How can I get my child to poop on the potty?

can you ask lol and its probably already been asked I have three kids my first two were super easy to potty train but dog went it if my five-year-old is giving me a run for my money!! he pees on the potty just fine… but pooping is a whole another issue… how do I get him to poop consistently on the potty iv tried treats snacks dollar store treats fun days pooping party! (outside the bathroom obviously lol) he just sometimes says hey I got to poop but most of the time he sits behind the couch or under a table or in his room and craps his pants


Start punishing him for it. Make him clean himself off. Maybe if he sees how nasty it is compared to just using the toliet, he will get it.
And before you go jumping me, I have known someone who personally went threw this with a autistic child, and that’s what her doctor recommended her to do, and it did work. It wasn’t easy, not helping him to clean it up, (time wise, it’s faster for us to do) but, after a couple of days, he stopped shitting himself.


Swat that bare buttocks once each time n have them at that age cleaning their crap up off themselves !!


Maybe he feels like he’s going to fall in. A step stool in front of the toilet helped my daughter feel more secure. Also check with his pediatrician to make sure he isn’t constipated. I wouldn’t punish him. Positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Sounds like hes doing it for control. Punishing him will make it worse. He needs counseling obviously hes feeling he has no control in his life. Make him clean it though.

Omg :scream: I can’t believe the feedback. I had 1 that did this. He’s now a grown man and doesn’t poop his pants. They are all different. No need to whack them

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Potty training my older son, now 11, at age 3 was a breeze. Started and ended in a month, one incident of bed wetting and then smooth sailing. Now my almost 4 year old son will pee in his potty only first thing in the morning. Then he wets his pants whole day. So pull ups are on. Then he will only poop in the potty if he is naked, which is directly after a shower, before he puts on clothing. Otherwise, poop only in the pull up diaper. I dont know how to get him to see the pull up only as a safety measure. And how to get him to want to use the potty more than a novelty.

As soon as you see him take off & hide or know the signs.Go get him & carry him to the bathroom & make him sit there.Make sure you are in there with him & everytime he gets off put him back on.It will get exhausting after awhile but stick with it.We had a rough time with our youngest son & we knew the signs & would hurry up grab him & take him in there,sit him on the potty & would stay in there with him.I even would close & lock the door. Everyone has their own ways.Spanking him will scare him & it might cause him to go or it might cause him not to.The one comment of having them wash their underwear in the toilet is another great idea.Had a few friends do that with their kids & they learned fast

Do not punish or swat him. Good Lord people. I went through this. He’s a child still, one day it will click. We used to just have times where we would have him sit on the potty to try. One day he got up, went to the toilet himself and that was it. He was fine every day going forward. And he is autistic.

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Mine does the same thing but he’s a bit older and I’m worried. He will hold his poop for days, no matter what we give him, fruit, miralax, water, making him sit on the toilet. Everything Dr has told us to do. I’m afraid he will never grow out of it, we make him clean up after himself but that doesn’t faze him. We’ve asked him if he’s scared, we have several night lights but it doesn’t matter day or night. We are so discouraged. Idk what else to do. Obviously he’s autistic, if you are suggesting spankings or punishment, don’t bother commenting

Buy him some underwear of his favorite character. Tell him don’t poop on whatever character it is. Set him on potty often. It worked for my son.

mine would make faces when she pooped so we always ran straight to the potty any time it happened. whether i was in the middle of something else or not… we RAN. then we made a game of it who could get to the potty first. when the novelty of the game wore off… she didnt like wearing a poopy diaper. so i learned that if i didnt change her immediate… let her stay in it for 10 minutes or so until i was done what i was doing, and then i would change her. she eventually got to the point she didnt want to poo in the diaper anymore.

Spank his butt for starters. Then make him start cleaning it up. Could also make it fun and face him backwards on the potty and give an expo marker to draw on the toilet lid since it erases when you notice having to poop indicators. But honestly at that age I’d whoop his butt and make him clean it up.

When he does go in the toilet celebrate every time

I am in shock with these comments.

id sit my grand daughter on tje toilet and sing silly poop songs to her

You take everything and anything away he likes until he poops. Schedule these poops every couple hours until he gets consistent. No TV, no computer, no yummy treats, no toys until he poops first. No exceptions.

Make him clean himself AND his underwear.

