How can I get my baby to stop co sleeping?

How did y’all get your babies to stop co-sleeping? She’s 13 months and I just want my bed back


Some of the comments here aren’t helpful at all. She didn’t ask for them

Repition and lots of reassurances. Like someone said there’s going to be miserable days and not much sleep happening. But eventually your little one will get it

Do it gradually. We had a mattress on the floor in our room so at least they weren’t in our bed. Then progressed to their own room eventually. We would ask them to start the night in their own bed and if they need us they’d find us. Eventually they don’t come find us

Mine were like 5&6 … We just had to get a smaller bed so there wasn’t enough room

As my 13m old is currently sleeping with his feet in my back, and my 4 year old is also touching me.

I. Don’t. Know.

I just recently got my newly 2 year old finally out of my bed … I started a nightly routine of bath/snack/brush teeth/read some books/sing some quiet songs for about 20-30 minutes and then I give kisses and sit in a chair a few feet away from the bed. Some nights he stays in bed and is asleep in minutes, other nights I have to put him back in bed a few times. We are on week 3 now and it is getting easier, he wakes up and comes into my room a couple times a night sometimes but I just walk him back into his room and he goes right back to sleep. Good luck! It’s alot about persistence and routine I think … you got this!

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I co-slept with all 3 of mine and honestly you just have to remain consistent and talk down to their level I watched as well nanny 911 and there were alot of useful tips my little one was the stubborn one he is 10 years now and at 7 yeads is when he started staying in his own bed


My youngest is 9 and is still going on. Ha

Try a distraction in her crib. We used baby Einstein sea dreams soother. Get a routine and stick to it. I rocked my baby in her room. Loved on her and put her down turned her “fishies” on and left. Do not go back in. Keep trying it and do the same routine

My son is 11,enjoy it because once they start talking to girls they never come out of their room. They grow up quick and then you’ll wish they were little again. I have 4 older kids who have moved out on their own so my 11 year old is the baby.


Put her in her own bed and let her cry it out if she needs to. It’ll be tough but eventually her body WILL get comfortable enough to make it’s own sleep schedule. Try some natural sleeping remedies too! Idc if some of y’all think it’s silly but I swear by things like white noise, red light therapy, and air diffusers filled with lavender oil.

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:rofl::rofl: looks at 5yr old
Girl I wish I knew.

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I wouldn’t dare ask my daughter to leave me. She has slept with me since day one. She’s almost 8. She has her room…but my bed is her bed until she says otherwise.


Lolol mines four and just slept her first night alone last night. With getting up once so I laid with her til she fell back asleep :heart:

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Good luck my 7 yr still sleeps with me most nights I’m not completely though I’ll miss it when he doesn’t anymore

i started by putting their beds in my room & getting them used to sleeping alone, but with me there. then, i moved them to their own room! it’s easier if there are siblings who share a room so they’re not alone.


Good luck. My 6 year old is still in bed with me most nights :joy: Even my 11 year old ends up in there from time to time.


You just got to spend a few miserable nights waking up every hour to put them back in their own bed it took like four days for my son to realize that we weren’t sleeping in mom‘s bed anymore 

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My son always slept in a crib. Unless after an 7am feeding then I’d just take him to bed with me. Although for a few months he had an awful colicky phase and the only way he’d sleep was contact to contact while I patted his bum up and down.
Now the coziest place for me is cuddled up for storytime. Moral of the story…one day you’ll miss it and want it back

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my best friend didn’t get out of her parents bed until she was 15 and they were divorced. That was enough of a lesson for me.

let her pick out her favorite bedding
make a routine for nighttime
after nighttime routine put her in bed give her hugs and kisses.
if she gets out of bed put her back into the bed without saying anything to her
keep repeating step 5 until she finally stays in bed

Yes it’s hard but eventually she’ll realize that you won’t cave in when she wants to be in your bed and she’ll eventually go to sleep in her bed.

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Don’t start it. After that, it was age 7 when my mom broke me and about that when I got my daughter broken of it. Once it is started, the kid will fight and refuse to sleep elsewhere until THEY want.

Just keep putting her back in her bed

Don’t start. Then you don’t have to stop.

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I loved sleeping with my I think it stopped when he was 7

Never started it,my babies always slept in their own beds.


Never put a baby in your bed.

Not co-sleep to begin with :rofl: good luck, you’ll have this issue for at LEAST another year if not longer :tipping_hand_woman:


I’m not sure. If you find out let me know. My 6 year old still sleeps with me. She says she’s going to sleep in my bed until she is 25


Put her in a toddler bed next to your bed


Yikes. You’re in for a bumpy road. I think you’re going to have to suck it up and have her go cold turkey. It will be tough and there will be lots of crying. But it’s like ripping that bandage off. Just do it



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My kids never slept with us but both went through a stage around 3-4 when they would wake up and come in our room. I had a small futon (no frame) that folded out the size of a toddler bed in our room that they could sleep on - close to us but not in bed with us.

My daughter was like that. what I did was lay with her until she fell asleep. once she was asleep I had a pillow with one of my hoodies on it that I wore I would put it next to her in the bed. It worked for me she is 4 now and sleeps in her own bed.

I moved my oldest when my twins were born, she was 20 months almost 2 i got her a toddler bed and put it right beside her daddys side of the bed, he would hold her hand to get her to sleep then we slowly moved it across the room then onto her own room she did fantastic with it

Consistency & be prepared to lose sleep for a few nights.

These “I never started it so idk I don’t have that problem” comments are useless lol

I co-slept with my daughter until she was 1-2 years old, she has her own room so I started moving her bedtime routine there. I would lay down with her, read a book or few, then sing and lay with her until she fell asleep and snuck out of the room. Just be consistent with it and they’ll adjust.


I put their toddler bed next to mine and slowly started to separate it over time. Until they were on the other side of the room, worked well enough, and once it was two of them, I switched them to their own room. And then I would stay with them in their bed until they fell asleep and over time I would sleep in a chair,then next to the door and leave sooner and sooner. It took a good month or two for both times each.

Some days I wouldn’t move their beds, but you gotta be careful to be mindful of their feelings. I mean they are barely learning to cope and manage their feelings.

Tell me how my son is still in the bed and he’s 5 I co slept with all 3 of mine and my 5 year old is the only one who refused to sleep on his own my oldest two where in there own beds by 3 and this one lol

Good luck :joy::joy: co sleeping is the worst mistake ive ever made! Hes 4 and still co sleeps,i made sure to not make that same mistake with my youngest! Hes 2 and always slept in his own bed


Too bad shodnt have startedit