How can I get my breastfed baby to take a bottle?

Mamas I NEED help!! I have a tubal scheduled for March 13th. My, almost 2 month old, son is EBF and REFUSES the bottle. I have tried having Dad feed him and offering him a bottle after getting milk from one side. Please help!! TIA.

Try starting with a nipple shield then transition to bottle

Have you tried different nipple shapes for the bottle? Baby may be getting too much or too little through the bottle, depending on size/how many holes are in the nipple. And as Kara Scriff said, it could simply be that baby knows you’re there.

After my tubal 26 years ago, I was simply told to not nurse for the rest of the day. When my grandfather had to bottle feed my son, I stayed in a different room til he was done. Ask the doc/anesthetist how long you’ll need to bottle feed :grinning:

Lots of patience and other people trying. Chances are good baby won’t take a bottle from you at first, I’ve even heard of babies refusing bottles if mom is even in the home. I have no other advice though, my boobie boy never took a bottle and refused pumped milk out of anything.