Well I had that problem with my grandson he would hide by the I warned him one more time I would do something he wouldn’t like I got permission from his parents so he did it again I took him outside took his pants off and blasted his butt with the hose water and he never did it again

Oh my…you youngsters!! I am 72 with 2 adult children…one male, now 48 and one female now 45. I potty trained them both! Their Dad was little to no help here. Contrary to all wives tales, the boy was a breeze!! I stood him on phone books facing the toilet when it was pee time and sat him when it was poop time! Now the girl was easy on the pee thing, but the first time she pooped in the toilet, she screamed and cried!!! She was terrified of it!!! I chalked it up to “separation anxiety”!!! So I had to handle her differently. She would go hide somewhere in the house when she had to poop!! She just refused to use the toilet!!! Even my Mom, the pro in child rearing, was also having a hard time with her with this action!!! Anyway, we finally got her trained, but it took a lot of understanding and love and comfort to get her to not be afraid of it!! I still think it was separation anxiety…so do not scold your child, do not show your anger or your anxiety. Just show them love and understanding and before you know it, that baby of yours will learn what is expected of them!!! And my grandson’s potty trained easily. But don’t start too early… they have to be able to understand the feeling!!! Good luck y’all!!!:two_hearts::pray:t3::chile:

At 5 he is old enough to talk to. Explain to him that he will not be able to go to school or swimming or whatever activity he enjoys until he no longer poops in his might have to take your other 2 swimming or something and not let him participate and explain that when he uses the toilet all the time then he can do these activities.
Get the supplies he needs to clean himself up,and a small bucket for washing soiled clothes in. Explain to him that you are no longer going to clean him or his soiled under ware.go through how he needs to use the supplies to clean himself .i would suggest not using your toilet to wash under ware in because when they are flushed it causes all sorts of problems. Lol
This will be a lot harder on you than him but he is a smart kid he pees in the toilet so when he sees your serious he ll start using the toilet.

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If he craps his pants make him wash out his own underwear.

I told my nephew was going to continue going his pants who’s going to need baby food and it took five spoonfuls of banana baby food being put in his mouth and making him swallow it I only had to do that once and never had another problem

Make him clean it up if he doesnt go on the pot.


I used a teaching moment to use her imagination!
She grabbed one of her teddies and taught her teddy how to go to the potty


My trouble pooper took a year of fighting… he now has to have a books with him every time he goes.

I had the SAME issue with my 4th child. We tried and tried and tried and I almost was like forget it. This kid is never going to poop on the potty. We did rewards, stars, candy all sorts of fun stuff. Finally, it was my mother in law that created a calendar. It had 30 days on it, and all he had to do was try. The reward for finishing the calendar was Chucky-Cheese. I would mark the calendar if he pooped on the potty or his pull-up. As long as he tried, he still got the mark. Well, half way through the 30 days he did it! I was so happy and he was happy because he finally got the word potty on the calendar. He ended up pooping in the potty for the rest of the calendar.


Have the same issue… my 4 year old boy refuses to poop on potty… if hes not given a pullup, he holds it. Pees on the potty fine and wears undies all day and night… :frowning:

At 5 he has the dexterity to help you clean it up when he does it. Make him take his undies and dump the turd in the toilet and flush it, then make him rinse his undies (to the best of his ability) if any got on the floor make him clean it up. Of course you will have to go over it and redo it all, but teach him it’s easier to do it straight into the toilet. He will get sick of having to clean poop up every day.


Training potting sit in front of tv :+1:

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I asked my girls do they need to do a poo in the morning and made them sit on potty till they did a poo and then praised them by telling well done your a big girl now but you have to keep up the positive words every time they go for a bit till they start taking them selves . Positive words I reckon works better then treats and stickers etc . I tried that didn’t work at all.

I am just sorting this out with my 4.5 year old. My doctor said it’s normal. With him, I learned I really needed to push him a bit. I had to be very insistent about getting him to sit on the pot and practice. It had to happen before we did anything he wanted (bathtime, go to park, lunch, his show on TV.) I have a little chalk board in the bathroom with a chart on it, and he gets to draw a smiley face every time he goes. After the 5th smiley, we went and bought a little toy spider he wanted. So far so good!!! Good luck I know it’s hard.

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It was easy with my son because he farts often so when it gets worse I know it’s time to put him on the toilet :rofl:

My daughter & her hubby became foster parents to a 5 y/o boy who was not potty trained. Amazon sells a potty training watch that u can set for a specific amount of time and it plays a song when it goes off so they know it’s time to potty. It has helped a lot!

I bought a few books on going in the potty after months of fighting, trying rewards, trying making him clean it up nothing worked. After Reading a book called “It Hurts When I Poop” he finally started going on the potty.

