How can I get my baby to take a bottle?

I am breastfeeding, and it’s going well, but I’m wondering any tricks or advice on giving them a bottle of pumped milk. I have tried a few times, but he won’t latch to the bottle nipple. I’d like to try once in a while for him to have a bottle by my husband so I can have a rest.

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Try using Munchkin bottles.

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Have someone else give the bottle while ur not in the room and have them squeeze the nipple a little so that there is a bit of milk on the nipple.

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I used Mam bottles for my baby and she loves them!!!

My daughter is almost 1 and has been exclusively breastfed for almost her whole life (until solids anyways, otherwise no bottles). When we started her transition to bottles for daycare this is the cup we used for both of my kids and the the bottle we have had the most success with for her. It comes with 2 kinds of nipples, the first bottle like nipple has little bumps on it to help baby latch. These are by far my favorite transition bottle.

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Try one of these it’s made to mimic a boob

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My first wouldnt drink breast milk out of a bottle he wanted it from me or not at all and my second wouldnt take a bottle at all soo good luck

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Good luck! My older daughter never let rubber touch her lips. Wouldn’t even take a pacifier.

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Try using the same nipple that is his pacifier shape. We use Tommee Tippee closer to nature pacifiers and bottles and we haven’t had any problems. My older two girls likes mams and dr browns but he prefers Tommee tippee.

Might be the nipple age 0+ for newborn My son is 5 days old and u use avent bottle and he loves it when his dad feeds him

Depending on age, she may be able to go right to a sippy or straw cup. If offering a bottle, lactation consultants recommend someone other than mom offers it. My son, whose still breastfeeding at 2, never would take a bottle. Started on straw sippy around 8 or 9 months for water.

I cup fed mine. You can either let them lap like a kitten or pour gently into their mouth (or use a spoon like soup!). I could never be bothered to faff with bottles!

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Try different bottles and nipples, find a nipple that most resembles your own.

Have your husband offer the bottle to baby while you aren’t near or in the room so baby can’t smell you or see you.

Try a little sugar water on the bottle nipple

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Definitely try different bottles. There are ones much like a breast with more silicone nipples instead of plastic and rubber. Do some research on which bottles nipples are more like breastfeeding


Have your husband try to give him the bottle when you’re not in the room.


Same thing happened to me, in the end she took Nuk bottles bc apparently those mimic mom’s nipples, but try different ones that are more life like nipples.

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I used to tuck the bottle almost under my arm, so that basically only the nipple was in sight. (Right by the breast)

Make sure he is really hungry. Not just feeding at the 2 hour mark. And yes look for silicone nipples that are wide and shaped more like a breast for example Tommie Tippie bottles

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Might have to try a couple different bottles to see which he will take to best. Also, make sure you have the right size nipple for age. Don’t want it coming out too fast or too slow.

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It takes time. You should not be the one to give the bottle. And pick a bottle/nipple style and stick to it. If you change too many times, it will create more confusion and take longer.

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It was hopeless for me until my son was 10 months. He can drink out of bottles now but he still breastfeeds when he wants to at 16mos.

You may have to leave the house while your husbands feeds him.

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First time I ever gave my son a bottle, I was leaving him with my mom so my husband and I could go on a date. I was worried and she said, “If he’s hungry enough, he’ll eat.” He didn’t get them very often but he always took them well

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Try different nipples or different bottles until u find one he likes. Search online for synthetic materials u can use 2 help simulate ur breast.

I had a terrible time getting my daughter to take a bottle, it took a lot of patience and perseverance lol :weary: defo not easy, she just preferred breast ! Def agree get your husband to give baby a bottle when you are not there otherwise they can smell you. Also try different teats until you find one baby is happy with. Some are more realistic to nipple etc. Also Def agree with if they are hungry they will take the bottle eventually x good luck :relaxed::+1:

Join Exclusive Pumping- Evidence Based Support Group ! Alot of help there :revolving_hearts:

Tommy tippees are the best dual bottles or if you can buy nanobaby they’re shaped like a breast

Mine liked the Avent ones the nipples are wider like a breast

Pick a bottle and stick with it. I chose a wide nippled bottle (breast shaped so easier latch transition), there are lots to choose from. Someone else will need to feed him, because he won’t want anyone else if you’re around. He will fight it. When my boys had to learn to take a bottle when I went back to work, it took about a week before they stopped protesting when the bottle came out. He will be mad, but he will eventually realize that it’s the bottle or nothing until you get back from wherever you are. And they would never take a bottle from me as long as I was breastfeeding.

Have him remove his shirt so baby can feel him. Skin to skin contact helps create that bond. And as hard as is it Mommy with the booby milk needs to leave the room. If the baby smells mommy he will want mommy.


Also, you have to leave the room and let daddy fed him. That way he knows that is how daddy feds versus mommy.


definitely try different bottles with different nipples!! some breastfed babies are really picky when it comes to bottles.

Different bottle, size 0 or newborn nipple. Have dad do more skin to skin with him and make sure you leave the room when dad is trying to feed baby. Atleast until he’s okay with taking a bottle

As everyone else has said you basically have to let others bottle feed your breastfed baby and you cant be within sight or it just doesnt happen. Good luck!

You can’t feed the baby a bottle. Have dad do it. You may need to go into another room. Have dad grab a dirty shirt of yours and hold it while giving baby bottle. Baby will smell you and it may make it easier.

In the same boat been trying since baby was 6 weeks old she will be 12 now and still no luck , at the end of my rope have tried all kinds of bottles only have a bit luck with lansinoh bottles such an exhausting fight :unamused::frowning:

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I have to be out of the room completely for my LO to take bottle. Maybe the that?

Depends on the nipple on your bottle.

Try tommee tippee bottles.


We use the advent Phillip’s bottles with the natural nipple on them. Our daughter will latch onto it no problem at all. Her dad feeds her so I can rest

Nipples might be too long or weird shaped. Took me a while to realize mine was gagging and i had to find him shorter nipples.

Try different nipples.

My picky baby only took doctor brown wide mouth bottles. We tried so many bottles. He also changed his schedule to sleep at daycare and eat while home with me. It was so bad I’d have to go feed him on my lunch break before we found the right bottle

Try these bottles that are more like a breast that’s how I had to give to my son as I didn’t have an extra person to help me

My middle child never accepted a bottle. We tried so hard as I had started a weekend job to get out of the house. She never took a bottle. She started sippy cups very early but never a bottle. :confused:

Good luck!!

Try ALL the different bottles all different nipples my son HATES bottles so we’re working on this too

Unfortunately mine never would, at 18 months old I had to leave him for a few hours and he finally got thirsty enough to use a cup, that’s all it took, just one time, used the cup and then I dried up!:grin::grin: