. Sometimes they need more substance before bed. Full belly full nights sleep

Ugh!! Tough one…I was gonna say I’d cut out the 4pm nap, but, you’ve done that in addition to many other tactics. You’re doing all the right stuff! Try putting baby cereal in that bedtime bottle. A little heavier & slower to digest. Worked wonders for all 3 of my kids!!

I’d say it’s a growth spurt or teeth or both! All three of my kids slept through the night at 3 months. They would wake every now and then and I would not go in unless they were crying consistently for more than 5 minutes. When I did go in and if they were obviously awake and sitting up for example I would calm them down but not give a bottle unless it was my absolute last resort.
Some times a bottle was necessary but they are pretty good about training you as well. :heart:
You’re doing a good job!

Kids change their sleeping routines at this age. Maybe a growth spurt? Or teething? Just make sure baby is clean and fed, everything else will sort it self out with time. When my kiddos were that little i went in, fed/changed as needed and went back out i did not linger. Best of luck!

If they add feedings to the routine you set up, your baby is in a growth spurt. They aren’t going to sleep all night, no matter how much you do because their body is burning through that food super fast! I would add some simple cereal to the bottle before bed with my kids, and the first one during the night if they woke up. It kept them full for a little longer. I also tried the self soothe with kid one, and he would cry and cry and cry. It was torture. As long as the kiddo stays in their bed, try rubbing their back for a bit, and then replace your hand with a small stuffed animal or something to imitate your hand as you sneak out of the room. Be sure whatever it is will not suffocate baby.

My son is 7 months and although not waking much at night he will sleep roughly 9pm-6am-7m…he’s miserable during the day because he won’t nap and cries ALOT … I think he’s teething. He already has two bottom I think he’s getting two top already. Probably a mixture of growth and teething unfortunately :pleading_face:

Haven’t done it since mine is only 3 months but I’ve been following @the.peaceful.sleeper on Insta and she is a sleep expert and licensed therapist. She sleep trains other babies and has 4 of her own. She offers a course but she also shares a lot on her stories and answers questions.

We used to make our babies a small bowl of cereal & puree fruit mix before bed & feed that to them first then their bottle of milk. They Would sleep “like a baby”.

I was a young mother and was in the same situation with my oldest. Pediatricians every where told me different things. My mama told me to add a little rice to the formula at night. I did that and boom :boom: he slept all night. Did it with my youngest too. Given, my kids are older now and younger moms say don’t do it but it worked with both of mine.

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Chloroform. JUST KIDDING!!!