Sometimes this is a medical issue and seems to getting more common. Constipation is becoming much more common in young children to the point of compaction. They literally are full of feces and it hurts to go, so they try not to. Then leakage occurs. Children have died from this. Drs. say not enough exercise and too much sitting. My grandson had this problem. X-rays show him to be impacted. Laxatives till he was able to control his bowels.

Make sure you use a potty where he can have his feet on the floor or somehow supported. It strains their muscles to have their legs hanging with nothing to support them. Seriously made an overnight difference for my kiddo!

Sit him on the pot as soon as he wakes up, after each meal. Praise him for going, clap, point to it and let him know he did great job. Even jump up and down, get excited. He will eventually want to go and he will be excited. That was my method with both my boy and they both were trained before the age of 2.

Put him on a schedule. I had a hard time with my daughter. My mom told me to put her on a schedule, every 2 hours, then extend it to 3. She finally recognized that she needs to use the potty to also poop, not just pee. Once she was on a schedule, she picked it up quickly. Wiping, otoh, is a whole other story. Lol. Maybe his siblings could help him as well.

We used a step stool for our son at the toilet not a potty chair. He would hide by couch or table and poop in his undies. So any time I saw him going to hide I would take him to the bathroom and put him on the toilet. Then I would read books to him. Last week I had to sing to his poop to come out lmao hey try everything and do whatever works for your kid.

My 7 year old does stuff like this still. He will run to the bathroom no matter what to pee but pooping? He will just go in his pants and doesn’t say a single thing about it until it stinks

It’s called potty training for a reason. Due diligence .
About every 45 minutes you sit them on the potty talk to me about it you do this repeatedly throughout the day in the evening in about two days he loves it.

At age 5 this is something i would take to your pediatrician.


Well you just take their pants off and then wait around till they start pooping and as soon as they do you run and put them on the potty. My kids all had a tell like my daughter would squat in her bedroom. You gotta watch them and expect doo doo to not make it in the potty. Let him have accidents. I know it sucks but it is what it is.

Definitely talk to your sons pediatrician. He could have pain when needing to go like constipation or something more. 5 is a age where this shouldn’t be a issue

My little brother got diarrhea and trained himself that day… My oldest i had to make her start cleaning her own poop out of her clothes and letting her know she was stinky and i didn’t want to be around her stinky stinks. She was 5. She also had issues with constipation that we had been seeing her pediatrician for. We just cut back on milk and offered more water or juice instead.


My daughter is 4 and we have the same issue. Following…

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At 5 he has the dexterity to help you clean it up when he does it. Make him take his undies and dump the turd in the toilet and flush it, then make him rinse his undies (to the best of his ability) if any got on the floor make him clean it up. Of course you will have to go over it and redo it all, but teach him it’s easier to do it straight into the toilet. He will get sick of having to clean poop up every day.


Learn their schedule and around that time put them on the toilet and make them sit until they poop. :woman_facepalming:t2: talk to your child’s doctor about the issue.

Potty chair. They need to be in the natural pooping position.

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We put the potty chair in front of the tv & he would relax a bit just chilling and things went naturally after that

Buy his favorite character underwear!

Come up with a “poop in the potty” song… Believe it or not, children remember things better when it’s in a song… Let him sit with siblings or yourself while “pooping” and reinforce that poop goes in the potty… Atleast he does SOMETHING in the potty, so he’s half way there… He just needs a little push!! :kissing_heart:

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When he starts school and spends more time around other kids he will get the message. Until then he can clean his own pants.

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Nancy you can’t be serious lol?! Most schools won’t even let them start at that age without being potty trained. He can clean his own pants? Lord I hope you don’t have children lol


Im sorry this is not funny but the way you said it made it funny. Make him clean his own undies my nephew did it up until first grade his great grandparents basically raised him and when his dad married my sister and they got custody she didnt put up with it she but the great grandparents would put him in a diaper because well they are old as dirt and couldnt clean up behind him or fool with it … She literly made him sleep on a nap mat because he would lay im his bed pee in it take the sheets off and hide them poop his pants take them off and hide them. So if she got in the morning and he peed on his stuff she made him take it out in the drive way and clean it if he pooped his pants she gave him gloves and made him scrub his own undies he finally pooped himself at school one good time and got embarrassed and they had to call her to come get him and he stopped. And there was nothing wrong with him they took him to the doctor child theropy thinking it was because of his momma. He just didnt catch on and once he realized they were not gonna clean it up or had to sit at school with poop pants he stopped

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Make him clean his own pants. Take away his TV or tablet privileges (or whatever he’s attached too). He is 5 years old. Thats OLD. Instead of rewards, punish. I bet he stops right away.


