How can I get my child to sleep more?

My child still wakes up about 5 times a night for a cup of milk…I know this is very bad for her teeth but its the only way I can get her to go back to sleep and get the much needed sleep that I need…what are some ways I can break this habit? How can I get her to sleep more?


slowly start watering it down little by little and if she starts noticing it tasting different just tell her " that means your growing up hunny, good job yay" she will eventually dislike the watered down stuff and just give it up herself… worked with my turkey

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Put purée sweet potatoes or green beans in her milk before bed she’s waking up bc she’s hungry

Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep
How old is she? If still a toddler, it is still developmentally appropriate to wake up at night and want to “feed” or drink.
You can slowly start diluting the milk with water. Each day add a little more.

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Say at night we drink water :slight_smile: stick to your word might take a few nights but you can do this!

Maybe not enough calorie intake during the day

Try giving a snack before bed.

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Try going cold turkey over a weekend or days you know You wouldn’t have to go anywhere.

Switch her over to water, or nothing.

It’s rough but a habit to want a drink. They do normally out grow it on their own. A bedtime snack won’t help either. Tho doesn’t hurt. Some kids just wake more. My son will son 2 3 sips of milk he’s out