How can I get my child to behave at the dentist?

Any ideas on how to get a 6 year old to sit and behave through some filling at the dentist?


I bribed mine with toys and ice cream :relaxed:


Mine had to be sedated…hes now 8 and has to go in April for a filling…with no sedative…we will see

Make it into a game. Who can stay still the longest. Whoever the winner is gets a treat (make it a bloody awesome treat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Its called the Mickey mouse nose, aka the stinky nose, aka THE GAS


Be patient with your child, let them get acquainted with the staff and the equipment.

I loved the dentist at that age. Mostly for the toy afterwards but the gas helps!

Gas didn’t work for us. Had to sedate

Find a pediatric dentist, I’m in florence SC and we use PRIME (they may have other locations) but my baby is 2 and actually wants to go back

My daughter needed the gas at that age

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Alot do gas.
We have let me sit under my son and held up movies for him to watch during his cleanings.
Also you can bring in eat buds for him to listen to music

I like the gas it distracts me from what they are doing and they have TVs in the ceiling

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Why are you filling teeth that will fall out in a couple months?


I personally have to listen to music or watch YouTube with gas

My youngest had 1 cavity so far and had to have it filled when he was 4 i believe. He did fine. I think he was scared so he froze. Lol. He may suprise you! I know i was definatly suprised hahhaa.

My 6 year old have to be put under

They have something to my kids…

My 3 year old did amazing.

Provide something to keep his hands occupied like Playdoh or clay

My daughter is 7 and they put her under

“You get [insert fast food] when we’re done, if you allow the dentist to do what he needs to do”

Leave the room. I can only stay in the room with my middle child for dental procedures. If I’m in the room for my oldest and my youngest they freak out more.

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My daughter is almost 7 she needed 1 feeling when she was about 5or 6 she just got the shot to numb it an did just fine it was quick an easy

Last time when they gassed my son he was fine he was 5 at the time and it was a small filling. This time we didn’t get so lucky. He had to have 2 fillings and an extraction of a baby tooth so the the adult could move forward into place. He was fine with the nitrous by itself as long as they kept putting the grape sniff in the mask. It was when they hit him with the local anesthetics that the experience went from “okay we can do this just like last time” to “just breathe deep through your nose it’s almost over”. He was freaking out cuz he couldn’t feel his face. He tore the mask off before they could wean off the nitrous so he was feeling really funky. He came home ate some food and went to sleep. Boy was I glad I had this scheduled during Spring Break.

My 5 year old had to go for a filling. I honestly thought he was going to loose his mind, he was really good though the dentist distracted him I was sure to let the receptionist know he was super nervous. They were VERY good about explaining the process and being extra friendly. It helped with the anxiety and suspense of not knowing what was going to happen that was the worst part for him.

Try to get a pediatric dentist. Most have iPads TVs etc attached to the chair

Pediatric dentist with Laughing gas.

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When I was a kid I remember a TV monitor being on above my head when I was getting a filling done. That help me be able to sit still long enough for them to work on my mouth

.Go to a pediatric dentist.:heart:

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My dentist has always given both my children (10 & 8 ) laughing gas to help calm them when they get fillings

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Usually they give them some meds to calm them . Why does a 6 yr old need a filling on a baby tooth ?

Find a children dentist they will have want she needs to help her

Straight jacket lolol