My sister wouldn’t poop on the potty either and it was because she had painful poops. Maybe put something under his feet while he’s pooping and read a book! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not there yet but I’m reading all these tips. :blush:

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DO NOT “Make him clean his own underpants,” dang y’all are a bit harsh… He is still a CHILD, sheesh.


Everything I see online is they will figure it out when they’re ready. I know I’m more than ready for this stage! Good luck.

With my oldest, he wore underwear whenever we were home except to bed. I’d ask him if he needed to poop, he usually said “no”…when he did go in his pants, I made him sit on the potty for a few minutes then clean out this own underwear. He got grossed out and has been fully potty trained since August…


5s a toddler & needs a potty? :flushed:

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I would sit in the restroom with my son, and or sit him on the toilet and not let him get up until he pooped.

And I’m not sure if you have kids toilet seat but if you don’t I recommend them and you can also let them choose which character seat he wants

I told my daughter that the toilet was a swimming pool and the poos really needed to go swimming! Her first poo was scary but she was 2/3

At 5 years old, (if there’s no special needs) I’d probably see a doctor to make sure there’s no intestinal issues going on keeping him from being able to control it.
If there’s no health problem then it’s likely behavioral. Punishment can work but the reward sysytem has proven to be better. Be consistent, let him pick a prize, use a sticker chart to help reach a goal of so many days accident free, then he can have the prize. I do agree with making him help clean out his underwear. It’s not going to hurt him to help clean up a mess that he made and odds are that he’s not going to like doing it.

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My little boy Is autistic and ADHD and wasn’t potty trained till after he was 5. As frustrated as I was, not once did I make him clean his own pants.

He is 5 years old he should be completely trained hmmm maybe the water splashed on him at one time an scared him also flushing the toilet can cause a little fear …maybe a little made up story about it feeds the fishes in the ocean or something will encourage him

Give him a Reece Cup when he poops on the potty. I broke my granddaughter in 2 days.

Put him in underwear and make him clean them

Most definitely watch for the signs of him having to go & pick him up & kinda make him go. They need the help being motivated to do so sometimes a hey i know you gotta go so lets go try. Good luck!

My son did this exact thing and it turned out he was scared of pooping in the potty. I started sitting in there with him and read books or watched something on his tablet while he was on the potty. Once he was comfortable he would poop. Now he does it on his own.

What worked for my kids was buying underwear with their favorite characters on them and tell them if they used the bathroom in them their favorite character would be sad and cry lol worked great for us… good luck

Ok my kids were a breeze, so we’re the nieces and nephews I baby sit. I was on the call list for my neighbors first grader, school secretary called and said the boy had pooped his pants. I gathered up some cleaning stuff and some of my son’s clothes. Go to school , clean the kid up and send him back to class. The secretary said it was not the first time, it is often. Oh says I. One day I picked my kids and this kid up from school, stopped by the grocery store. My daughter came and told me he pooped his pants. It was cold but I made him stand up and rolled all the windows down, the cold was better than the smell. When we got home the kid and I retired to the bathroom. I helped him pull his cloths off and proceed to make him wash his underwear in the commode. He moaned and groaned, i’m going to throw up, better you than me I said. Keep washing. 30 miss later we came out of the bathroom, very subdued boy. When his mom came to pick him up I told her to call me the next time he pooped his and I called the school secretary to call me. Both agreed to call me. He never pooped his pants again. He was just spoiled. Your child may have bashful bowels. My son did but I learned very early to let him have privacy

My son was so bad at pooping! Never gave a warning just would go. His second pediatrician finally prescribed MiraLAX (you can buy otc also). We had to give him it for a couple of months and the first few days we didn’t dare leave the house but it cleaned out his system. He was so Constipated from being afraid of going and holding it. She explained that his body stopped reacting to the feeling of needing to go. Talk to a good pediatrician!!! If yours blows you off seek a second opinion! Good luck!

My son was 4 & was going to start pre-k in the fall. He refused to poop in anything but a pullup. I finally hid the last 3 pullups we had & told him he had to poop on the big potty. He had to go bad too… after trying not to poop but not being able to hold it, he finally pooped. Never went back to pullups & the only accidents he’s ever had is when he’s been sick & thought he had to pass gas