How can I get my child on a better sleep schedule?

I have a question about anyone else’s baby sleeping since he was born from the hours of 12:00 1:00 or 2:00 am then wakes up at 8 or 9 in the morning? Already tried everything you can possibly think of everything! Taking naps during day time, bathing him at night, feeding on time, changing a diaper, low lights in the room, fan on, music playing, etc., nothing works! This is my third child. The rest sleep at early hours, but my son, who is six months now me thinking it will pass through it, keeps getting worse every day. I miss online school in the mornings because of it. I’m so depressed already talk to a doctor about it, and she says he will grow out of it. I don’t sleep much. I’m a busy mom, and I cry because I’m losing my mind. Is it normal? Or does someone know if it’s something else ?


Is the room too warm? My son is 1 but since he was born he won’t sleep comfortably if the room is too warm. Also if your baby is teething it could contribute to your son not being able to sleep. When my baby was teething a lot I would give him ñuby teething tabs & Tylenol.

My kids stopped napping at 5-6 months but would sleep from 10pm until noon, they would be up all night if they did nap. Take away naps and try to keep them awake until 8-10pm and see if a new schedule develops. They may not need naps

So baby is only sleeping 6 hours a night ?

My son does that too he is 7 months. Doctor says it’s his teething that causes the disruption probably. I don’t know about yours but could be that.

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6 months old? This is normal. He will grow out of it. Deep breaths.

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He sleeps from 12AM-8AM? Where is the Dad?

i fed my son full 8oz bottle of warm milk before bed and he slept through the night (8pm-8am).

I know how you feel but yes it’s normal, all kids are different. I remember my daughter was that way and I would of done just about anything for 8 hrs of sleep. Hang in there.

My boyfriend and I used to work very late would pick my son up from his grandmas really late and he’s up being up with us till 2 in the morning most days and then would sleep till 10am in the morning
Worked for us at the time, then my boyfriend switched to a morning job and started having to go to bed at 9pm
So my boyfriend would go to bed and at 1 am I’d go to bed with the baby and he didn’t fight that to much did that for a few days
Then midnight, then 11:30, then 11 then 10:30… and so on for a few days till he stopped fighting it so much. And he started getting up earlier and earlier with the schedule change now he goes to bed around 9:30 and gets up at 8

I know how you feel… my first born would wake up every hr or 2 and i tried everything too. I barely got any sleep and I also cried lots as well… after 16M he finally slept through the night. That’s after i stopped breastfeeding him completely. Youll get through this mama…

Bathe him at night in warm water with lavender scent shampoo and in his room play the music of his baby mobile over the crib play soothing sounds of nature on the radio through a cd, also you may want to try warm milk

Have u thought about waking him up earlier in the morning, start the day earlier with him and bring bedtime forward

If u have a vehicle take him for a ride around the block we did that with my nephew

I have 5 boys. My first 4 slept through the night 9pm-8/9am by 2 months. My 5th is 6 months and has only slept through the night a few times. I put him in his crib for night night about 9 to 930 and he will normally just kinda talk to himself for 20-30 mins then go to sleep. BUT at anytime between 2 and 5 he wakes up and then continues to wake up every 30 to 45 mins. Doesn’t matter what I do it happens every night. Hopefully he starts sleeping all night soon bc im with you on the needing sleep.

Days and nights mixed up? Keep the noise going during the day. Don’t tiptoe around him.
Get light blocking curtains or close them off with paint or power board. Keep him in the light during the day.
When you interact with him during sleep time, be matter if fact, don’t speak much and do not engage in play time.
*best I got!

Try backing bedtime routine up in 30 minutes a day

I’d say wear him out and skip naps, only way to get a baby to sleep nicely is to be quite tired and a full belly.
Don’t know how a newborn doesn’t go to bed until midnight. They sleep all the time.

Don’t feel that you baby has to follow the schedule dictated by others. Worry about number of hours in a day. Mine had this sleep pattern as a baby but it was fine by nursery. I’ve never been woken up at 05:30 either and it meant quality Dad time too. Sometimes baths wake them up so think about feeding and lullabies instead, or read a story. Think more about getting them to bed at 10 pm than 7 so if they do only do eight hours it’s not too bad (DON’T do a 7pm bedtime as otherwise they wake up at 1am ready to start the day!)

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Babies sleep patterns are still developing at that age. It does get depressing not getting proper sleep for yourself. Remember, everything is a phase, and it will pass. Try getting babe down earlier with a soothing nighttime routine. My third child was challenging, but just over a year he started sleeping about 12 hours at night, and that year was torture. It’s all worth it though. Good luck.

How many naps do you give him? With my 2 year old I have to completely skip naps to get him to sleep from 9p-10a and and my 1 year old has to take 2 naps but she’ll sleep 8p-8a, or depending what time she sleeps.
But I would say cut a nap out give only one. If that doesn’t work cut it out completely.

Since he is 6 months try feeding him cereal around 6:30/7 then making a bottle an around 8 and laying him down … dont let him take a longer nap towards evening time … it might take a week or so it get into the routine but at 3 month I changed my daughter’s routine and I’ve stuck to it … you have to be consistent with a routine with babies… my daughter is 8 months now and she has had the same routine for 5 months only thing that has changed is I feed her baby cereal/baby food 3x a day for the last 2 months and she sleeps from 8pm-6:30am … i hope this helps i know not all babies are the same … and praying it gets easier for you and you can get some sleep

Lay him down beside you around 7 and rub his back to help him relax and know that its time for bed. My daughter was the same way. This was one of the best things i ever did with her. Now when shes tired she goes and lays down on her own at 18 months